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All was silent, all was still. There was nothing but darkness and the sound of her own soft footsteps echoing through the empty halls of the tower as she made her way toward the roof. The party was over now, and the memories of this day flooded her mind. Today was the day of her birth, a day that normal teens would excitedly await for weeks in advance. But not her, she dreaded this day for what it held…the destruction of all life…the world. This year, this day, was when it all began. She held her hands in front of her, palms facing. A piercing red glow tore through her flesh, it burned with the of the fire of her father until it completed an ancient demonic symbol. It haunted yet entranced her, the glow, the light. A forgotten language whispered through her mind, telling her of what she must do, demanding her to let her father take hold. Not to fight the inevitable, she winced and closed her eyes in angry tears. She forced her hands closed and threw them to her sides, she refused to cry. he was watching, she knew this and would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Not today, not ever would she cry because of him. It wasn't enough for him, the torture he had put her through over the years. He had to do this, make her the one to destroy everything she loved and cared for. Her friends…she should have told them the day the team formed, they could have gotten out. But they were in, and they would not leave her now…not after all they had been through. She both loved and hated that about them…they didn't deserve what was to happen. But she didn't tell them, she hid from them, spending every dark day wishing that the prophecy was false…but it has already begun to happen and there was no escaping it. She would have to tell them, and soon. But she feared this, she feared what they would say about her being the one to destroy the world. About her, their team-mate was destined to entrap them in stone and bind them in the tortured and undying souls of her fathers kingdom. Screaming and grasping, crawling from the debts of hell.

"NO!" she yelled to herself, she shook her head trying to erase the vision from her mind. She had to be quiet, everyone had long ago went to bed. She of course could not sleep, not tonight. There would be no comfort for her, a nightmare awaited, one that visited her every year on this night. One she could not face again it held to much pain…to many memories of her mother…she wasn't strong enough to see it again. She suddenly became acquainted with the warm spring air of June. She stopped for a few seconds taking in the view, a site she sees everyday and never tires of, especially at night. It was so beautiful, so calm, the whole city for ones eyes to behold. Every little light like a star, twinkling and shining just for her. She sighed and walked to the edge of the tower and sat, a slight breeze wafted by, gently fluttering her short plum hair. She smiled softly still gazing upon the city, a place she and her friends risk their lives for nearly everyday. Those people depended upon them, looked up to them…and she was about to fail them. She was to send them to their ultimate fate, she was to watch them also turn to stone. All those people, the little boys and girls whose lives had just started…suddenly her calm quiet place turned into a screaming waste land. The sky was tainted with blood, dark and thick with clouds as crimson as the sky they hung over. The once tall and proud buildings, now left as mere rotting shells, crumbling with every wind that broke through them. And the people…frozen in stone, eyes wide and unbelieving, looks of sheer indescribable horror displayed of each of their faces. Her face now displayed that same horror, her deep amethyst eyes, empty as she gazed at the once beautiful city. She shook her head, and forced her eyes closed.

"no" she whispered. "why do you keep showing me this! Why do you insist on making me do this? Why cant you just leave me be? You have already kept me away from everyone and everything that I love, I have been forced to be someone that I hate. I don't like hiding from my friends and keeping things from them. Why isn't the torture you have put me through all these years enough for you!" she took slow deep breaths, she had to calm down, this is just what he wanted, for her to loose control so he could take control. But she wasn't going to give in that easily, not after all she had gone through. She had overcome so much and she would be damned if she was going to let him take her without a fight. A silver gloved hand found its way to her shoulder, she stiffened at this, until she heard his voice.

"..Raven?" it was soft and she was barely able to hear it. "are you ok?"

She turned and met his deep emerald eyes, they were filled with concern for her. "I'm fine Beast boy." her eyes went back to the city, it was peaceful once again. His hand left her shoulder and he settled next to her "what are you doing up here so late?" he asked.

"I…I couldn't sleep." she replied, it wasn't all a lie. "why are you up here?"

"I heard you yell in the hall and thought you might be in trouble"

"oh…sorry I woke you…" she said quietly

He smiled "ah, its ok. It was worth coming up here for." he said "So is there anything that you want to talk about?"

Her heart quickened, it was eating away at her, her thoughts were screaming 'YES! I am to destroy the world! Entrap you in stone and bind you in the undying souls of hell!'

"Raven?…" Beast boy asked, her face was blank and devoid of emotion. But her eyes, her eyes betrayed her, they were full of fear and worry, on the verge of tears.

She slowly turned her head toward him, and faked a smile. The tears threatened to poor down her cheeks, and she struggled to keep them within her eyes. He studied her face, he knew there was something bothering her, something really bad. It killed him to see her like this, his eyes now had the same look of worry in them. He leaned over and tightly held her in a hug, and whispered "its ok Raven, whatever it is you can tell me. It doesn't have to be tonight, but know, that no matter what it is you can tell me and I will listen. You have no need to be afraid." he pulled away and smiled at her.

She looked up at him and she too smiled. "thanks Beast boy"