In Your Honor

By Henrika

Henrika- SPOILERS for the end of the series. Does not account for movie plotline. Has Roy/Riza, though the focus is on Roy.

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His eyes had lit up when she had told him that she was pregnant. To his credit, he didn't faint dead away, thought he did sit down very fast. A series of emotions quickly passed over his face, settling mostly on fear and joy.

At six months, they started discussing baby names. Riza had known from the second she'd found out that she was pregnant one of the names the child would have. She had immediately told him that she didn't mind, that it was a fine name. They had turned to finding a second name, wither for the child's first or middle name. "How about Beretta?" Roy had looked properly horrified. "Kidding." She had insisted, laughing at the priceless expression her husband had given at the suggestion. They scoured books of baby names, searching for that perfect name that every parent wants to give their child.

It had been in the eight month that he had hesitantly suggested a name that was oft spoken in reverence or avoided as taboo. She had been a little surprised, though she knew she shouldn't have been. She could see the fear behind his eyes as he contemplated using those two names. The ones who had borne them before had suffered great hardships and their fates had been unkind to them, despite their good natures.

The day finally came. She had crushed Roy's calloused hand in her own as she screamed, the pain nothing like anything she had ever experienced before.

And then it was over, the doctor handing her a tiny, squirming bundle. "It's a boy."

"What should we call him?" She had asked hoarsely as Roy bent to kiss her forehead.

Roy leant over, taking the child from Riza's arms. The baby looked up at him intelligently, his crying having ceased almost immediately after he had entered his parents' arms. The boy's eyes were a startling shade of dark green, something neither of his parents could figure out. "Edward Maes. Edward Maes Mustang."

Riza smiled. "Ed would be very proud. I'm sure he'll treat him like his own son." She said, reconfirming the hope that the boy was alive somewhere, and would return to them someday. "And Maes would be honored." Roy nodded, almost convinced that he had seen a hazy outline of his best friend for a moment. "It's a good strong name for the Fuhrer's son."

"Very strong." Roy agreed. Hopefully strong enough to beat their destiny. And the child smiled up at him.

Henrika- I went back and forth on the order of the name A LOT of times, but Edward Maes honestly sounded better to me. What's your opinion?