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"How much longer until we get to Hotel Denoument?" Klaus Baudelaire asked his big sister Violet. They as well as their baby sister Sunny had just escaped from a very grim submarine adventure and had received information on an important V.F.D. meeting at this particular hotel.

"A little while longer, I think. Just be patient, Klaus." Violet said to her brother.

"After all we have been through since the fire; it's hard to be patient." Klaus told her.

"Feema!" squealed Sunny, which most likely meant "I just want to get to the hotel and figure out this crazy mystery."

"Don't we all, Sunny." Violet told her baby sister, who she was carrying.

Sunny let out a little sigh as she rested her head against Violet's shoulder. She was just a toddler, but she had already been through so much in her young life and wanted all the mysteries she and her siblings had encountered to be solved and for everything to go right for once, including the fact that they all wanted Count Olaf to leave them and their fortune alone.

The Baudelaires continued to walk along the street towards the forest they had to pass through in order to get to Hotel Denoument. The trees towered meanly over them and the children could tell it was very dark inside the forest, which did not really comfort them at all. Taking a deep breath, they nervously took the first steps inside the forest and towards the hotel. Sunny was the most nervous of all, being the youngest of her siblings. She clung to Violet's dress and buried her face into her big sister's shoulder as they made their way along the dirt path they were on.

"I really don't want to be here either, Sunny. But we have to walk through here to get to the hotel." Violet whispered to her.

The forest kept getting scarier and scarier as the children walked deeper into it, which made them not want to be there even more. They soon became unaware of where they were going and frightened that they would not get to Hotel Denoument or even out of the forest alive.

"So, what did you say again about it taking a little while longer to get to Hotel Denoument?" Klaus asked Violet sarcastically.

"Do not even start, Klaus. This is serious that we do not know where we are anymore." Violet snapped back at her brother.

"Geesh, sorry I asked." Klaus said.

"Whatever, Klaus. Let's just focus on getting out of here and to the hotel." Violet said.

Sunny, meanwhile, had relaxed her grip on Violet's dress and was looking around a little bit to see where she and her siblings were. There was a little light showing through the tree leaves, but it did little to comfort her. And the fact that they just stumbled into an old graveyard made them even more nervous.

"Danomo!" Sunny squealed, which meant "Why is there a graveyard in the forest?"

"I don't know, Sunny. Could be an abandoned graveyard that isn't used anymore, or maybe people come here for private burials." Klaus said.

The graveyard certainly looked abandoned, as the few gravestones there and the old angel statue that was the centerpiece were old and cracked. The place looked like it hadn't been touched in ages as there was old grass growing over the plots and it didn't look like anything had been dug up in ages. However, what was incredibly strange was that two doors on the base of the angel statue were hanging a little off balance by their hinges.

"Um, why is there a door on the statue?" Klaus asked.

"Don't know, but why are there stairs there?" Violet responded, pointing to a set of stairs leading downwards that she could see beyond the broke doors.

The Baudelaires stepped forward to check out the stairs more closely. Violet set Sunny down on the ground and with Klaus' help, was able to move both of the doors away from the stairs. They could easily see the stairs led down into complete darkness with no indication of where they lead to.

"Wow, this is interesting." Violet said.

"Yeah, and we're disrespecting the dead. We better leave." Klaus told her.

"You're right, we should leave." Violet said and turned around to pick up Sunny. But to Violet and Klaus' horror, Sunny was not where she had been set down.

Becoming frantic, the two elder Baudelaires began wandering about the small graveyard calling out their baby sister's name and checking behind every gravestone and tree that they could see. They were just about to branch their search out further into the woods when they could hear Sunny squealing with happiness, but it sounded far away.

"Oh god, where is she?" Violet asked, sounding panicked.

"Haba!" Sunny squealed, which meant something like "I'm down here in the angel statue, come look at this!"

Violet and Klaus ran towards where they heard Sunny's voice coming from and much to their horror, she had indeed managed to crawl down the stairs and into the base of the angel statue without them seeing her do it.

"Sunny, get out of there! You don't know what's down there!" Klaus yelled.

"Neefa!" shriekd Sunny which meant "Just come down here and look at this."

Glancing at each other, Violet and Klaus ran down the stairs towards Sunny to grab her and bring her back out into the forest. But at the same time, all three children ran into the beginning of an amazing adventure.