Hope's True Love

Kari Minamoto

Author's Note: Here is an extra fic (it was going to be a one-shot but turned into my summer project, kind of. I still need to write the last chapter) that I wrote while taking a writer's block break from Children of the Legend. I apologize for the crummy title, I could not think of anything decent. Minor note- Joe is 17, Tai, Mimi, Sora, Matt, and Izzy are 16, Yolei, Ken, Kari, T.K., and Davis are 15, and Cody is 13. Here is a Takari fic I hope you like, with lots of description (I think).

Disclaimer: I don't own digimon, is that to hard to understand.

Chapter 1- Advice

If you only knew how much I loved you,

Then we could truly be together.

I hide in a shadow from my deepest fear,

Being so close to you yet so far away.

I don't know how you feel about me,

But I know how I feel about you.

I love you with all my heart,

And can't stand to live without you- written by Kari Minamoto

T.K. was in his room thinking about none other than Kari while absentmindedly getting dressed. He put on a pair of blue jeans and a green and white striped polo. Ever since the defeat of Malomyotismon he had started to have feelings for her, he wanted more than friendship.

Davis was the person T.K. usually associated as the love sick puppy. Kari knew of Davis's crush but T.K. knew she never felt the same way.

Kari would never play games with Davis's feelings. She was a truthful and sincere person in T.K.'s eyes who would never deliberately hurt anyone.

But how to ask her out; that was something that T.K. still hadn't figured out.

T.K. decided to ask Matt for advice. He had been dating Sora for over a year and felt he was the best person to ask. He did not want to ask his mom because she hadn't dated in years (to busy with work in T.K.'s opinion. Matt's was that she still was not over their dad).

T.K. took the bus over to the apartment where Matt and his dad were staying. He was lucky; Matt was home and had just hung up the phone when T.K. opened the door.

"Hey Matt, who was that on the phone?" T.K. asked him closing the door and taking off his shoes.

Today Matt was sporting a black tee with a skull on it with a white shirt underneath, black jeans, and his usual gelled and spiked hair.

"It was Sora," he replied taking a seat at the kitchen table, "We are going out tonight. What are you doing here bro? You seem a little worried. What's on your mind?"

"How do you ask a girl out?" T.K. asked while blushing and also taking a seat.

"O, finally going to ask Kari out huh. Time you got to it," Matt said cockily. "Tai and I have got a bet going on at how long it would take, I said less than three years- he said over five. Looser does the winners homework for a month."

T.K. repeated his question still as red as lobster from embarrassment.

"Okay, what you need to do is be really cool and smooth. Try writing and singing her a song. That's what I did to Sora and she immediately said yes when I asked her out," Matt said giving his advice with a faraway look in his eye as if reminiscing about the night.

"Um, okay but that's not what I'm good at. I can't see at all," T.K. replied.

Matt just said, "That's my advice take it or leave it little brother. I gotta go get ready for Sora so I'll see you later."

With that he stood up and went to his room leaving T.K. sitting at the kitchen table.

T.K. stood up and got ready to leave. He was now even more confused and shaken up about asking Kari out than he was before he talked to Matt.

He decided to go for a walk before taking the bus home.

As he was walking, not really having a destination, he thought about whom else he could ask. T.K. immediately crossed out Sora. It wasn't like she was not a good choice; she was the bearer of the crest of love after all.

There was also no way he was going to ask Davis or Cody, even though they were good friends. T.K. felt that Cody was too young and had not had enough experience with girls. As for asking Davis about how to ask out Kari, well, it was more like asking for a death sentence. At the very least he expected a sucker punch. No, neither was a good choice.

T.K. was thinking about asking Tai what he thought when he heard a voice behind him.

"T.K., wait up," said a female voice he had known forever.

T.K. stopped and Mimi and Yolei caught up to him. At first sight it was obvious that the two girls had been shopping. They had at least seven bags and T.K. was very sure of himself that they all contained clothes.

They were both dressed in style.

Mimi had pink streaked hair and was wearing a jean mini skirt, white flip-flops with flowers on them, and a pink tank top that exposed her navel.

Yolei had just gotten contacts and T.K. had to admit she looked a lot better with them. In celebration she had bought a new wardrobe (with Mimi's help). Yolei had on destructed jeans, a brown tube top, and silver flip-flops. For a change she had her hair in a bun.

"You look a little confused T.K.," Yolei asked him as they started walking again. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," T.K. said none too convincingly. After a moment's pause he changed his mind, "No."

