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Chapter 1 : The Stranger Within


The sky outside was bright and sunny, but within the wall of Azkaban it was dark, and gloomy. Lucius Malfoy lay on the bunk in his cell. The same thought had been playing over in his mind for a month now. Dumbledore was dead. By the hand of Snape!

When Narcissa had visited him, it had been to bring news that his son Draco must do it or die, but now Snape had done it instead. What would this mean? Lucius had figured out that the Dark Lord was just trying to get back at him for his failure at the ministry. Why had he let that prophecy fall? It was that damned Bellatrix's fault. His wife's sister. She was to blame, she wanted him to fail. It would mean more for her if he did! She considered herself to be the only one worthy. She considered herself to be the only one close to the Dark Lord, but she did not know what he knew. No! She did not suspect. He would stay alive and get out of this place and when he did...

Suddenly the already very little light that had managed to escape the grimy windows was gone and Lucius tried to prepare himself again. He knew better than to think better thoughts. All his fears were suddenly upon him. The day he met the Dark Lord, the night he had been forcefully accepted into his Death Eaters, the day his son was born and wondering how to keep him from his terrible fate. The Dark Lord always knew. Lucius moved to the corner of his bunk and cowardly tried to hide himself. Dementors were supposed to be on the Dark Lord's side so why did they continue to torment him so?

No Occlumency was going to help; there was no way to block out the Dark Lord. He had tried to tell Narcissa this, when she had come, but she would not listen, reasoning was beyond her. "Don't worry, Bellatrix's is teaching Draco Occlumency." It would never help, Draco was too spoiled, and to arrogant to listen, He was after all his Father's son. As the dementor passed hissing slightly he had to try and gain strength, he had to get free he had to get his wand back. The main doors leading to the cells were clanging shut somebody from the ministry no doubt. Lucius cast his eyes down upon the earth flooring.

"Hello Lucius." Lucius slowly raised his eyes.

"No, it can't be your dead, I know that you're dead!" Laughter rang through the cells causing the Dementors to hiss with anger. Lucius cast them a wary look before glancing back at his visitor.

"Are you dragging me off to the after life?"

"There is no after life at least not for you yet, my dear friend." Laughter was heard throughout the cells again, the Dementors gliding closer than ever, the feeling too immense for his weary body.

"I will help you, if you help me, you know what I want to know, and if you're a good boy, you'll tell me where and when."

"It'll be death if I were to tell you! What can you offer me, a life in hiding, thanks, but no thanks!" Lucius snarled at his unwanted visitor.

"No. Hiding is too good even for the likes of you mate, but I wonder what is it that your true friends are doing, letting you live in here like some common vermin. Tell me how is the Dark Lord these days?" Lucius turned his back.

"I have nothing to tell you. Go away!"

"Are you sure Lucius? I do know a way out of here you know, but if your not interested in seeing your wife and helping your only son, when they both need you so desperately..." Lucius face hardened. "Very well, then..." The stranger turned to leave and succeeded a few steps before Lucius's cry stopped him. His unwanted visitor was his last chance.

"Okay fine, I'll do it; I'll help you, if for no other reason but to help my son, and wife." The stranger smiled.

"Good, we wait for daybreak, enjoy your last night in Azkaban Mr. Malfoy," and with that the stranger walked out the doors and was gone. Leaving Lucius to hope he had not made a wrong choice, again.

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