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Childhood's End

They call me an "old soul." Me and my brother. I hate that name. It makes me feel like the old man I've never let myself ecome. I'm not real big on the idea of getting old. All the responsibility. All the pressure. All the pills. I'm not good with that stuff. My luck, I'd forget my pills and die anyway.

So what's the point?

You want me to "get serious?" To "grow up?" Don't you think I'd like that option? I feel a little like Peter Pan, you know? (Not surprising, since I helped Thom muse J. M. Barrie). But that's what I feel like. The boy who never grew up. Who lived in Neverland with the faeries.

Just one difference. Peter got to choose that life. That choice was made for me. Oh, well. At least I've got the Beebos. They're kind of like faeries...

Only not...

You wonder why I kill myself, don't you? Suicide seems like such a serious choice for someone like me. Most people figure it's just'cause I don't want to get old. They miss the point.

I made that choice, because it's one I can make, and no one can take it from me. I can play it off as another stupid, irresponsible thing that I do and no one sees the truth.

That I choose to die, because I can choose to die. Choose to end my life before I hit adulthood.

I am Childhood's End, because only in choosing to die can I make a very adult decision...

Heh... yeah... that's me, fighting the system 'til the end.

Author's Note: If you've never heard of "Shutterbox," it's an excellent manga that I stillstrongly suggest you read! Great characters. I adore the twins Adrien (AJ) and Damien (Dane)... This fic is set fromA.J.'spoint of view after book 3. Thanks so much for reading. Please review!