"Well, what's wrong then?" Mimi asked him sincerely as they entered the town's main shopping district.

"Well I want to ask Kari out, but I'm not really sure how. Matt told me to write her a song and then sing it to her, but I can't sing. I don't want to make a fool of myself and I don't want to be rejected and…" T.K. trailed off, his face crimson again.

"Oooo, you're going to ask her out? That's so cute!" Mimi gushed.

Yolei then voiced her opinion on the matter as she admired a dress with sequins which was strapless in the window of a shop called Victoria's Boutique.

"Get her something really pretty as a present. Like jewelry or that dress," she said pointing to the one on display, "Let's go check it out."

They went it without even asking T.K. what he thought of the idea so T.K. followed trying to put in his opinion.

Once inside the shop and looking around T.K. knew it was out of his league. Jewelry was behind glass similar to the expensive jewelers like Kays and Beldens. As for the clothes they were all skirts, dresses, or gowns.

Yolei was already asking how much the dress in the window was. As soon as she came back she told T.K. what the saleswoman had said.

"That woman," she said pointing to the woman at the counter, "said the dress is a favorite and on sale this week and only one hundred and seventy-five dollars!"

Yolei smiled thinking that T.K. would love the idea of it being on sale but she turned around to talk to Mimi so fast she could not see his reaction.

It looked like someone had stabbed him with a knife, and was trying to cry out in pain. One hundred and seventy-five dollars! That was more than he had in his bank account, never mind on him!

T.K. took out his wallet anyways and saw he barely had thirty dollars, never mind one hundred and seventy-five dollars.

Mimi and Yolei had finished looking at the dress.

"It's perfect for Kari," said Mimi, "You have to get it for her."

"It's so beautiful, you are going to get it right," Yolei asked.

"No I…" T.K. started but was cut off by the two girls.

"Why not?" exclaimed Mimi, "It's perfect."

"It might look perfect but the price isn't. Look I have thirty dollars. That is no where near enough money for the dress," T.K. told them.

"O, alright. I was just trying to help you know," Mimi told him.

"I know," T.K. told them walking toward the exit.

Yolei added before he left, "Hey T.K., good luck at finding the perfect way to ask Kari out. Bye!"

"See ya later," Mimi included.

The last sight that T.K. saw when he left the shop was Mimi and Yolei gawking at a necklace with a pearl dangling from it.

T.K. had only been out of the shop for five minutes when he heard his name called again. He just groaned thinking that this had to be one of the worst days of his life. He could not figure out how to ask Kari and he was seeing all his friends.

T.K. turned around to see Izzy and Ken come out of the computer store with a bunch of wires and gadgets T.K. knew he would never be able to operate, even if his life depended on it.

Both boys were dressed conservatively.

Ken was wearing jeans, a yellow button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and sneakers.

Izzy was sporting jeans and sneakers as well as a shirt that had written across the front GENIUS AT WORK.

"What's on your mind, you look really distressed?" Ken asked.

T.K. was about to tell them when Izzy intervened.

"It's obvious isn't it? A person in T.K.'s condition must be in a predicament of some sort. My best bet would be telling his mom about a bad grade or girl problems. Am I correct in guessing the later though?" Izzy said with certainty.

T.K. could only stare at him. How was it that Izzy always got these things right? It seemed the only two things he had ever been wrong about was Ken being completely evil and untrustworthy and that digimon were aliens from another planet.

"I am right," Izzy said taking T.K.'s silence as a yes. They started walking to Ken's apartment which was near by.

"Who's the lucky girl?" Ken asked even though he probably already knew the answer.

T.K. felt he had been blushing all day as he gave his answer, "Kari."

"Let me guess, you want to know how to ask her out right? Right. Anyways, I think the best thing would be to have a game of chess, explain how tofu is made over dinner, and then look at the stars and finding constellations," Izzy told him, "What do you think?"

"I don't think it's the right thing for Kari's and my first date, if it ever happens that is," T.K. told him suddenly finding the sidewalk interesting.

"How about seeing a documentary and getting her dinner at the really romantic restaurant in town, I think it's called Italian pizzeria and resturant. It's at the top of the tallest office building in town. I took Yolei there and she loved it," Ken told him with a large grin.

"How much is the restaurant," T.K. asked afraid of the answer.

"I think it's about twenty-five dollars a person," replied Ken.

T.K. just hung his head in defeat; he did not have enough money for the fancy restaurant on top of the highest building in Tamachi.

