-Previous on Dark Moon-

"You are finished now give up and accept your defeat" said Kaiba.

Kain got up and was running when he was hit by this stream of light slicing off his head which landed beside his swords.

Two figures stood in front of them they seemed to come out of no where.

"Yes but that is good I wanted to meet Kaiba and he is cute" said the other guy with sword on his shoulder he wore almost the same kimono but purple with green leaves on it.

The one with the purple kimono groped Kaiba's ass saying "you are cute but I wonder what the color of your blood is" he stabbed a blade into Kaiba shoulder and watched as the blood flowed "red what a beautify color"

Sailor Moon Crystal Saga Chapter 96 "Reflections of Darkness Part 2"

Co written by Anna

Kaiba felt dizzy from the suddenly loss of blood or was it something else he wavered in the arms of the mystery guy in the Kimono, he felt like his whole body was burning.

"What you feel is the slow acting poison that my dagger is coated in" said the one in the purple Kimono stabbing Kaiba again this time in the other shoulder, I am Jakotsu and this is my brother Bankotsu.

"And you are the plague and we are the remedy as we are Heretic Purge" said Bankotsu leaning on his sword.

Jakotsu pulled Kaiba into another kiss while Sailor Senna tried once again to get to Kaiba but had her effort blocked by Bankotsu who seemed to be inhumanly strong.

"Sennen golden tri force" shouted Sailor Senna but it was reflected back in her face by Bankotsu knocking her sprawling across landing in heap.

"This was fun but we were here just to take care of Kain the other will take care of the rest of his group" said Bankotsu and vanishing as he turned around with Jakotsu breaking off from the kiss following his brother sighing with regret as he vanished too.

Sailor Senna crawled slowly over to Kaiba and draped her hand over him and shouted "my Kaiba don't die on me please" tears flowing down her cheeks.

-Somewhere in the city-

Mokuba was being pulled by the girl named Lori, she nearly pulled his arm out of its socket several times while they were escaping "I hope my brother is doing ok" said Mokuba trying to keep up pace with Lori.

"I hope so too" said Lori.

"Take me back to them please I want to be by my brother side" said Mokuba stopping suddenly.

"They will kill you if you go back" said Lori stopping and looking at Mokuba with total confusion.

"I don't care Kaiba is my brother and I should be by his side" said Mokuba almost shouting this time.

Lori looked deeply into Mokuba's eyes then nodded saying "Ok I will take you to him and I will protect you" a strange symbol flashed on her head for a second.

There was something that appeared on Lori but it went away before he could see what it exactly was but it could have been so with her being a Potashi, he turned and said "Let's go to find my brother"

In Front of Blue Skyscraper-

Motoko & Suzuka Stared at each other, waiting for an attack.

"I like to ask again why do you serve him" asked Motoko raising her sword getting ready to attack.

"Because I believe he is right the Sailor Scouts are the thing of the past and we are the future guardians of the universe with Kain to lead us Druids will get the respect for once why should you care Nega Scum" said Suzuka raising her sword in the same manner as Motoko but leaping into the air, with Motoko doing the same thing, They clashed with a thunderous bang, both landed on the ground from right where they jumped from.

Motoko runs at Suzuka and they classed blade once more and then she jumped into the air and landed behind her.

Suzuka pivoted on one foot trying to take the feet from under Motoko only for her to do a cartwheel backwards to avoid, she ran after to clash blades once again.

Both of them ran up the side of a building clashing swords all the way to the roof, and stopped and stared at each as the breeze their hair aloft as they panted heavily.

Motoko ran towards flipped over Suzuka and attempted to slab in the back but she wasn't there anymore, she turned to see her across from her standing on a ledge doing a bring it on hand gesture.

Motoko ran at Suzuka and they clashed once more running across the ledge knocking off bricks as they do so and jumping to the next building as they the last one dropped off they clashed in mid air before they landed on solid ground once more.

This time it was Motoko who gestured to bring it on to Suzuka who was already running at Motoko just as she landed making the gesture short, they clashed once again.

Motoko and Suzuka jumped from building clashing every time in between each gap until the end of the block where they stopped and stared.

"I have never met anyone that can match me in skill until you and that has earned you my respect to bad I have to kill you" said Suzuka bowing respectfully.

"Yeah… Right! You kill me yes you are skilled" Motoko said sarcastically as she bowed back to Suzuka.

