A/N: This is a sort of character study that just popped into my head, set between or around episodes 107-108 of the anime. No real spoilers in this, but if you don't know who and what Suikotsu of the "Band of Seven" (Shichinintai) is, you might be a bit lost.

Now, obviously, Kikyo doesn't actually know all this stuff about him at this point; but it's more interesting that way.

A huge thanks to My Name is Yet to be Found, SesshyxKagura, andLexi-Teniro for reviewing Lament! (Sorry this isn't Sess/Kagura ... my inspiration tends to be rather random :)


We are so very much alike, he and I.

He is a doctor, I am a priestess. We both devote our lives – if they can be called lives – to caring for the sick. The injured. The weak. Children, orphaned by war. We gather them in, and heal their wounds. That is our purpose.

They say we have pure hearts. He does. I once did, but it was corrupted by betrayal and murder. Sometimes I wonder if I still have a heart, in this strange shell of clay I call a body.

We are both dead. Though perhaps "reanimated" might be a better word. Our souls are trapped in living bodies of bone and grave soil. We should both be resting in peace now. But we are not.

He lives here, in the shadow of Mt. Hakurai, where there is a strong purifying aura. It does not seem to affect him. I, however, cannot stay here long. The aura strengthens the souls trapped inside of me, and some escape. The longer I stay here, the weaker I will become. It is ironic, that a miko should be threatened by the same powers she uses.

I am kept alive by the dead souls of others; he is kept alive by a shard of the Shikon Jewel. Perhaps that is why the aura does not affect him. I, of all people, know the powers of that jewel.

He once lived to send souls to Hell; now that he is dead he saves others from death. I saved others when I was alive; now that I am dead I live only to drag one particular soul down to Hell with me.

He is pure of heart; yet inside him sleeps a great and dangerous evil. I am perhaps not so pure as I once was; but I am still a miko, and use my holy power to destroy all that is evil. We will become enemies one day soon.

But for now, I am content to sit here watching him. I do enjoy his company, as much as I can enjoy anything. For we truly are very much alike.