Gold Digger- Worthwhile

By: DJ Rodriguez

(Author's Notes: Hi, everyone. This isn't my area at all, but I have agreed to this one-shot for my friend, Alex. He likes this type of manga/comic, and asked if I was willing to do this.

Darien: This is going to be a Britanny/Kryn, although he has no idea about the true extent of their relationship. So, wish DJ luck on this… and give him a break, please.

Now, on with the one-shot!)

A being of alien origin stood outside the palace of the legendary city, El Dorado. His stance and face were like that of a warrior who had seen too many battles, and carried too many emotional burdens. His name was Stripe, a being whose race and people were called Kryn. He was a King, who was married to a firecracker werecheetah by the name of Britanny Diggers.

"Sigh. Its been some time since we saved my home planet from doom, and my people from extinction.", he said to himself while looking at the stars.

"Thinking out here again, Stripe?", a female voice called out from behind him. He turned and was now facing his beautiful wife, Britanny.

The woman had grown, and changed considerably. She was a little bit taller then before, about 5'10" or so. Her hybrid form was now at least 7'3", more or less. Her features were more exotic, more sexy in a way. Stripe was indeed intimidated by her at first, still does, but has become more and more comfortable around her.

"Yeah, just gazing out there and seeing the vastness of space.", he replied.

The werecheetah came to his side, soon gazing out at the stars as well. "Still thinking about your planet and people, eh?", she inquired.

Stripe nodded and replied, "Yes, I am. Ever since the planet was freed from the Dynasty, I've been worried that the remaining survivors will find it difficult to rebuild. With both the cities and the population.".

"So, you have the feeling that you should help them? To ease the burden?", the blonde werecheetah whispered.

"Yes. But, I can't leave you or my people here. I'm at a crossroads here.", the warrior-king answered.

Britanny lightly punched his shoulder, smiling a little. "Hey, cheer up! You got us here, and if any thing comes up, we'll help your planet in any way we can!", she stated.

He chuckled, amused a little by her aggressive way to cheer him up. "Thanks, Britt. Come, let's go back inside.", he replied.

As the couple walked back inside, Stripe found out that he was lucky to have a woman like Britanny. She was strong, passionate, and also caring. Her family was unique, and sometimes volatile, but they had their hearts and intentions in the right places.

'I really thank the higher beings that I am part of the family. Even if it is a bit crazy.', he thought.

(Author's Notes: Sorry if its short, but it's the best I could do on such short notice. In any case, I hope you are not too disappointed about this.

Darien: Since songfics are not allowed anymore, this is the best we have to offer.

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