Two Years Later

Kabuto stacked up on his equipment as he prepared for the mission ahead. Orochimaru watched intently as Kabuto put various blades in pockets concealed all over his uniform. The youth also took scrolls with him. He then turned to Orochimaru.

"Do you think you can kill Sasori on your own?" Orochimaru chuckled.

Kabuto smirked at that. "Should I assume that you will be watching me?"

Orochimaru said nothing. Kabuto then walked off down the tunnel towards outside. Orochimaru went back towards Anko and the child. He was still displeased by the child's slow development, and despite his secret age enhancement formulas the child was still helpless. Anko seemed to notice the child's dramatic growth, but said nothing about it. If Orochimaru wanted the child to grow there was nothing she could do to stop him.

"I'm leaving. Expect me to return in a few hours," Orochimaru told her.

"Where are you going?" Anko asked curiously.

"To visit an old friend."

A few hours later, Orochimaru walked into the hideout and visited Anko's quarters. She could immediately sense that Orochimaru's chakra had been significantly drained. "Was Sasori that much trouble?" she asked.

Orochimaru sat on the bed and rested for a moment. "Sasori is dead as I had suspected. Ninjas from the Hidden Leaf used his puppet as a disguise. I fought the Nine Tailed Demon Fox," Orochimaru explained.

"Naurto," Anko gasped.

"He has become stronger, but he cannot control his power," Orochimaru observed. "I did collect a book with the profiles of all the ANBU members though."

"How did you manage that?" Anko asked.

"A spy from Danzo gave it to me. He wants to use me to destroy Konoha, so he can become Hokage himself."

"That sounds like him," Anko said bitterly.

There was a sudden explosion that shook the hideout. Orochimaru was instantly on his feet. "They have found us!" he realized.

"What do we do?" Anko asked.

"Take the child and go. I will find you," Orochimaru ordered.

Orochimaru then left Anko, and then raced towards the disturbance. He saw the battle between Sasuke and the Hidden Leaf Ninja from a short distance, and then appeared behind Sasuke on the roof of the hideout. "Don't use that technique on them," he ordered Sasuke.

Kabuto appeared next to Orochimaru. "Why not?" Sasuke demanded.

"We need the Hidden Leaf Ninjas to kill off more Akatsuki members," Orochimaru explained.

"Pitiful reason," Sasuke scoffed.

"If it helps your revenge by even 1% it is worth it," Kabuto chimed in.

Sasuke lowered his hand and relented. Orochimaru smirked at Naruto and his team, and then they all disappeared in thick smoke.

Orochimaru caught up with Anko and settled in a new hideout on the border of the Fire Nation. The battle with the Nine Tailed Fox had taken its toll on him. His body was dying and rotting. His bones were cracking and his organs were starting to fail. His opportunity to take Sasuke for himself was now or never.

Sasuke seemed to realize this. He barged into Orochimaru's room and attacked him. Anko heard the commotion, and ran towards Orochimaru's room. When she opened the door, Orochimaru had left his body and was now a large snake. Sasuke had activated his curse seal, and was using his sword to swipe at Orochimaru. Anko gasped in horror as she saw Orochimaru's body, and then activated her curse seal.

Orochimaru's snake like face stared into Sasuke's eyes, and the two seemed to be in a trance. Anko saw her opportunity, and shot snakes around Sasuke's body. Snakes pinned his body and wrapped around his neck. Sasuke struggled to breathe, as he was still in trance. Suddenly, Sasuke broke his trance and fired electricity at Anko. The snake body of Orochimaru fell to the ground lifeless.

Anko was thrown out of the room into the hallway. Sasuke pointed his sword at Anko firing electricity at her. She convulsed in pain as the electricity caused violent muscle contractions. "You are merely Orochimaru's whore," he sneered at her.

Anko cried out in pain, and then got back to her feet. Sasuke sent more electricity into her, but a determined Anko grabed him and threw him against the wall. Sasuke increased his chidori so it fluxed around his entire body. Anko held her grip tightly, and then shot snakes from her gut into Sasuke's. The youth gasped in pain as the snakes went through his body. He looked at her with a look of horror.

"You will never have your revenge Sasuke," Anko smiled.

Sasuke saw what Anko had done. "You killed yourself."

"A simple orphan girl killed the heir of the Sharingan," she smirked sadly.

Kabuto ran up and stared in horror at them both. "You have one choice if you want to kill Itachi. You know what to do," Anko told him.

Sasuke nodded and then his head fell. Anko pulled away from Sasuke and fell to the floor. Kabuto was immediately at her side, and began healing her as quickly as he could. "What happened?" he asked.

"Orochimaru tried to take him over. He is inside Sasuke now," Anko reported.

Sasuke was on the ground with a lifeless expression. "You have massive eternal damage to your organs," Kabuto told her.

