First Teen Titans story! I really should work on my other story, but I had to post this!


Another day, another villain attempting to rob something in Jump City. In this case, the bank.

"Alright-ee, hand over all your money!" a brunette teenage girl cried out. Her hair was done in to high ponytails that reached her waist. A black mask covered her eyes. She wore a midriff red top with tight long sleeves and jeans. Brown gloves and combat boots finished off the attire. In her right hand, she had a long golden staff with a large red orb on top, which she was twirling like a baton. As she was whirling it around, her staff accidentally smacked a man right on his bald head.

"Ah!" the girl shrieked, turning around to face him. She inspected and carefully poked the bump on his head. "I'm sorry about that! I really have to watch where I twirl my staff, don't worry, I'm pretty good at healing spells-" she shut herself up in mid sentence. With her free hand she rubbed her temples, "Remember what gramps said, don't apologize for hurting people, laugh like a high maniac."

She marched over to the vault door and pointed to it with her staff. Before she did anything else, a young woman yelled out from behind one of the counters, "Hey, you need an account to take out money from the bank!"

The girl turned around to face her, her jaw dropping onto the floor. "What!" she cried out, waving her hands out frantically. "I need an account to rob a bank?" Her head hung as comical tears fell from her eyes. "I can't do anything right," she said mournfully as she went for the exit.

"Hey wait a sec!" she realized. "No I don't!" And with that she went in front of the vault again as pointed her staff at hit. A beam of red light shot out from the orb and blasted the door to smithereens. Then, all the money inside was sucked into the orb like a vacuum cleaner.

"You'd better put that back," a voice said from the entrance. Robin was there, wielding a birdarang, with the rest of the Teen Titans behind him.

"So who are you?" Cyborg demanded. The girl put a hand on her hip and the other proudly held the staff in front of her.

"I'm Casey Shadows, wizard-in-training, and I-" the girl quickly clapped her hand in front of her mouth. "Ah! Uh, I mean, I'm Mage, the greatest wizard ever! HAHA!" In a quieter voice she mumbled, "Dang, secret identities are supposed to be secret…"

"You're new to the villainy business, huh?" Beastboy remarked.

"Oh, shut it!" Mage yelled as she fired a dozen balls of red energy at them.

"Titans, go!" Robin cried as they all leaped out of the way. Starfire hovered in the air as she launched a barrage of starbolts and Cyborg helped out with his sonic cannon. Mage held up her staff and a translucent red dome-shaped shield protected her. The attacks exploded on impact but didn't break through. The shield faded and Mage quickly shot two beams, hitting both Cyborg and Starfire in the chest and knocking them back to the wall.

Robin threw his birdarang at her but she quickly ducked out of the way just as Beastboy tried to pounce on her as a tiger. A red energy whip shot out from the orb and she wrapped it around a the tiger's neck and hurled him into Robin.

Raven silently levitated behind her and held out her arms. "Azerath, Metrion, Zynthos!" Black energy jerked the staff out of the brunette's hand. The staff floated above its owner's head.

"Hey, that was a birthday gift!" a chibi-fied Mage tried to jump up and grab her weapon. Beastboy quickly transformed into a long snake and wrapped her in his coils.

"And that's a wrap," Robin said as he folded his arms. Mage stuck out her tongue at him before whistling like one would do to call a dog. The staff broke free from Raven's power, smacked Beastboy's head in midair until he let go in pain, and Mage quickly grabbed it.

"I shouldn't be doing this, but I gotta go!" she said as she pointed her staff at them. A blinding red light shot forth, nobody could see anything, then it just faded out. Everyone just stared at each other, but nothing happened.

"Hey!" Mage said as she stared at her staff dubiously. "You all were supposed act like you just saw your greatest fears come to life! Ah well, knew I can't use a spell that hard."

Robin opened his mouth and pointed at her, but she quickly mounted her staff like a witch on a broom. She shot out, flying out of the door with her legs sticking out in a almost complete split.

"E-way ave-hay o-tay atch-cay er-hay!" Cyborg shouted out. His facial expression turned to shock. His fellow teammates stared at him.

"Taht ekil keasp uoy od yhw, Dneird?" Starfire asked as she came up to him. She quickly gasped and covered her mouth.

"Ahduhsuh, whe…Ya, yogomoya!" Raven cried out.

"What's up with you guys talking like that? Did your brains like, disappeared? Hey, that rhymes!" Beastboy grinned at himself. "Now let's just Mage for her crimes."

"Op-stay iming-rhyay Eastboy-bay," Cyborg demanded. "Ut-whay is oing-gay on!"

Meanwhile, Robin was waving his arms around the whole time, pointing to his mouth. No sound left his mouth. As Starfire finally paid attention to him, she said, "Kaeps ton uoy nac yhw?"

Robin waved his arms and opened his mouth very wide but it was like someone pushed his mute button.

Mentally, Cyborg thought it was an improvement.


What do you think of that?