Chapter 1

"Are you sure this is it?" Catherine asked her mother, "It's infested with muggles."

"Yes this is it, it keeps a good cover." Elena replied, continuing the brisk walk down the street. It was nearing dusk, and she had promised to meet him by eight, it was getting late. Elena was in her mid-forties, her black hair cut a couple of inches above her shoulders, with a bit of a wave. Her dark brown eyes were set to match it. Her daughter, Catherine, looked quite a bit like her at eighteen, though, there were some differences. The young woman's hair flowed past her shoulders, she was thinner, and fewer lines curved around her face.

"Isn't this it?" Cate spoke suddenly, causing her mother to look up quickly.

"Yeah, it is." The two women walked up the walkway to the door, Elena knocked, and then waited. A moment later, Snape appeared in the doorway, his wand raised.

"What're you doing here?" His icy voice asked.

"We came back." Elena replied.

"So I've noticed." He replied, looking over toward Catherine, "You've changed."

"You haven't." Both women stated immediately. Elena stepped forward, inviting herself into the house, along with Cate.

"Listen, Cate is back for good, and she's staying with you, I'm going elsewhere."

"Why can't you take her?"

"It's on Order . . . " She emphasized.

"Elena, you fled last time war started, now you're coming back for it?"

"They need help."

"Apparently." The man rolled his eyes, "Fine, you can stay, but you better behave."

"Don't worry, I will." Cate replied gently.

"I'll see you." Elena smiled softly, kissed her daughter's head, and apparated on the spot. Severus turned toward his daughter.

"You room's upstairs." He spoke coldly, "I've got business to attend to."

"Why can't I come?" For the first time, Snape saw himself in his daughter, he turned back around.

"Sit down." Catherine waited until he did, the obeyed.


"Do you know anything about The Order of the Phoenix?"

"I've heard of it."

" Are you involved with it?"

"No, it's a death wish."

"Good girl."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Are you interested in the dark side?"


"You are."

"I forgot about you and prying into other's minds . . . " Cate crossed her arms across her chests.


"Never mind."

"Right. So, do you want to join us?"'


"The Dark Lord."

"Yeah, right, the Dark Lord. Sure." Snape coughed slightly, choking on his breath of air.

"You're more like me than I thought."

"Well I'm not suicidal now, am I?"

"I've figured that much." He sighed, "The real question is; do you truly want to join the dark side?"


"You're willing to go through the amount of pain and sacrifice that it needs?"'


"Even if it means fighting against your own mother?" A long pause of silence filled between the two, Snape half-expected her to get up and leave the house, she then replied.

"Yes." Severus stood up, "I'll need to speak with the Dark Lord about this, if you can come, you'll get a note, and apparate to the Riddle Manor, do you understand?"


"All right, wait for my signal." With that, the man vanished with a loud crack. Cate smirked to herself, one day in the country, and she already had a role in the war. The young woman drifted off into her own thoughts, how different home was compared to here, how she would like it, how . . . everything. A loud crack caused her to jump, she looked up, a piece of parchment was floating infront of her. It read:

'He wants to see you . . . ' The eighteen-year-old grabbed it out of the air, and tossed it onto a table as she apparated to the Riddle Manor.

The hallway was dark and dank, a sliver of light glistened in the hallway, coming from a distant doorway. Cate looked around, the walls were blank with the exception of a few portraits which appeared to be blasted apart. The gray paint was peeling greatly, the nails on the walls rusting.

"Over here Miss Snape." A voice hissed as the strip of light expanded to fill the hallway. The young woman looked up, a man in a long black cloak stood in the doorframe, his long blonde hair shimmering in the light.

"Come in." Each word he spoke was said with a sly coolness she had never heard before. Catherine walked into the room, with each step, her heeled boots clicked on the wooden floor.

"Miss Snape, kneel down before me." The man furthest from her, Voldemort, spoke. She walked forward and knelt before he spoke again. "I am Lord Voldemort. Your one and only Dark Lord. Do you understand that?"

"Yes My Lord."

"I hear you are greatly interested in joining us."

"I am." She replied.

"Extend your left arm, sleeve rolled up." Cate did as she was told. Voldemort raised his wand, sneering, "This may hurt the slightest bit." With a flick of his wand, a stream of black and green light shot out and onto Catherine's arm. The young woman collapsed over in pain, glad that she was already on her knees. After what seemed like hours of pain, the spell lifted, and the dark mark was nicely engraved on her smooth skin.

"My Lord . . . " A woman draped in black, known as Bellatrix, spoke."Would she not be perfect for the assignment you spoke of earlier?" Voldemort looked over at the young woman, surveying her head to toe, he turned to Lucius and Narcissa.

"What do you think?"

'I think she's perfect." Lucius replied slyly.

"You're going to have to do a very important job for us." Voldemort said to Catherine.

"What is it My Lord?"

"How old are you?"


"Then you shall be perfect. You see, if in the situation that I do not prevail, Draco is take over after me. If he does not succeed, he will need an heir. I would like you . . . to supply this heir."

"Anything My Lord."

"You may leave now, Severus will transfer anything of importance to you."

"Thank-you My Lord." She took a small bow and quickly left the room. Rubbing her forearm slightly, she apparated home, awaiting Snape's arrival to explain everything that went on.