"Keep him safe for me please," Anko requested.

Kabuto nodded, and continued to heal her. Sasuke suddenly shook violent, and his eyes opened. Kabuto charged his hands in case Sasuke attacked him. Sasuke got back to his feet, and did a seal. Immediately the wounds to his body were beginning to heal. "Who are you?" Kabuto questioned.

"I am in control. I have Sasuke!" he said and then began laughing gleefully.

Anko smiled even as she was dying at Orochimaru's success. "Congratulations Orochimaru-sama," Kabuto bowed.

Anko was placed on a bed as Kabuto continued to work to save her. Orochimaru in Sasuke's body looked over her with a grim expression. "Your body will die soon. There is only one way to save you," Orochimaru said.

Kabuto stared at Orochimaru in contemplation. "What is it? I'll do anything," Anko said as she coughed up blood.

"You must transfer your soul into another body like me," Orochimaru said.

"How?" Anko wondered.

"I will teach you how to do it. Prepare for the procedure Kabuto. I am going outside to test these eyes," Orochimaru said and then walked away.

"Who to have in mind?" Kabuto asked.

"Who do you think?" Orochimaru smirked.

In the middle of the forest, Orochimaru tracked every movement. With his Sharingan eyes, he could see every little movement in the forest. He could see the birds flying, the squirrels racing, and the snakes crawling. He could then see in different colors reflecting the different chakra in the animal and planet life forms.

"How extraordinary," he said to himself.

As Orochimaru focused with his eyes he wondered if he needed the likes of Kabuto, Anko, and the child anymore. He could just abandon them all and work towards taking over Konoha by himself. With these eyes he could destroy the Akatsuki, and kill any Hidden Leaf Ninja that got in his way. Suddenly, he felt a spasm to the gut, and fell to the ground. The wound Anko had given Sasuke's body had done extensive damage.

"My body," he hissed as he fell to the ground.

Kabuto ran up to Orochimaru as he fell. "Your body needs to heal Orochimaru-sama," Kabuto warned.

"After all this time I am forced back to bed rest," Orochimaru said bitterly.

Kabuto assisted Orochimaru to his feet. "Bring her back here immediately," Orochimaru ordered.

A few days later, Kabuto arrived at the South Hideout on the coast. He looked around for any escaped criminals that might want to ambush him. He then entered the hideout and found Karin in her chambers. "Karin," Kabuto smiled.

"What do you want?" she asked rudely.

"Is that anyway to talk to a superior?" Kabuto lectured.

"I only answer to Orochimaru-sama," Karin scoffed.

"Orochimaru has ordered you to come with me," Kabuto told her.

"Let me pack my things," Karin said grudgingly.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru was at Anko's bedside. She was getting worse and was only alive due to the powerful drugs running through her system. She winced in pain constantly as large sections of her intestines were gone. Her spine was broken paralyzing her from the waist down.

"If you die I will resurrect your body," Orochimaru promised.

"What is death like?" Anko asked softly.

"Like being caught in an eternal genjutsu," Orochimaru answered.

"Where is our son?" Anko asked.

"He is still in his quarters. I am going to wipe his memory clean of us," Orochimaru told her.

"Why?" Anko asked alarmed.

"The child will become stronger if he is an orphan," Orochimari said cruelly.

Anko lifted herself up and grabbed Orochimaru. "Please…," she pleaded.

Orochimaru stared at her with Sharigan eyes and then sent her in a pleasurable dream like state. Orochimaru looked over Anko's dying body. Upon the moment of death, at the very least she would be happy.

Kabuto dragged an annoyed Karin into the hideout. "Prepare the procedure," Orochimaru ordered.

"What procedure?" Karin asked confused. "And why are you taking orders from Sasuke? Where is Orochimaru-sama?"

Orochimaru silenced her with his Sharingan sending her into a daze. Kabuto took Karin away and placed her on a lab table. The nearly dead Anko was on another table; her face held an eerie smile. "This will probably not work. Is it worth it to risk Karin like this?" Kabuto questioned.

"Do it," Orochimaru snapped without giving explanation.

Kabuto immediately went to work putting scrolls together. Orochimaru quickly conducted a seal uplifting two empty coffins from the ground. Kabuto took Karin's body and placed her in one of the coffins. He then placed Anko's body in the second coffin. He then shut the coffins closed. Orochimaru then conducted a series of complicated seals.

The coffin with Anko disappeared into the ground while the one containing Karin remained. "It is done," Orochimaru announced.

Kabuto opened the coffin lid and grabbed a hold of Karin as she nearly fell to the floor. "Did it work?" Orochimaru asked impatiently.

"Who are you?" Kabuto asked Karin.

Karin stared at Kabuto and then looked at her hands. "What is this? Why do I look like this?" Karin asked.

"Please…tell me your name," Kabuto insisted.