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The Hybrid Project

Chapter 4:

The Child's Oath



The ship stopped outside a small town in Kanto.

"Where are we?" 005 asks.

"Palet Town," 001 says, looking at the map. "It's supposed to have a lab with a Pokemon Professor here, maybe he can help us."

They all agree, and after docking the ship, are out walking through the streets of Palet Town, getting some strange looks because they look strange.

They reach the lab of Professor Samuel Oak, and 001 knocks on the door. A boy wearing a green shirt and a red bandanna answers the door, he's taken slightly aback by the odity of the 5 teens.

"Uhh, hello," he says.

"We're looking for Professor Oak," 004 says.

"Right, just come in," he says, and leads them into a den where they take some seats, and the boy returns in a minute with an old man in a lab coat.

"Tracy said you wanted to see me?" The professor asks, he hadn't looked up from his work, and gasped, dropping his papers at the sight of the Hybrids. "Wh-what are you?"

"We're hybrids," 001 says. "Part human, part pokemon."

After a quick explination, Professor Oak sits back thinking.

"So, this Faust organization experimented on you, now you've escaped, and want to fight against them?" He confirms. "Well, I wish I could be of some help, but I'm too old for this now."

They talk for a minute, and agree finaly that they should split up for the time being, and go to the different towns to get some help in the fight, hopefully from some Gym Leaders.

They also decided to come up with names for themselves, instead of their codenames.

001 became Rina.

002 became Sammuel.

003 became Tabbitha.

004 became Skyler.

And 005 became Diane.

Rina decided to stay in Kanto, Sammuel and Tabbitha went to Johto, and Skyler and Diane went to Hoenn.

They also got a starter pokemon from the respecting professors.







Somewhere in Orre, the evil man known as Dieata is monitoring the Hybrids. He presses an intercom.

"008 and 009, report to my office imediately," he says.

After a few minutes, the two evil hybrids, a Charizard and a Scyther enter.

"What is it, master?" 009 asks.

"I have some uses for your particular talents," Deiata says, and turns to look at the two Hybrids, we finaly get a good look at him, he looks like a human version of Mewtwo, he's just floating there. "009, I want you to find the Espeon Hybrid 001, bring her back to me."

The Scyther hybrid nods, and exits. After a few minutes, 008 does so as well.


I hope you enjoyed that, but the war has only just begun, and the adventure isn't over.

Don't miss Chapter 5, "Building Resistance."