Sailor Moon CS chapter 99 Castle Beyond the looking Glass part 3 "Sadness and Sorrow"

"I cant handle this anymore so I will remain deep in my mind it will go away, go away painful life, it will just fade away please fade away why don't you fade away" said Tea looking out at the waste land that represented her mind and her hopelessness and depression, it lay in front bleak and lifeless, in this world she was a child looking out into it.

"What's wrong little one?" said a voice coming from behind her, tea turned to face it and it was the figure who had helped her before, he was staring down at her with kind eyes.

"I don't know who you are but I feel like I should?" said Tea looking up at him nearly breaking into tears with each word like her eye were full of water waiting to burst from her blue eyes.

"Yes you knew me once upon a time, like I said you forgot me" said the figure stepping a few inches forward.

-Age of Crystal Star-(6 days till the age of Crimson Dawn)

"This was an act of open War against us Nya's death will be Avenged" Said a man in a blue Doublet, with a face that could be chiseled out of Stone. "our armies will march upon the kingdom of Venus, the ship the murderer uses had it crest, and the king of Venus hasn't replied to our Inquires"

"But we have been in peace with them for along time Demetrius, a Shaky peace but why would they do something like this King Fiore has always been a friend of your" said a woman in a silver doublet.

"He is no longer a friend, if he doesn't think its worth his time to explain anything to me about the incident" shouted King Demetrius slamming his fist into a wall "I will pant Fiore's kingdom with blood for what has happened to my daughter.

-The Next Day-

"The Mercury has declared, and the Moon Kingdom has put pressure on us to deal with it but I have abstained and we will remain Neutral in this time of upcoming war" said Supreme High Druid Chris in the counsel chambers looking at all the high Druids.

"The Kingdoms have splinter we have to do something about it, we might be targeted as a threat by both sides of this conflict" said Kain giving mocking look at Chris.

"If it comes to us getting then I would have to leave this order, because my race is one of pacifism I rather die then kill another living creature" said Supreme High Druid Chris.

"We all believe that it would be a good idea to get involved, we have to form a group of warriors to bring peace to the universe, if we have to go over your head to do so" said Kane looking Chris with a serious but mocking look now.

I will name my successor now then gather all now and I will name the new Supreme High Druid.

-5 hours later-

All the Druids even the ones that just became druids and students that were in the near future were going to become one were in the auditorium, Chris stepped before the podium and said "Welcome everyone I called you here today because I am stepping down the reason is my fellow druids have shown me that they will take this order to war with or without my consent so I am leaving this to another in my place that person will be Noa now stand and come forward," he saw the look on Kain's face and it was one of complete fury.

Noa stood and walked down with the whole seemed to burst into a applause as headed toward the podium , he had butterflies in his stomach, he reached the podium coming face to face with Chris.

"I know in this time of war that you will be a beacon of peace to all the kingdoms in its true destiny of hope" said Chris handing Noa symbol of the order, a pendant which Noa took and place it around his own neck.

"I the new Supreme High Druid Proclaim I will do the best I can to bring a quick end to this war, and now I name Morganna to the High Druids counsel she has proven to be a loyal friend, now we retire and talk about how to deal with this problem, Chris you are welcome to stay and give advice" said Supreme High Druid Noa looking from everyone to Chris.

"No I cant be any part of this I may return when this is all over and when I think I am needed the most" said High Druid Chris turning and walking out of the room.

-1 hour later-

"You have been apart of this counsel longer Morganna and I do any of you have any ideas from your years of experience" Supreme High Druid Noa looking at all the members of the counsel with Morganna at his side.

"Yes we all have talked and came to a choice in what to do about this awhile ago, that a guardianship would be formed that would be the peacekeepers of the universe comprised of our best warrior druids" said Kain with the other High Druids nodding as he talked, "This thing would bring peace to the universe, they wont take sides and try to be the voice of reason"

"In 4 days I will make my choice and announce it to the counsel, as of now you are all dismissed" said Supreme High Druid Noa heading towards the counsel meeting room.

-1 hour later-

This was now his room, he watched from the Balcony as Chris's ship took off- and disappeared into the blackness of the night sky, the founder of this order had left, us he understood his reasons but it still didn't feel right to him in some way," What should I do… what Kain said did make sense but it goes against everything this order stands for… but if I don't agree with them they will just do this behind my back…if I choose to go along at least appoint someone I can trust to lead it"

-2 hours later-

Morganna entered Noa's room quietly- she snuck up on him, and said "Boo"

Noa turned and Smiled at her saying "I am Glad you came I need advice at something that's been bothering me since I Became Supreme High Druid but I rather you answer me as a friend and not as a fellow Druid"

"Ask away and I'll be as blunt as always" said Morganna smiling back at Noa then bowing in joking Salute"

"Kain has Told me the Council wants us to get involved in the war by forming a guardianship that will put a quick end to it and has the intentions to do this with or without my consent, and getting rid of all the high druids would be dangerous some of them are aligned with Queen Raquel of the Moon Kingdom." said Noa-looking up at the night sky, watching shooting star.

