5 Days

By: Liz

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Day 1:

Ryoma had always considered himself a tolerant person-meaning that if it didn't affect his tennis, then he could live with just about anything. That outlook had gotten him through fifteen years of life just fine.

Apparently, according to some god, that was more than long enough.

It had started at his high school entrance ceremony. To be honest, he had expected his senpais to embarrass him in some way.

Just...not in such an odd way.

He could deal with Eiji's hanging on him, Momo's punch, and even Inui's juice. And, if he were to be truly honest with himself, he had ever-sort of-missed Oishi's mothering tendencies. But Fuji...

"Fuji-senpai," Ryoma said, a touch of disbelief in his voice. "Just what do you think you are doing?"

"Giving you flowers, of course." Fuji looked down at the large bouquet in his hands, which he promptly passed over to Ryoma. "I'm sorry, Echizen-kun, don't you like roses? I can get you something else, if that's what you prefer."

"I...no. Why the flowers at all?" Ryoma rubbed his forehead, feeling a migraine approaching. Maybe it wasn't too late to switch schools...

"For congratulations, of course! I gave Momoshiro-kun and Kaidoh-kun flowers last year, so why not you?"

For a second, Ryoma relaxed a little. If this was just some strange Fuji-thing, he could just file it away and move on with life. However, the relief vanished when Momoshiro opened his mouth.

"But Fuji-senpai, you didn't give us flowers. You gave us each a cactus." Momoshiro paused, remembering. "That's nothing compared to those roses."

Fuji smiled. "Yes, but Echizen-kun once told me that he didn't like cacti, so I had to...improvise." Reaching over, he plucked a stray piece of baby's breath out of Ryoma's hair.

Ryoma ducked away from Fuji's hand, fighting the urge to blush, and looked at the roses in his arms again. "I think I'd have preferred the cactus," he muttered, glaring at the innocent blossoms. Oh, well. At least it was only this one time...even if he was going to have to deal with his father's reaction once he got the roses home. He could handle it.

It was a shame that Ryoma missed the smile Fuji favored him with as he walked away.