Switched: Chance or Destiny?

A Letter to the Traitor

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Summary: Two babies were switched at one by the vengeful Dursley's. Now, at Hogwarts, one is thrust into the role of a hero by chance, while the other, by destiny.

Dear Draco,

Snape says that this is the only message I'll be able to send that he can guarantee won't be discovered by Volde – the Dark Lord, so this is the last time you'll be hearing from me for a while.

After we left the Dursely's we decided to go to – to leave England. I can't tell you where we're going, but Snape and Black will be taking good care of Harry and me so no worries. They're going to teach us how to defeat Volde – the Dark Lord together. They think Harry and I will make a good team. I guess that means that we'll be learning a bunch of curses and stuff. Snape mentioned something about the seven deadly – more intensive studies. Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts probably.

It all sounds very interesting but I'm afraid that Harry and I might not make it past the training stages if Black and Snape keep fighting the way they have been. I'm not sure what's happened between them, but it's almost come to blows once or twice. Anyway, it's really muggy here and – actually, I suppose you don't care about stupid stuff like our petty bickering and the weather, so I really ought to get on to why I'm writing to you.

First off, Snape wanted me to tell you to always watch your back. Double, triple, and quadruple check. Never leave yourself unguarded and never take the dark lord for granted. He's got ages on you, Draco, and – and – oh, please be careful.

And now that I've completely veered away from Snape's advice (he wants me to point out that the last sentence was solely my wording), Harry says to tell you that he'll keep his promise and it's so weird that you two actually have secrets. To tell the truth, it's a little annoying. You're my friend, you know. And Black wants me to tell you, "Constant Vigilance!" Whatever that means.

As for me, well, there's a lot I want to say, I guess. A lot we never got to talk about. A lot I'll probably never know about you. The last time we saw each other I was – a little frantic…um, crazed…I guess upset is really the best word. I'm better now. I've come to terms with it: being the boy-who-lived, having to defeat Voldemort, being abandoned by the people who should have loved me, the whole lot of it. Alright, alright, maybe I'm not quite alright with it, but it'll be okay, I think. I have Harry. He'll never leave me. Black won't either. And neither will Snape, I hope.

And neither will you.

You know, at first, I thought you were jerk. Sometimes, I still think – No, no, this isn't coming out right. You're just so – so – I'm not really sure what to say. Harry told me that you were the one who told Voldemort that we were the ones in his rooms. But he also told me that you were doing it to protect me. Why would you do that? Why do you think you have to take care of me? And in that way? Do you realize that you probably put me in more danger? Why didn't you discuss any of this with me?

I do realize that you'll never be able to answer these questions. I'm not stupid.

But…you need to know: You have to know that I never wanted you to do this. To feel you had to do this. In fact I think I kind of hate you for – I'm angry at you for doing this. You've put yourself in so much danger for me that it actually hurts. I'm worried for you all alone in the serpent's lair. I'm – I'm -

I'm so scared.

I really shouldn't be bothering you with all this. Snape would scold. You're going to be fine. You're not going to – You will be fine. And I'll train and study and when I finally come back, you, me and Harry, we'll all defeat the dark lord together. And you'll be fine.

Stay strong.

Be careful. Please don't die.

Love, no – Um, Sincerely, no -

Your best friend,


End Notes: Well, that's it. I rather think that the story is more effective this way. I don't really have a great urge to write a sequel which would deal with the return of Harry and Lann to England and the fight against Voldemort. I know I've left you all with a lot of untied subplots – the basilisk, Draco, what happens to Hogwarts/the wizarding world, etc, but sometimes life is like that – not everything is always tied up neatly. Also I hope I explained the whole: why doesn't anyone see the scar/notice on the map that Lann is Harry vice versa. If not, here's the explanation: Voldemort as Dumbledore cast an illusion on anything that would show who the real boy-who-lived was. There's actually an entire backstory that isn't in here but was supposed to be in the sequel. Anyway, if there are any other questions, please review or PM me.