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Chapter 40 : The Beginning


The hardest thing Harry had learned that year, surprising enough had not, and could not have been taught by any teacher. Harry learned that Compassion of the heart could not be taught, it is something that is and has to be earned through a bond that develops whether you want it there or not. Did he have a bond with Voldemort? No! But he would never forget him, by any means. Harry had learned that true forgiveness is something you can't feign, you couldn't pretend it. It has to be real. And Harry's forgiveness had been meaningful and heartfelt, as this was able to bring his parents to him, if only briefly. Harry had had to learn life's hardest lesson that day, and it wasn't the shortness in a life span, but rather the choice that is made in day to day activity. That makes us truly satisfied with our life in the end. Harry vowed to himself that he would never let a day go by without being thankful for the people who lived past the final battle and the people that had come to mean something in his life. If he saw them everyday, or if he saw them every now and then Harry was grateful for them. He would and could never forget the events that had happened that day. He was even more grateful for everyone who had died in the cause of freeing the world of Voldemort's evil.

A monument of shiny onyx had been erected out of memory and engraved was each and everyone's names that had died. The list was short, but to Harry if one name had been on it, it would have still been too long. The monument had been designed by Fleur, Bella, and Mrs. Weasley. McGonagall added a touch. The monument was half a heart that showed the hearts that had been broken by their deaths, and around the line was the names, right in the middle McGonagall had added her touch, a branch of Gubraithian fire. It would burn for eternity and then some. Always in memory of those that had lost their lives.

Though friends parted and went their own ways, as did Harry. He would always think of them, the roles that each one had been able to play. By giving to a cause they truly believed in. Him, they hadn't a second thought as to if he could defeat him, or what if he didn't? No, they had stuck by when the enemy stood on the front line, right in there faces. They had shown no fear, as he and his friends had faced it, and conquered it. Harry's fear, had been the constant little voice wondering what the bloody hell he was thinking? Why was he even trying to defeat a grown wizard that had surely been more talented and wise than he? But Harry had learned that Tom had not been wise, his one contradiction had ruined him, failed him worse than his mother. In the end his mother hadn't truly failed him like his mind had thought. Only tried and protect him from a mistake she might had for longed, she might have seen it coming. Harry wasn't sure, he knew that all his questions that still burned in his mind, would ever truly be answered. He knew that Tom Riddle aka Voldemort would never truly be understood. As any man could never be learned, according to Ginny.

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione had formed something special that day. Stronger than their bond or friendship, stronger than family. They were connected by their hearts, they loved and cared for each other deeply. Though on different levels according to Ron at which Harry had been eager to agree too. Hermione was his sister, Ron his brother and best mate, Ginny... his woman, his friend, his lover, his confidant, his serenity, his peace, a paradise away from any hurt that he still felt... and so much more he didn't know the words to yet. He had been slightly shocked that he meant the same for her, when he would hold her as she would cry over Percy. Voldemort had only made there love stronger, more pure, more respected and gratifying. There bond would never end, there hands hadn't let go when they were destroying Voldemort, and they sure the bloody hell wouldn't let go now!

So, six months later found them with Harry standing in the kitchen at the Burrow next to Ron. They were saying there goodbyes. They were going to University Auror Division and Harry was smiling, happy now. His nightmares were almost gone, and his scar hadn't hurt since the night of the battle. The Weasley's had suffered losses that night. Percy had died, and only just after saying he was sorry. Harry had to say though that it was his apology that made it easier on the whole family to give Percy a good last farewell and hold him in high regards once again. They had still celebrated his birthday, by taking flowers to his grave and eating his favorite meal for dinner. Mrs. Weasley had read a poem at his funeral that she once again resided over his grave. Harry knew she would do this every year until her death. He hugged Mrs. Weasley, as she enclosed him tightly.

"Do take care Harry dear. I heard it can be a bit rough. If ever you need anything don't hesitate to give us a shout, okay?" she patted his cheek as she released him. Harry smiled.