They had reached Ken's apart and were parting ways. It turned out Ken's new computer fried and the two of them were going to fix it.

As T.K. left he started to consider the situation hopeless and headed for the bus terminal to wait for the five o'clock one to Odiba.

He was going to wait for the bus until he saw Joe come out of no where.

"Hey T.K. are you waiting for the bus?" Joe asked as he approached with an armload of books.

He was wearing his glasses, blue dress pants, black dress shoes, and a white shirt and navy tie. It looked like he had come from school.

"Yeah," replied T.K. looking across the street rather than at Joe.

"Do you want a lift since the bus won't be here for another fifteen minutes?" Joe asked him unsurely trying to figure out what T.K. found so interesting across the street.

"Um, sure," T.K. said getting off the bench and following Joe to his silver car parked a block over.

The two of them got in the car and Joe started the engine and headed for the main road.

"Joe," T.K. said after a few minutes of silence, "can you drop me at Kari and Tai's?"

"Sure, but why?" Joe asked getting nervous, "We aren't all getting together tonight are we? I haven't heard anything but…"

"No, no, I just want to talk to Tai," T.K. said and added in an undertone that Joe could hear, "about Kari."

"You want to ask her out don't you?" Joe asked keeping his eyes on the road and stopping at a red light.

"Does everyone know this," T.K. asked no one in particular with frustration.

Truthfully I guessed when I heard you muttering about talking about Kari," Joe said to T.K. hitting the gas as they turned onto a side street toward the Kamiya residence.

"O, sorry about getting irritated," T.K. told him, "It's just that Matt wants me to write and sing her a song, Mimi and Yolei think I should get her some expensive clothes or jewelry, Izzy thinks I should show her constellations, talk about tofu, and play chess, and Ken thinks I should take her to see a documentary and then an expensive dinner. I can't do any of those things- they don't seem right. I don't know what to do."

T.K. noticed they had pulled into the apartment's parking lot and Joe was waiting for him to get out.

"If you want my option T.K.," Joe started, "Get to know her more and ask her out to the prom next year as your first date. In the mean time stay friends and help with homework."

He finished the sentence looking at the stack of books he had placed in the back seat when they had started driving.

T.K. got out of the car thinking about what Joe said. It was at least doable but he wanted to ask her out before prom, although it was a good back-up plan if nothing else came up, or if he got cold feet.

"Thanks for the ride and advice Joe, I'll see you tomorrow at the picnic," T.K. said starting to close the door.

"You're welcome and glad I could help," Joe said as the door slammed shut and T.K. started walking toward the entrance of the brick apartment building.

T.K. entered the building not even looking around the lobby and headed for the first elevator. He pressed the up button and waiting for it to come down he stared at the numbers up the top to see where it was.

It finally arrived and he went in hit the doors close button and then 7 for the Kamiya's floor.

It took about five minutes to get there since it stopped at every other floor without anyone ever getting on.

At last T.K. reached the seventh floor and hastily departed the elevator thinking he might take the stairs the next time there was an emergency.

He ran down the hall to number 476 and knocked on the door.

Tai opened the door wearing an orange and blue striped polo, jeans, and no socks.

"What is it T.K.," asked Tai, "I have a big test tomorrow in chemistry and I haven't studied for yet."

Tai seemed to be in a no nonsense mood, which was unusual for him.

"I wanted to talk to you about Kari; she's not home is she?" T.K. began but was cut off.

Tai swore under his breath and then grumpily, "No she's at the library, come in,"

T.K. took off his shoes and took a seat in the Kamiya living room/kitchen. It was an olive green color with a white sofa and armchair. There was also a T.V. and a glass coffee table in front of the sofa. There was a bookcase lining the back of the room.

"I guess I already lost to Matt, huh?" Tai asked glumly.

"Well, not yet. I have no idea how to ask her out, maybe I won't," T.K. told him in a defeated voice.

"You have to," Tai told T.K. with conviction, "I know she wants to go out with you, why else would she reject Davis over a hundred times."

"Really?" T.K. asked with a ray of hope in his eyes.

"Yeah," Tai told him, "My advice is to take her to a sporting event, maybe a baseball or football game. She watches baseball a lot."

"No," T.K. said, "That's not the right thing to do."

T.K. sat in silence for a moment and then jumped off the couch.

"I know what to do," T.K. said sliding on his shoes and running out the door before Tai could say another word.

To be continued…

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