"You need to have an apprentice," Sarutobi said sitting in his chair.

"I don't need one," Orochimaru protested. He was standing up in his white robes.

"The other Sannins have had apprentices. Jiraiya and Tsunade have both selected apprentices. Look at how far Yondaime has turned out," Sarutobi reasoned.

Orochimaru curled his lip. Any mention of Jiraiya and his apprentice Yondaime made his blood boil.

"And now Yondaime has students of his own," Sarutobi said pleased.

"Besides, an apprentice shows one's legacy. Gives a man a purpose," the Third advised.

Orochimaru considered it. "I will think about it, but I don't want a team of brats. I will select one on my own time," Orochimaru said leaving.

The Third sighed. It was so hard to get him to do anything these days. As Orochimaru left the office Yondaime walked towards the office. Orochimaru frowned as he approached.

"Hello Orochimaru," the 22 year old Yondaime greeted smilingly.

Orochimaru glared at him and walked passed him.

The Stone nation was at war with the Fire nation. Many of the western towns and villages were vulnerable to attack. One such town was burning in the cold night. The houses were aflame, blades could be found everywhere some of them in people. People shouted and screamed in confusion as the Stone ninjas slashed through the town's defenders.

Orochimaru watched from below. "Is this natural, for the strong to kill the weak?" he wondered. "But the Stone warriors are cowards attacking a small village," Orochimaru concluded. He walked down towards the village.

Eight year old Anko ran through the streets, her eyes blinded by the smoke. She was crying from the images she saw. As she ran she saw a figure blocking her path. She looked quickly to her left and right. There was no escape. Anko took out a blade and charged the enemy. Orochimaru grabbed her wrist causing her to drop the blade.

"Brave child," Orochimaru commented.

"I'll kill you," she shouted mistaking him for a Stone warrior. Orochimaru let her go as two Stone warriors ran towards the scene.

Grinning they cornered the two. "We'll kill you both," one said confidently.

"You will let this child live," Orochimaru said.

"We'll kill you old man and the child too," the other clarified their intentions. Anko looked at Orochimaru fearfully.

"I see," Orochimaru said. Two snakes came through his sleeves. They raced toward the ninjas and opened their mouths. Blades extended a foot long from their mouths and went into their mouths slicing into their brain stem. They fell to the ground their blood staining the ground.

Anko stared at Orochimaru. "Go up that hill and don't look back," he instructed her. When he saw that she was gone he assessed the situation.

"You're late," Orochimaru said as the ANBU ninjas arrived.

"It couldn't be helped. Yondaime is currently leading another squad up ahead," the ANBU captain said.

"Make sure none of the ninjas escape. Bring all prisoners to me," Orochimaru commanded.

"Yes Orochimaru-sama," the ANBU captain confirmed.

The Stone ninjas were not prepared to fight an ANBU squad trained by Orochimaru. They were easily slaughtered; two of them were captured.

The next morning the civilians tried to reconstruct their homes and bury the dead. "Help bury the dead," Orochimaru ordered the ANBU. "Leave the prisoners with me," he told them.

Anko walked into the burned village lost. Her parents were dead, she knew this now. "Come," Orochimaru said.

Anko curious but fearful walked towards Orochimaru. "Have you seen these two men?" Orochimaru asked.

"Him," Anko pointed out the glaring prisoner. "Did he kill your parents?" Orochimaru asked.

Anko nodded and looked down in sadness. "From now on I will take care of you," Orochimaru said.

Anko looked up at Orochimaru thankful and in awe. Anko turned her attention to the glaring prisoner as Orochimaru stared at him. Snakes came forth from the ground and wrapped around the prisoner. They kept him from moving an inch.

"Anyone who ever hurts you again will suffer the same fate as this," Orochimaru said. The prisoner continued to struggle as the snakes hissed around him. Orochimaru made a seal and suddenly the snakes turned into razor sharp chains. Orochimaru separated his hands and instantly the chains started to cut into the prisoner until it finally sliced him to pieces in a quick motion. The chains turned to smoke as they hit the ground.

"You will become the same if you resist me," Orochimaru said. His snake eyes pierced his mind. The prisoner screamed.

The prisoner's head fell to the ground stunned. "Come," Orochimaru said. Anko reluctantly followed him taking one last look at her home.

Orochimaru walked with Anko toward Konoha. During the trip she didn't say a word. Orochimaru did not know what to do with this child. His childhood wasn't an example he could use.

"Do you need something to eat?" Orochimaru asked. Anko nodded. Orochimaru gave her a look of concern. He rose his hand summoned an apple tree in front of them. Orochimaru reached and took an apple. Anko gratefully took the apple biting into it.

When Anko was done with the apple she threw it in the bushes and gave Orochimaru a smile. He stared at the child getting rid of his own apple. As they approached the gates he was stopped by the gate. A Chuunin appeared before him.

"Oh, it's you," the Chuunin stuttered recognizing him. Orochimaru glared at him. "Open the gate," the Chuunin ordered. Orochimaru stepped into Konoha with Anko.

They were suddenly met with a market place. Anko looked around seeing the busy people selling and buying. Orochimaru finally got her attention giving her a large lollypop. Anko accepted and started to suck on it. Orochimaru approached the Hokage office with Anko right next to him.

Sarutobi was receiving positive reports on the counter attack, although casualty reports were always saddening. Orochimaru opened the doors and walked into the room. Sarutobi looked up.

"Your defense of that village is commendable," Sarutobi said.

"The same village that was burned down," Orochimaru pointed out.

"Don't be all pessimistic Orochimaru. The enemy was defeated," Sarutobi said.

"There is always someone to fight," Orochimaru reminded him.

Sarutobi sighed. "This is true. So what brings you to my office?" Sarutobi asked.

"I found an orphan in the village. I will be training her as my apprentice," Orochimaru informed him.

Sarutobi smiled. "Send her in," he said.

Orochimaru frowned and then looked behind him. Anko was gone. A Chuunin aid came into the room holding Anko by her sweatshirt.

"So this is her," Sarutobi said warmly. Anko with a lollypop in her mouth stared at the old man. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Mitarashi Anko," she told him.