" Go...Gohan?" Goku asked questionately and looked up at his solemn son. The boy gripped the Dragon ball before bringing it close to his body. Eyes still on the dragon ball, hair like gold lit up and replaced the black. Slowly, gold eyes looked upon his creator, his father.

" It's the last dragon ball," the small boy murmured. " The others were destroyed with the blast but this…this own survived."

Tilting his wrist just slightly, Gohan showed Goku the stars upon the ball. 4 stars.

" With this…" Gohan said gently as he watched his father's shocked face. " I can remake the rest. The dragon will be reborn and you can make two wishes. For Earth to be restored and its people."

" And I can wish you to be free from here!" Goku exclaimed, a faint trace of joy crossing his features. But when his son did not react at all, the joy immediately vanished as quick as it came. " …Can't I?"

" I'm afraid not even the Eternal Dragon can wish me back, Father," Gohan said softly. The boy reached out and gently touched his father's cheek. " I don't know when I'll come back…so please remember me…"

Slowly, the boy leaned down and kissed his father one last time on the lips, " Good bye…Tell them good bye."

Goku could have sworn he felt something wet upon his cheek before it grew too bright to see. His son disappeared within the white and with a cry of dismay, Goku disappeared also.


Gohan floated among the white hell, staring down at the power ball in his hand. His gold eyes, once bright and happy, were dull and faded as awful thoughts entered his mind. Many times had these dragon balls saved their lives, time and time again. Without them, many of Gohan's friends would have long past since dead, including his father.

It was depressing that in Gohan's hour of need that the dragon balls would not work for him.

Gohan gave a small sigh that barely left his lips. Everyone was waiting for him. Waiting to return home, back to the planet of blue. And maybe…maybe someday he could return also.

~ " Don't think like that." ~

Another sigh filled the air. Yes, he couldn't think such depressing, self-centered thoughts. He did have a job to do. Everyone WAS waiting.

Slowly, Gohan raised his hand with the ball, arm outstretched in front him. Floating between the air, a few feet above ground, silence hugged the air around him. A few moments passed, nothing but complete serenity and calm.

Gohan dropped his hand. But the ball stayed in the air where it was, slowly twirling around. Gohan stared at the ball, body tense and rigid. He had to relax. Taking calming breaths, Gohan willed himself to relax his body, mind, and soul.

That was when the ball struck.

With a jerking motion, the ball twirled and slammed into Gohan's chest and disappeared. A huff of air escaped from the shocked boy and he flew backwards from the force of the blow. Hands found their way to his unharmed chest, eyes wide and panting softly.

A cry of pain.

Gohan arched his whole body, hands leaving his chest to grow rigid near his side. Closing his eyes tightly, Gohan whimpered with a small cry, listening to it echo off the space of time, as he felt his body wish to explode. The pain in his chest was immense, throbbing so hard that Gohan's ears ached.

He could also hear everything.

Beyond mortal sight and ear, Gohan could hear soft cries in the background, pleading for help. Cries of pain. Cries of tears. Cries for help. Beyond his reach, they begged for his help. All of them dying.


Gohan slowly peeked open his gold, tired eyes. Staring blankly at the ceiling of white, Gohan parted his lips to let out a soft sigh.

And that's when, one by one, the dragon balls escaped from his body. Out of his painful chest they went and surrounded the arched boy floating with in the air. All seven-dragon balls twirled among the air, throbbing with gold light.

A second sigh.

With that, Gohan began to fall from his floating bed and the dragon balls began to rise further into the air. And as the legendary boy hit the ground, the dragon balls disappeared within the white walls of space and time.


Goku opened his eyes slowly to greet the warmth upon his face. Blue filled his vision as he stared the cloudless sky. Vaguely, Goku felt the grass curve around his body as the wind ran its invisible fingers through it. The warmth of the sun heated his body and the Saiyan felt content with his surroundings, almost peaceful.

The Earth warrior slowly rose to sit and continued staring at the blue of blue in the sky. He smiled faintly and looked down at his wife, ChiChi, who had rested beside his body. She looked up at him, her eyes drifting away from the sky, and smiled just as faintly. Gently she took his hand.

" Do you think he's watching us?" ChiChi asked.

Goku looked up at the sky, as if to see his son's eyes peering over the blue. But nothing within his sight could see something out of the ordinary. Slowly, he returned his eyes to his wife.

" I know he is," Goku answered and lowered down again in the grass and gently took ChiChi's lips with his own. If they had watched the sky just a little bit longer, they would have seen a streak of white, like a shooting star, go across the sky and disappear.


or To Be Continued…