"I say go for It there have been druids that have been training for battle and can be a weapon for peace you know they are trained well not to fight unless they have to defend themselves" said Morganna placing her hand on Noa's shoulder.

"I have one more day to make a choice I hope I am making the right" said Noa looking Into Morganna eyes.

"What ever your heart decides is the right choice if they don't like they can just leave" said Morganna chuckling.

Present day

Motoko stares across at Suzuka, they were both tired it was the reason neither of them had attack each other in a couple minutes.

"Why don't you just give up I know you are tired" said Suzuka letting the sun flash off her sword.

"So are you and I will never give up" said Motoko through gritted teeth.

There was a sound of a bullet shut, and they both looked up to see it was Vincent.

"I told you not to interfere this is my fight Vincent if you attack Motoko I will kill you" shouted Suzuka pointing her sword at Vincent.

"I am not here to interfere I am here to tell that my contract is over since Kain is dead" said Vincent Holstering his gun, "I just wanted to let you know before I leave" he then vanished a second later leaving nothing to show he was even there to begin with.

"I have nothing now" said Suzuka looking at her hands. "He made me who I am trained me himself if you lose someone who made you who you are does that make you lost yourself" she was now looking at the blade of her sword. "This is my final moment one way or another I will die here" she said stabbing her sword into the ground. "Please do the same like warriors this will be our final clash.

Motoko walked towards Suzuka she stabbed her sword into the ground, then she turned her back on Suzuka who did the same thing.

They both walked several Paces apart then turned to face each other, bowing in respect. Motoko and Suzuka charged at each both reaching out for their sword, there was a sudden like a gun going off they stared at each. Suzuka coughed blood and she fell backward impaled with a sword, and so did Motoko but it was in her shoulder which she pulled out.

"I will be there right away Kain I love you" Suzuka looking up at the sky she already was losing skin color from the loss of blood.

"Back when I was a child my real father went insane he killed my mother and torched the house I would have died too if it wasn't for Kain. He then raised me like I was his child." said Suzuka with blood coming out of the corners of her mouth. "I grew to love and kill in his name and I was proud of it" fresh tear rolled down her cheeks as she finished talking, and took her last breath.

Motoko places her hand on Suzuka's face, and closed her eyes "This is the twilight of a great warrior" Then she picked up the lifeless body Suzuka, and headed out to find a proper burial spot for her.

-Age of Crimson Dawn-

"I have made my choice and there will be a Guardianship that will be formed they will be known as the Crimson Knights They will be beacons of hope in the darkness of this war their leader will be Morganna and the first members will be Auron, and Vicious, more druids will be named later to the knights by their leader. Today is the dawn of crimson"

Morganna rose and everyone applauded. She bowed as she headed to the podium to stand beside Noa. "This is a great honors and privilege to lead this new Guardianship the Crimson Knights into the future and bring peace to the universe.

Kain watched not caring who lead this Crimson knights but this would be a great cover like he planned it to be a cover for Creating warriors like Serph powerful and strong. But he would make them more powerful then he previous experiments.

Everything froze once more and Ashlique, Ryoko, and Raven stood there in the middle of the room. Raven turned to face them. "This was the beginning there was a war from this point that would take a thousand before any sigh of Stopping even with Crimson Knights as a beacon of hope This war closely resembled what you earthlings called the Feudal era in Japan which was a bloody chapter in human history. Now let's fast forward to another pivotal point in time"

-24 hours later-

"This castle is your it was conjured several of the most powerful druids including me. I now dub it Castle Morganna" said Supreme High Druid Noa opening the front door. "It also only me or any Crimson knight may enter it, and a room is already ready for you"

Morganna looked up at the pristine castle of the newly Form Crimson knights her eyes glowed with pride as it seemed to glow in front of her representing a new chapter in her life one that would make her a part of history.

Present day

-Castle Morganna-

En Sabah Nur appeared in the throne room, and sat down he looked at what remained of his Crimson knight at least the ones that were still alive and not Zombies like the ones on earth. These were his elite warriors the ones any who was stupid enough to come here would have to face them before getting to him. But soon he was going to bring the princess then she would either join him or die he would rule the future one way or another. "Thank you Morganna for making this all possible"

-To Be Continued- .

5 chapters left till the conclusion to the Dark Moon Series