Everyone who likes Pokemon probably has played, or at least heard about Pokemon Colliseum.

If not, I'll put you up to speed. The game stars two carachters, for the sake of the fanfiction we will call them Wes and Rui, who travel across the region of Orre, to defeat Cipher and Team Snagem.

Now, it's a new story, with a new generation, a new evil, and a new experiment... The Hybrid project.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon.



The Hybrid Project

Chapter 1:

The Bad Beginning



It was 10 years after the Shadow Pokemon incident. Wes and Rui had gotten married, and were about to become parents.

"Congradulations," the doctor says to Wes. "Your wife just gave birth to a healthy baby girl."

"Thank you, may I see my wife now?" Wes asks. The doctor nods, and leads the former Snagger into the hospital room where Rui is laying.

"She's sleeping," Rui says.

Wes nods, and whispers to his wife. "I wonder if she'll be as beautiful as you."

Rui giggles, and kisses Wes.


Later that night, a mysterious figure slips into the nursery. It looks over the babies, and after a few minutes, leaves, taking some of them, including Wes and Rui's newborn daughter.


The next day, the hospital is in chaos, trying to figure out what became of the missing children.

Wes wakes up from his seat, and stops a passing doctor. "What's going on?"

"Sir, someone stole some babies last night," the doctor says. "Including your daughter."

Wes gasps, and enters his wife's bedroom, she's distraught.

"Wes, who would do something like this?" She asks.

"I don't know, Rui, but I'm going to find out," Wes replies, and hugs his wife.


How'd you like it? Too sappy maybe? It'll get better, I promise you.

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