"Of course Mrs. Weasley. Who else would I turn to?" she smiled and gave him another quick hug. He turned to Fred and George, whose scar had still left a white line above his eyebrow.

"Take care mate" said Fred, Harry shook his hand and nodded.

"Yeah if you ... err... ever need any supplies don't think, just owl" said George. Harry grinned wider and agreed. They went to go say goodbye to Ron

"Harry" Hermione threw herself into his arms and Harry laughed.

"Hermione! I'll be back in twelve weeks for Christmas" he said.

"Yes I know, but it's just a bit weird isn't?" she said for the millionth time that year alone. Harry nodded.

"Yeah, but we're still friends and we'll still owl you" said Harry. Hermione smiled and quickly wiped away the tear drops on her face.

"Hey Harry. You've got a tough job a head of you" said Charlie coming to stand in front of him.

"When haven't I anyway?" said Harry. Charlie laughed out. "But then again I heard you've got a tough job a head of you what with tomorrow" said Harry lowering his voice so only Charlie could hear. Charlie cheeks turned pink.

"Yeah, well it's been a while now, I thought it was about high time to ask her. You know?" said Charlie. Harry's eyes found the girl with a long mane of red hair watching him carefully.

"Yeah I do" Charlie laughed and slapped his shoulder.

"Easy Harry don't want to arrive there with tears in your eyes. They'll never let you live it down" Harry laughed and shook Charlie's hand as he too walked over to Ron.

"Harry Potter" said Mr. Weasley holding out his hand. Harry shook it.

"Mr. Weasley, thank you for letting me stay here" said Harry.

"No problem Harry, no problem. You'll be home for Christmas still wont you?" Mr. Weasley asked. Harry smiled. Home. Yeah the Burrow would always be considered home to him too.

"Of course, think I would have one very angry red head to deal with if I didn't" said Harry giving a small laugh.

"To right you would" said Mr. Weasley. Harry shook his hand once more.

"Harry". Harry turned to see Bill near by and walked over to him.

"Congratulations heard the good news this morning" said Harry. Bill smiled and flushed.

"Yeah, heard it myself last week. Still amazing isn't it? Me a father. ME!" said Bill and Harry laughed. "Listen mate, as I told you before, there hard there, so don't take anything personal okay? There not giving you a hard time because your the boy-who-lived-again, okay"

"Yeah, but Bill you utter those words again and I'm going to hex you" said Harry laughing. Bill rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Good luck Harry" said Fleur coming to join him and Bill. Fleur swept kisses on his cheeks and Harry smiled.

"I could say the same to you" said Harry as he saw Fleur beam and a glow came from her face. Harry turned to Bill shook his hand and nodded at Fleur before he turned to Ginny still standing across the room. Harry smiled and walked over to her.

"I heard from a crazy elf that you have promised them after my last year that you would hire them" Ginny said conversationally as Harry placed his hands on her hips drawling her to him.

"Yeah, I figured that we could use some help, four years from now" said Harry remarking with a light comment of his own. Ginny's eyes changed though and he saw her loss already in them. "Miss me?" he whispered.

"Already am" she whispered back.

"At least we can still talk" said Harry as he reminded her of the communicator worms that still were rooted in there ears. Ginny smiled as tears filled her eyes. "Oh Ginny, not a day will go by that I won't think of you and how your love makes me feel" said Harry hugging her tightly to him. Ginny gave a silent sob.

"I know, I'm being thick, but Harry I'm still going to miss seeing your face, waking up beside you when we slept together and hearing your laugh and-" began Ginny as the tears stained her cheeks.

"Ginny, my wildfire. I will always be here with you. I will only be physically gone for twelve weeks, then it's Christmas break. Next year though we'll both be attending University" said Harry reminding her that next year they would once again be see each other every day. Ginny smiled and Harry wiped the tears from her cheek.

"If you need me-" said Ginny.

