No Jealousy

By craziestanimefan

Summary: Nara Shikamaru has every right to be jealous of Uchiha Sasuke. But why isn't he? First fic, be nice. Something short that popped up in my mind.

Nara Shikamaru was very different from the other guys his age. They didn't like to play go or shogi, lie on hammocks, or watch the clouds go by, but those were things that were normal for him. Shikamaru didn't like to follow rules set by society often. He liked to go against the odds with almost everything, including the most trivial of things, like being jealous of Uchiha Sasuke.

Almost every guy in Konohagakure was jealous of the child prodigy Uchiha Sasuke. He was constantly stalked by girls of all ages, who were attracted to his stoic black eyes, onyx hair, brooding and arrogant demeanor, and whatever else was so fabulous about the guy. He was "perfect", and while all the girls loved him, the guys despised him for being a chick magnet. But then again Shikamaru didn't care that Sasuke was a chick magnet. He wouldn't want a whole horde of girls following every move he made either. That was one reason he wasn't jealous of Sasuke.

In addition to his charms, Sasuke was a member of the famous Uchiha clan, owners of the powerful kekkai genkai, the Sharingan eye. He was a prodigy, excelling in all he did, and keeping a cool head while he was at it. Having both good looks and intelligence has gotta break some kind of rule, but still, Shikamaru considered himself more intelligent than the Uchiha would ever be. After all, his IQ was over 200. Him-2, Sasuke-0.

Wait, there's more. The boy had enormous power inside of him. The Uchiha was currently training under the famous Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi, with the intelligent apprentice of the Godaime Haruno Sakura, and the failure-turned-to-superstar Uzumaki Naruto. These were some of the top ninja in the village. Sasuke was getting stronger and stronger, and not to mention developing those biceps. He trained constantly, developing the already magnificent Sharingan eye. The lazy ninja Shikamaru didn't like to work, so strength didn't really matter that much to him at all. Another reason for him to be jealous, but he could care less.

There was also this big difference between them: money. The guy was loaded with cash, all left in his extremely large bank account. It contained the whole entire Uchiha clan fundings, and with him the only loyal Uchiha in Konoha, it was rightfully given to him. He lived in a decent house by the stream with a large backyard and training center. But still, being the guy he was, Shikamaru didn't care for the materialistic things likes money and possessions. Shikamaru was the type of guy to just appreciate the deer chewing on the grass or the light sprinkle of rain gently falling on the large yellow daffodils in the fields. That was reason number four.

Nara Shikamaru was not like the other boys. He did not want fame, money, or lots of girls. All he wanted was a simple life as a ninja, with a loving wife, who was not too ugly or pretty, and not too skinny or too fat. They would have two kids, a boy and a girl. He would have his daughter marry first, then his son, then grow to a ripe age of eighty and then die happily. Shikamaru didn't need power, or revenge, or even acknowledgement. Shikamaru wanted to live his life to what he considered the fullest. He didn't want anything that Sasuke had, because nothing there could get him what he really wanted.

He felt an arm link through his, long blonde hair tickling his bare arm. "Ne, Shika, going to watch the clouds again?" He looked into her blue eyes and nodded.

"Would you like to come, Ino?"

She nodded vigorously. "As long as I get to spend time with you, Shika, I'm content." She laid her head on his shoulder as he walked the rest of the way to his private cloud viewing spot. If he had Ino, nothing else mattered anymore. Ino resisted Sasuke's charms, and instead chose her own knight in shining armor. Bringing her closer, he inhaled her unique scent. In his opinion, Sasuke should be jealous of him. After all, Sasuke could never have Ino.