Hope's True Love

Kari Minamoto

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Chapter 3- Picnic

T.K. was waiting outside the Kamiya's apartment building for Kari. The only minor thing was the fact that Tai was tagging along with the two of them to the picnic in the park about two miles away.

T.K. looked down at his watch which read 11:00 for the picnic that was to start in an hour. He started getting nervous that they were going to be late and kept absentmindedly looking at the apartment, the watch, and then the cell phone repeatedly. T.K. kept looking at the cell phone since if T.K. was late Matt would call and start yelling at him or perhaps Tai since Tai lost the bet. T.K. thought on a minor note that Matt had probably called the previous night when it happened to shove it in his best friend's face. The only reason Matt would know was since the first person he called about the date was his brother. His brother was thrilled for him. Not only did his little brother get a girlfriend (as Matt put it while T.K. kept interrupting with "It was only one date!") but he had Tai to do his homework for a month.

On his fourth or fifth time around the apartment, watch, phone triangle, T.K. saw two people he knew very well: Kari and Tai. Kari was wearing a white mini skirt with white sandals and a light pink short sleeve shirt with a V-Neck cut while Tai went more casual in baggy jeans and a brown and blue striped polo. Not only did he have those but it seemed he was wearing his soccer cleats and had bought new goggles for the occasion. Square ones with a red headband piece below them which clashed with the shirt. As they got closer T.K. could heart some of the conversation.

"I'm telling you Tai they look awful with that shirt," Kari said while suppressing a laugh.

"No they don't. They look even better for that reason," Tai told his little sister while nodding his head at the statement which made no sense at all.

"Hey, T.K.!" Kari called to him running the rest of the way while trying not to drop the red…something in her hand.

"What's that?" he asked her hoping for an answer to the red thing that she was holding. Unfortunately he was not going to get a straight one.

"It's a surprise of course!" she said while trying to balance it along with the rice cakes for the picnic.

T.K. without really considering it took the basket of cakes from her while giving her a slight peck on the cheek at the same time. At the kiss Kari let out a faint giggle and happily gave T.K. the basket. While taking the basket he got a better look at the red thing. It looked like a book, but quite a large book and then he realized it was some kind of bag and not the cover to a book. So what was it? It really had T.K. puzzled.

Almost like Kari had read T.K.'s mind she just looked at him and said with a smile, "You'll find out soon." She then started off for the picnic leaving the two boys behind.

They quickly ran to catch up Kari trying to forget about the package she was carrying. As they walked the two miles Tai complained about loosing the bet to Matt but could get no sympathy from either digidestined.

Soon they arrived at the picnic which was almost completely set up by the time they arrived. Everyone else was also already there. Mimi was spreading out the second blanket so that all twelve could sit together and Sora was setting up the food a little ways a way from the other two blankets. As the trio approached, they caught snippets of information. Joe was trying to remind Sora about his food allergies while Ken and Izzy were having a conversation only geniuses could understand. As this was taking place, Davis was showing off his soccer skills to an imaginary crowd while Cody read a book and Yolei yelled at Davis about something.

Matt saw the trio and started over with a smirk on his face wearing a black tee and jeans.

"Tai, I believe you lost to me," Matt said with cockiness while leaning against a nearby tree.

'Yeah, I'll do your homework Matt, as long as you don't mind a C, or maybe lower," Tai retorted with a grin.

"You wouldn't," said Matt looking right at him, cockiness long gone.

Tai just gave an offhanded glance, "You know what I do in school Matt, as little work as possible. So…as long as you want a C on that essay we have due next week I suggest you do your own."

Tai just looked at him with a goofy grin and started walking over to the food. It was not that Tai was unintelligent, it was the fact that he did not try that his grades were so low.

Matt walked after him, muttering to himself and heading over to help Sora.

As Tai left Davis ran up to Kari and T.K. who were trying to suppress laughter when Davis ran up in a soccer jersey holding a soccer ball in hand and wearing dark jeans.

"What's up you two?" asked Davis while trying to fix his goggles that had come askew while trying to hold the ball at the same time.

"Nothing much," T.K. answered awkwardly. 'Nothing much' was as far form the truth as possible.

"Why didn't you come with Matt? You said you were going to when we were talking about this last week?" Davis asked as he started juggling the ball.

T.K. was impressed to some extent. Davis could never remember homework assignments by the end of the day, yet he was able to remember something T.K. would rather he had forgotten.

T.K. knew he was going to have to answer his friend, he just was not sure how to.

"I changed my mind," T.K. answered simply while praying he would change the subject.

"Hey T.K.," Kari said interrupting the silence that had started while reaching for the rice balls prying from his hand, "I'll bring those to Sora."

Kari headed off to Sora while the boys stood in silence facing each other. Seconds turned to minutes and neither spoke. Finally Davis opened his mouth to speak.

"Your together now aren't you," Davis said while looking at Kari who was now talking to Sora holding the mysterious package closely.

T.K. looked away from Davis, hoping that if Davis ended up punching him he would not get hit in the eye and also out of what was it, maybe shame.

Davis was always hitting on Kari yet T.K. felt so lucky to be the one to have her at the moment. Kari could have said yes to Davis at any moment yet she waited for him and T.K. felt like on of the luckiest men in the world.

"Yeah," T.K. said still looking away.

"Hey, it's okay," Davis said surprising T.K. and jerked his head back to look at him.

"I knew I would never get her, it was obvious that she liked you more," Davis said surprising T.K. and continued in his cocky voice "It's okay, really. Come on; let's get some food, o by the way T.K. I'm not going to stop teasing her; it's a ton of fun!

T.K. felt like a burden had been released from his shoulders and followed Davis to where the group was gathered around Kari and her package.

"Great, everyone is here! I'll show you what I brought now!" Kari said taking out the mysterious package.

It was a beautifully bound book with a leather cover. Kari slowly opened it to reveal a picture of the original eight digidestined and the digimon that saved the world after the battle with Apocalymon. Kari turned the page and there was the first picture of being back in the digital world of the Monochromon running into the sunset, there were pictures of the group just hanging together, pictures of Ken's Christmas party, even a picture after they had defeated Malomyotismon.

As T.K. looked at these pictures he thought about the amazing life that he already had. He had friends he could always count on and would have for life. He was now dating his best friend who he had known since he was eight.

"Group Picture!" Tai shouted getting everyone together, even the digimon who had been playing in the field nearby (they had come to the event via digiport) and Gennai were there as well.

All twelve digidestined, all twelve digimon, and Gennai got into a group as Kari set the timer.

Kari quickly ran back so she would get there in time and smushed in between T.K. and Tai.

T.K. acting on impulse leaned over and kissed Kari, just as the camera went off. Many of the digidestined laughed at this but T.K. thought about how great his life was and what was waiting for him in the future…

The End

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