Another one of my childhood fics…

Title: Let's Go To the Ball

Author: youngjasadin

Fandom: Nancy Drew

Since I lost the beginning of this fic, I'll just write what I remember of the basic plot.

One of the sororities at Ned's university was having a get together fancy dress party, so Nancy, Bess, George and Ned (cause they were friends with the girls) were all going along.

Conversation somehow turns to a costume ball that occurred when they were all in high school. At this high school ball, Nancy and Ned had dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming. It was their first date, and both were nervous, so had worn full costumes, masks including, which kept their identities secret.

Something happened and Nancy fled the dance, losing a shoe of course, like a real life Cinderella.

Only Ned, Nancy, Bess and George knew the truth about the "mystery couple".

back to the present.

Ned had left for a bit, and when he returned the Cinderella discussion had begun. Nancy dragged him outside embarrassed that they were being spoken about, even though the others didn't know.

"Did you miss me?"

Nancy smiled up at Ned, her arms wrapped around his neck.

"Of course I missed you! 20 minutes away from you seems more like 20 years!"

Ned pretended to be insulted. "So, you're saying that after 20 years of not seeing me, you would only give me one little kiss!"

"No way" she replied and kissed him again. Finally Ned pulled away smiling. "Don't you think that we should be getting back to the party? We've been out here for 10 minutes!"

"Ummmmm…. no" Nancy replied rather quickly.

"Why not?" Ned demanded then stopped, "Oh, I get it. You've got my Christmas present in there"

"Yes that's it. I wouldn't want you to see it!" Nancy said, avoiding looking in Ned's eyes. "Okay fine" she sighed, "They're in there talking about us, but they don't know it" Nancy said reluctantly. "We can go in there, but don't tell them."

"Why are they talking about us?" Ned inquired.

Nancy grinned. "You'll see!"

They walked back into the lounge room where everyone was seated, holding hands. Everyone looked up at their arrival.

"Hi, you guys," said Bess. To Ned she said, "We've just been talking about some people that you know Remember the costume ball in year nine when that girl and guy went as Cinderella and Prince Charming? Then the girl ran out of the dance for some reason?"

Ned nodded and squeezed Nancy's hand. "Yeah I remember. I guess that it is pretty funny once you think about it."

"Bess says that we know the couple so we're trying to guess who it could be" said Kristen.

"She has strawberry blonde hair" started off Bess, but Ned interrupted. "I remember that she was really and I mean really, really pretty". Nancy glared at him.