This is my first attempt at a Sailor Moon story and I'm introducing some new characters that will have a big impact. Rather then trying to rationalyze everything, let's just say this occurs in an alternate timeline from the actual Sailor Moon show. 'Kay?

Major things to note? Okay - Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto are not here yet. Rini is but will show up later. Serena and Darien are in love - forget that whole I-must-not-love-her-in-order-to-save-her-life schpiel. And there are many different worlds out there besides our measly solar system and they will also play a role, albeit a small one for now. Also - Serena is a little more mature then the cartoon series makes her out to be. Why every anime show has their main character act like a ditz I do not know, but this is MY fanfic, and I will not have Serena playing the stereotypical bleached-blond airhead cheerleader type. No, I do not have anything against cheerleaders. Is that everything? Umm..I guess so!

* * *

" Look out Sailor Moon!" screamed Jupiter as she dodged a laser from the latest nega-monster to hit Tokyo. Sailor Moon screeched as she narrowly avoided the same laser and whimpered.

" When I got up this morning, I wanted a day OFF from this!"

" Now what fun would that be?" Sailor Venus grinned, before leaping forward. " LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE!"

The glowing chain of hearts enveloped the nega-monster that vaguely resembled a squid crossed with Great White shark - easily the ugliest thing they had ever had to fight - and they watched as the creature howled in pain.

" Your turn Sailor Moon!" Sailor Mercury gave her the thumbs up. Producing her scepter, the girl formerly known as Serena, activated its power and lashed out. " Moon Scepter Elimination!" Explosions rocked the harbourfront where the battle had taken place, and when the dust cleared, the scouts looked up,expecting to see a pile of ash where the monster had been. They were wrong.

" RRRRRWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOARRRRRRRRRR!!!!" The creature leaped into the air and landed next to Sailor Mars, backhanding her with vicious force.

" Mars!" Mercury prepared to fire her Aqua Illusion but was caught by another blow. Jupiter and Venus returned to Sailor Moons side, and they watched nervously, as the creature advanced.

" Umm...a plan right now would be a good thing," Sailor Moon's eyes grew wide.

" Need a hand?" They all looked up. Tuxedo Mask stood there. Jupiter grinned at him.

" Great timing!" Suddenly Venus was knocked out by a beam of power coming from the giant monster and Jupiter pushed Sailor Moon out of harm's way before falling to the beams power.

" Jupiter!" Sailor Moon watched as the creature stepped closer. Then, a rustle of wind and Tuxedo Mask had charged the creature, flinging a rose deep into its heart. The creature stopped its forward motion and paused, clawing at its chest. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask gathered the other Sailor Scouts and backed everyone up.

" How can we stop that thing? " Serena gasped. " I've never seen anything like it before!"

" Me neither." Tuxedo Mask frowned as he studied it. " It's not like any of the other nega-monsters we've had to battle."

" Yeah - for starters this one's waaaay bigger!"

Suddenly the monster roared again and fired. Tuxedo Mask flung his cape up and covered Sailor Moon with his body, hoping to deflect the blow. Serena closed her eyes, waiting for the blow to hit. It never did.

" Amatuers," muttered an annoyed voice from above them. Serena opened her eyes to see the bolt of power frozen in its path. Slowly, but inexorably, the laser blast, turned right around and was suddenly released, right back to the monster itself. A huge blast lit up the night.

" What was that?" Serena asked, as Tuxedo Mask helped her to her feet. A revived Sailor Venus pointed.

" Look!"

Several shadows were seen racing towards the monster. Several lights flashed and the monster suddenly disintegrated. The scouts got to their feet, watching. Serena stepped closer and stopped as the central figure whirled around. Keeping to the shadows, it spoke.

" And you call yourself Sailor Scouts?" It was a female's voice, low and deadly.

" Who are you?" demanded Jupiter, stung. The figure chuckled.

" We're the one's who just saved your lives." Serena clasped her hands and bowed to the woman.

" Thank you." The figure froze and stared at her.

" You...."

" Huh? " Serena turned a quizzical glance at her friends and back to the woman, trying to catch a glimpse of her face. But the woman stepped back.

