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There He Was

There he was.

He was the Rebel highest on the Empire's most-wanted list. He was the leader of Rogue Squadron, a good pilot, and a traitor to the Empire. He'd blown up the first Death Star, with help from the smuggler Han Solo.

He was Luke Skywalker.

There he was.

I knew why he was there. Solo had managed to get himself captured by Jabba the Hutt, and was now one of Hutt's wall ornaments. Leia Organa had failed miserably at an attempt at a rescue, and now?

There he was.

It was inevitable, of course. He was extremely predictable, coming here to Jabba's place. Skywalker's ignorance made my job all the more easier.

Honestly, how much was a smuggler like Solo worth, anyway? Was he really worth bargaining with a Hutt?

I didn't think so. I doubt if many beings out there did. And yet, still...

There he was.

He was right in front of me, but he didn't even notice. He was intent on bargaining with Jabba for Solo's freedom.

Ignorance of the target, in my area of expertise, is bliss.

There he was.

I could have killed him, then and there, right in front of Jabba, Organa, and everyone else. My assignment was just that--to kill Luke Skywalker. "You will kill Luke Skywalker!" the Emperor had ordered, halfway across the galaxy. Now, here I was.

And there he was.

You're mine, Skywalker, I thought to myself. I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling, as always.

Then, he turned around, looking right at me. Our eyes met--my jade green eyes and his stone blue ones. I had a clear shot. All that I had to do was draw my blaster and take the shot.

For some reason, I couldn't do it.

There he was.

Still alive.

There he still is. Out there. Alive. I failed, for once.

I won't fail a second time.

Hear me now, Skywalker. There you were.

You won't be much longer.

There he was.