-In front of the ruins of the Kaiba Corp building-

It seemed like a never ending battle with the corpses of the Crimson Knights that were every time they thought they killed one it rose again even if it didn't have a head or what ever that was cut off, and the was warring on them if some didn't give all of them will be dead soon.

Suddenly ground split open and some of the Crimson Knights Fell into in, and standing at the end of the Divide was Bakura and Sailor Gaia, when the ground went back together they both ran up to Sailor Moon, "Are you guys ok you don't know how many of these things we had to fight through to get back here.

"That will not hold them for long" said Sailor Moon looking at the ground where the knights fell in as it move like something was digging its way back up.

-Somewhere in the city-

"This feels So Déjà vu" said Twilight Suzuka looking across at Motoko, and they were both panting drain from the constant battle they were waging.

"I hope your friend doesn't interfere this" said Motoko with her right hand on the bullet wound that the guy with the gun gave the last time she fought Suzuka.

"That would be Vincent you are talking about I made sure he didn't interfere either" said Suzuka.

-Some where else in the city-

Vincent woke up and for some reason he couldn't move, it took him a second to realize he was tied up but how did this happen all he remembered was having a drink of sake with Suzuka then he woke up here, that bitch had drugged me groaned inaudibly through his taped up mouth.

-Somewhere in the city-

"Good I want to finish this" said Motoko bringing her blade to eye level.

"Me too" replied Suzuka doing the same thing as Motoko.

Both there hearts beat were so loud each of them swore they heard the other pulse as they charged at each other, as their blades clashed once again, it drove the sword right out of Motoko's hands but she back flipped and caught it before Suzuka could realize it even happened, That was close thought Motoko charging once more at Suzuka.

"So not ready to give up I know you are getting weaker if you just give up and join us a warrior like you would fit in just fine I know Kain would look past you being from the Negaverse since you are so good" said Suzuka looking unemotionally at Motoko knowing this invitation was pointless it wasn't the way of the warrior to give up.

"I would never join a fanatic like Kain" shouted Motoko charging at Suzuka and clashing swords with her once more this time Suzuka was slightly moved backwards, she then flipped up a billboard, Motoko flipped up it too until they both reaching the top where Suzuka was waiting for her.

Thunder sounded as it began to rain from blood red clouds, as they stared at each other, But before she could get a bearing on top of the billboard Motoko felt something slice through her shoulder, and she fell and just managed to hold of the edge, as she clung a pain shot through her arm from the fresh wound Suzuka just gave her, she flipped up again to get another slice on her other shoulder.

What is going on thought how is she going this fast, when she wasn't as fast as this before, instead of leaping up she slid down the billboards poll, Instead of one Suzuka waiting for her, there was like 7 of them.

"Shadow clones got to love them" said all of the Suzuka in a chorus which sounded like a whole bunch of echoes.

"I should have known you are not the only one that can do that" said Motoko seemingly splitting into many copies of her self and all hell broke as they clashed in a flurry of clanging blades.

-Somewhere in Tokyo-

It was a pain so deep that I could feel it but it wasn't a physical wound but a mental one the loss of her friends, and the down hill they were fighting Tea thought to herself, abandonment has been on her mind since Mayra died killed by the sailor scout Skadi who served En Sabah Nur she also hasn't spoken to her friend which refrained from doing since it would remind her of what she has lost and what she might lose, the sadness deep inside told her that she would be alone soon and there was nothing she could ever do to stop it, alone so deeply alone, Instead of running Sailor Moon slid down and hugged her legs and began to sob as her friends stopped and tried to calm her down, even Sesshoumaru tried to help but nothing can help, and no one can talk her out of the she was in deep within herself.

"It's Dark… It's Dark… it's Dark" repeated Sailor Moon as she rocked back and forth.

-Location Unknown-

"Who the hell are these people and where are they coming from" shouted En Sabah Nur

"I don't know but they are cool" said Sailor Saturn sitting down in the chair beside En Sabah Nur.

"And they are an unknown factor because I don't know their motives" said En Sabah Nur not taking of the cauldron.

"Don't you have the millennium eye why can't you read their thoughts?" asked Sailor Saturn intuitively with a Quizzical tone.

"Something is blocking it" En Sabah Nur said with the glowing symbol of the millennium eye glowing brightly as he tried again, he raised and looked at Saturn "Get Kagura to do it go and thaw her out"

"As you wish master" said Sailor Saturn as she disappeared when she teleported out of the room.

-To be Continued-