"Allright, Myra. You win." Jack sighed.

Everyone gasped in shock, completely amazed that their beloved Pumpkin King would actually give up his throne to this vile woman.

"Jack Skellington! You must be kidding!" the mayor exclaimed, his face showing the sad, depressed side.

"No Mayor, I'm not. Sally deserves to live, so please take care of her." Jack said.

"That's right, bone brain. Sally deserves to live and you don't. Now kindly step forward before I release this ragdoll wife of yours." Myra sneered.

Jack slowly stepped forward towards Myra, who let go of Sally's hair and rudely shoved her up to Jack for one final goodbye. Sally wrapped her arm around her husband's thin, bony neck and planted a firm kiss on his mouth.

"I love you, never forget that." she said.

"I love you too. Always remember that when you miss me." Jack whispered to her.

"Cut the mushy stuff and get outta the way, rag girl!" Gomen demanded.

Startled, Sally moved aside to the crowd of Halloweentown citizens, sad they were about to witness the death of their beloved Pumpkin King. However, there were three particular people in the crowd not willing to let Jack just die off like that. Those three were Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire and right now, they realized they had to put their plan into action or else it would never happen.

"Sunny, when I give the signal, you know what to do." Violet whispered to her little sister as she set her down on the ground.

"Go?" Sunny asked curiously

"Yes, that's the signal but don't go until I give it to you." Violet said.

Sunny nodded as she crawled behind Myra, ready to go and bite her leg when she was ready to do so. It wasn't long before she had to make her move. Myra raised her hand over Jack, who was knelt down bowing before her.

"Now, Jack Skellington, if you don't move this will be quick and painless." Myra sneered.

"Yes, ma'am." Jack said silently.

Myra raised her hand higher above his head and a small orange ball began to form inside her palm. It grew bigger and bigger as it was revealed to be a ball of fire. She was just about to thrown it down on Jack and kill him off when Violet gave Sunny the signal.

"Sunny, go!" Violet yelled.

"What the--?" Myra exclaimed and fumbled with the fireball, which flew right over Jack's head and extinguished itself on the dirt. Meanwhile, Sunny lunged at Myra and sank her four sharp teeth into the witch's leg.

"Ouch! Gomen, get this baby brat off me!" Myra screamed.

While Gomen struggled to pull Sunny off of Myra, Klaus grabbed the head lamp from Violet, placed it on his head, and flipped the lens cap up, shining all of that stored sunlight on Myra and Gomen.

"Ahhhh! It burns! Get it off of me!" Myra shrieked in pain.

"I can't, my lady! It's too bright!" Gomen cried out, shielding his eyes at the same time.

Myra cowered on the ground, writhing in pain from the bright sunlight. Even the vampires ducked down behind the crowd to avoid the painful burn they would receive from the light. Suddenly Myra erupted into a blinding bright light, causing everyone to shield their eyes from the murderous glare and the vampires to cover themselves with their capes. Once the light died down, there was no more Myra, only a terrified Gomen standing there breathing and shaking.

"My lady, what have they done to you?" Gomen asked.

"We got rid of her, of course." Violet said.

"Now, if you want to live, it would be best if you run out of here and never, ever return to Halloweentown. Do I make myself clear?" Jack asked sternly.

"Yes, my lord." Gomen squeaked and immediately took off running through the dark forest.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny stood there breathing rapidly, not believing what just happened. They had just defeated one of the most vile witches ever, all with a simple invention and plan that they had put together themselves. They felt pretty proud as the citizens of Halloweentown gathered around to congratulate them for saving their town and more importantly, the lives of their Pumpkin King and Pumpkin Queen.

"I can't thank you enough for saving my husband and my town. We will forever be grateful to you three." Sally said as she shook the hands of the Baudelaires.

"Like I always say, there's always something." Violet said, grinning at her brother and sister.

"Gotaro!" Sunny shrieked, which meant "You sure got that right, Violet!"

Halloween Night

It was a grand Halloween celebration that night, as it always was every year in Halloweentown. But this year was extra special as Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire got to be the guests of honor at the celebration and lead Jack into the main square as he rode the undead horse created by Dr. Finklestein. The children found themselves singing along to themselves the town theme song as they waited outside the main gates for their turn to lead Jack in.

"Wow, this is some celebration." Violet whispered to Klaus.

"No kidding, this is one of the biggest Halloween celebrations I've ever been to." Klaus said.

"Big big!" Sunny squealed from Violet's arms.

Suddenly the children's attention turned to the citizens singing the part of the song about "Tender lumplings everywhere.", as that was their cue to enter the town square with Jack. Taking a deep breath, the main gates were raised and the children entered leading Jack on his undead horse.

The citizens cheered loudly when they saw the Baudelaires enter the town square with Jack right behind them. As soon as Jack was lead to the demon fountain in the center, he did what he always did every year: dive into the fountain then rise out, high above the citizens.

"Long live King Jack! Long live Queen Sally!" the citizens cheered as Jack and Sally took their places at the edge of the fountain.

"Thank you, citizens of Halloweentown. This has been a very memorable Halloween celebration." Sally announced.

"I agree, Sally. And we have our special guests to thank as well this year. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, please step forward." Jack said to the children.

The children stepped towards the fountain, where Jack and Sally had a special announcement to make for them.

"Because of these children's hard work in planning the celebration, and their genius thinking in getting rid of Myra once and for all, Sally and I would like to make them honorary Halloweentown citizens." Jack announced.

"Do you accept?" Sally asked the children.

Without hesitation, the Baudelaires said "Yes we do, your highness."

The crowd once again cheered loudly as Jack and Sally presented the Baudelaires with their presents: silver skull head necklaces that made them honorary citizens of this weird but quirky town. As the children looked over the town citizens, they felt good about the time they had spent there. It was time they would surely remember for the rest of their lives, no matter what unfortunate events they would encounter next.