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Harry gave one final jerk against his bonds, and slumped against the table, defeated.

Voldemort returned and made his way back to Harry. The room suddenly felt much colder, and Harry started to shiver. Whether it really was from being chilled or being scared, he didn't know, but whatever it was, he wasn't going to let it show.

Voldemort smirked as he stared into Harry's eyes, looking for any trace of fear within them. "Harry, Harry, Harry." He ran a hand through Harry's hair. Harry, not wanting to make the situation worse, said nothing. "How do we always get ourselves in these tight little situations?"

His smile broadened as he ran a pale finger down his cheek. Harry tried to flinch away, but Voldemort grasped his jaw and held his head in place. A sharp bony finger cut along his scar, opening it. Harry couldn't help but whimper as he felt his forehead being split apart. He squinted his eyes shut to try to block out the image of his parents' killer finally prevailing over him, but he was awoken out of his reverie when a different voice filled the small room.

"Aww.. is Ickle wee Potter scared?" Bellatrix Lestrange mocked in her baby voice.

Harry opened his eyes and found Sirius' killer's face inches from his own.

"Lestrange.. you whore.." he spat.

A black wand flashed out from nowhere, aimed between Harry's eyes. The wand was shaking angrily, but it eased down, and slid down Harry's nose, lips, down his clasped throat, and finally rested on his chest. Apparently Bellatrix wasn't pleased with Harry's last comment.

Angry black eyes stared at him through the hood of the cloak, along with clenched teeth, but her expression relaxed just as the wand had. She gazed into Harry's eyes as if looking for a lost artifact or an answer to a question she had been trying to solve throughout her whole life. She abruptly turned from Harry and collapsed to the ground, kissing Voldemort's robes.

"Please, master. May I please punish the foolish boy and make him pay for everything he did to you? To us?"

Voldemort said nothing. He stared at the deatheater kissing the hems of his robes for a few moments, then smiled.

"That can be seen to," he replied coldly, and Bellatrix squealed with glee.

Voldemort chuckled dangerously and added, "But first let's see where young Mr. Potter's breaking point is. We wouldn't want to bend him too far, now would we?"

He slowly turned to Harry again. His red eyes bore their ruby gaze into his emerald ones.


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