"I'll holler out for you" Harry vowed. He hugged her tightly and pulled his head back to claim her lips with his. Ginny stiffed a moan as he swept his tongue across her bottom lip and when she opened her mouth to him, Harry savored everything he could. Her taste, her smell, her feeling that she gave him. Harry played and danced with her tongue against his, before slowing the passionate kiss to a gentle one again. He breezed a crossed her lips once more before pulling back. Ginny's eyes remained closed as the tip of her tongue came out to taste his kiss. Harry smiled before kissing her again.

"Okay you two, you're going to be late. The brochure said to arrive at precisely eleven" said Mrs. Weasley sternly. Harry pulled his lips away from Ginny's and hugged her tightly once more. Turning and finding Ron and Hermione extracting themselves from a similar position. He walked outside the Burrow with Ron and they both looked back at the family that had filed out to watch them apparate to the University.

' I'm needing you already, my wildfire ' said Harry as he stood still looking across the way to Ginny whose hair was bellowing in the air that swept around them. Magnus wrapped around her waist. He had said that he wasn't for sure if they would allow Magnus there and didn't want to test his instructor's patients too soon, anyway.

' Soon, Harry I love you '

' I love you too my Ginny ' said Harry.

"Well ready mate?" asked Ron. Harry nodded. The two men waved to the Weasley's once more and with their luggage securely shrunk and in their pockets they waved once more and with cheers being sent their way, they disapparated into thin air.

Landing on a stone floor, Harry looked around, University was a castle that much resembled Hogwarts only smaller. Ron nudged his arm and Harry laughed as he looked around at his fellow classmates. A bloke with wacky hair that looked like he had gotten struck by lightening was standing near. A girl with blond hair and brown eyes was looking unimpressed at the castle. Another wizard whom instantly reminded him of Percy was looking stern and posed as if ready to salute at the command. Harry and Ron exchanged amused glances.

"LINE UP" shouted a voice behind them Harry jumped at the sudden noise level, but quickly fell in place on a white line that had appeared on the floor. His eyes found the bloke that had screamed. He was a tall black man. He held a silver ring in his ear and his hair was shaved against his scull. His biceps were toned and cut and even through his tight blue shirt he wore, Harry knew he would not want to wrestle this bloke any day. "You think you've got what it takes to be an Aura? Well, I'm here to prove you wrong. If you survive me, then you'll be recognized as one of the best. Because I only train the best. DO YOU HEAR ME?"

"YES SIR" shouted Harry with Ron and the remaining students.

"Being rich or being a celebrity won't help you" Harry groaned mentally, he hoped that this bloke wasn't about to pull him into this conversation. "Mummy and Daddy aren't here to make your bed. We have house elf's, but they will only make your dinner. You will do your own wash, you will make your own bed. And if you freeze at night, it will be because you forgot to light the damned fire" The wizard with the lightening struck hair snickered and the teacher was up on him worse than a bad habit.



"Then I will show you to your rooms. Lunch is served at thirteen hundred hours. You will be in attendance or you will not eat, understand?"

"Yes sir" they muttered.

"I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!" the teacher shouted.


Harry would never forget his years at University. Nor would Ginny. Instructor Lamnot kept him on his feet, and exhausted. Harry had assumed that breaks would be about having fun, but he was wrong. They were for catching up on sleep and rest. He was exhausted. Both he and Ron worked hard. Harry was the top of the class and Ron was the third. Ginny had joined the next year and was the second in her class, but by her final year she was first. Harry was proud of her. Surviving that place had been hard and tough, but he had to admire his skills he'd learned. He even had to admire the effect it had on Ginny. Her physical form was sure to put him in an awkward position if she wore anything too revealing.

Before Harry knew it, they were working for the ministry and as fully qualified Auras. Harry was head of his team that included Ginny, Ron and two others. Harry was happy for once in his life. No trouble happened that his team couldn't solve within a week. That is until he answered the door mid day on Tuesday and found Charlie Weasley standing on his doorstep, looking distraught and upset. Harry knew just by that look that this was going to be hell.

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