" Figures." The woman turned around, the long dark sash on her costume swirling about her. Serena lunged after her.

" Wait! Who are you?" The woman turned once more and Serena could only make out her eyes, deep purple and icey cold.

" Wouldn't you like to know?" Then the woman made a motion with her hand and the other shadows who had remained hidden, disappeared with her into the dark.

* * *

" I don't like this," Ray growled later that night. Sitting inside her temple, they tried to make sense of that night's battle. " Who was that?"

" She seemed to know you Serena," Amy pointed out. " Did you recognize her?" Serena thought of those eyes, dark and cold and flinched. At what? Something.... " No," she said softly, pushing the memories to the back of her mind. Whoever that girl was, she scared her.

" Well, she saved our lives," Lita shrugged. " And so did those others - I wonder who they were?" Serena tuned out of the discussion and stared out the window. Something about her had been so familiar. But what? Something from her life on the moon? But that was a LONG time ago. Still....

* * *

In an abandoned warehouse, a small group of individuals were having their own discussion.

" I wonder what the N'ga are doing here?" mused an athletic-looking young man, who bounced sparks from hand to the other casually.

" That's what we're here to find out, Ace!" A young girl with beautiful white wings and blue-green skin, whapped him on the arm. He pretended it caused great pain and made her laugh. Another man walked over to them and the girls smile grew even wider. " Hey Barricade!"

" Hey love." He sat next to her and she snuggled into his side. " That was a refreshing battle, eh?"

" Nice and easy," Ace agreed, digging into a bag on the floor and pulling out a bag of chips. The girl turned up her nose.

" That's not healthy."

" That's why I'm eating it 'Glide." Ace popped a handful of the crispy treats into his mouth as he turned to watch their leader. " Star?"

The purple and black-clad woman looked at him. " What's up?"

Ace gestured to the black shadow she was staring at. " Is she okay?"

Star turned her attention back to the gaping hole in the fabric of space and time. " We'll know in a minute." Another minute passed and suddenly a metal-gloved hand reached out from its depths.

" Warp!" Star helped the young warrior through. " How ya feeling?"

" Tired!" Warp gave her leader a weary smile. " But nothing time won't cure."

Star let out a small sigh. " You took a big risk today kiddo. Warping us into this time and dimension and then participating in the battle before having a chance to rest-"

" Don't forget she warped us back out of there!" Barricade called out. Warp scowled at him.

" I said I'm FINE!"

" We just worry about you," Star said gently, pushing a lock of hair out of her face. " You know what happens when you over-exert yourself."

" Don't worry - no more comas for me!" Warp said cheerily. " This energy-absorbing armour takes most of the strain - that's why I was able to do so much and not collapse today!" She thumped the metal chest plate. Star smiled and turned to go back to the room she had commandeered as her own.

" Star?"

" Yeah Ace?"

Ace tossed the bag of chips to the table and chased after her. " What's up?"

" I don't know what you're talking about."

" Yes you do," he said. " Why didn't you tell Serena who you were?"

" Why should I?"

Ace sighed. " Look - I know you two don't have the greatest history - but you're on the same side!"

" WE'RE not on ANY sides, remember? We don't really belong ANYWHERE."

" That was our choice. And Serena didn't exactly have one."

" No - she was sent here for her protection. With all her memories erased."

" Not all of them - the Scouts were with her," Ace reminded her. Star snorted.

" Okay - almost all of her memories were returned. But I was to be permanently erased remember? My request."

" She SAW you! They will come back!" Ace grabbed her arm. " Maybe she's different from what you remember."

" So what?" Star shook her arm loose. Her purple eyes softened. " Look - she doesn't need to remember me. It's safer for all involved - especially in our line of work. And she's become a total do-gooder - she'd never understand ALL of our actions."

Ace finally nodded. " 'Kay boss - we play by your rules, as always." He leaned over and hugged her quickly. " Just be careful. We're here to battle the N'Ga - we don't know how they ended up in this dimension, but they ARE here and it's our job to destroy them. And the scouts will inevitably show up at any signs of a battle, so be prepared to face your past."

Star touched his face, and then turned. " I'm always prepared Ace. But somehow I don't think Serena would ever be prepared to face the return of her sister."