Yay and it's here! The sequal to Bakura's Anger! It hasn't even been that long since I finished it huh? Oh well. Anyways, as you'll notice this story is much...lighter that Bakura's Anger and there won't be much angst...at least not for Bakura, this is his happy revenge fic! Then again I could decide to be evil... For those of you who don't already know what it means, then you'll find out what the WHPC is in later chapters. To those who do, just wait, you'll see...

The "WHPC"

Chapter 1: Stupid Friends

Ryou has stupid friends, Bakura though over an over again. Stupid, stupid, stupid! He had a feeling his light could hear him as he wasn't trying to be quiet, but why should that bother him? He did not agree to this!

Stupid, friends. Bakura repeated the though over and over again until it seemed to gain a rhythm. Almost like a song. It was kind of catchy, he thought. Stupid, friends…st…stupid friends.

(Bakura! Alright, alright, I get it! Now, if you promise to stop doing that, then I promise not to tell everyone that you made up a song and were actually singing it.)

((Deal.)) Ooh, Ryou was good. Like he wanted the stupid Pharaoh to hear that. Of course, the Pharaoh hadn't gotten on his nerves nearly as much since that incident shortly after the 'stupid pointless holiday with a tree' as Bakura had begun to call it.

Back to the point of Ryou's friends being stupid. Why was Bakura so annoyed about the stupid friends? Well, that was because they were coming over to hang out for a while the next day. Ryou said that they might even sleep over.

And did Bakura want the idiots over his house? He certainly did not! Well, okay, so Marik and Malik would be there, which would make things more interesting. Ooh, that reminded him!

"Hey Ryou, who exactly is coming?" he asked innocently as he came out of his soul-room. He needed to find out if they were going to plan anything.

"I don't know why you want to know," Ryou started and as Bakura opened his mouth said quickly, "And I probably don't want to. Well, Yugi and Yami are coming of course…"

"Of course," Bakura said in an exact imitation of Ryou's voice. Stupid, baka Pharaoh.

"Cut it out! Anyways, Joey, Tristan, and Tea are coming over…"

"What, are you having a discussion on the finer points of being a good friend?" Bakura scoffed. Ever since he'd stopped trying to kill the Pharaoh, Tea had taken that as reason to become his teacher on how to be a good friend.

"Bakura, leave her alone. Um…Marik and Malik," Ryou said as Bakura let out a sigh of relief.

"I almost thought they weren't coming. Then again, how could you have party without them?"

"Um…I think Mokuba is going to convince Kaiba to come too. Um…I think that's it…" Ryou trailed off. "It's not really a party. Well, it kind of is. But c'mon Bakura, it won't be that bad."

"That's what you say…"

On the inside Bakura smirked. That was perfect. Now they could have a meeting of the WHPC. What was the WHPC? Well, that's not the point! Mind your own business! Why? Because it's a secret club! I mean…I didn't say that, it's nothing!

Early the next morning, around eight o' clock, there was a knock on the door. "The only people who would come over this early must be crazy!" Bakura exclaimed. He'd only just woken up a few minutes earlier. Right now he was laying on the couch trying to fall back asleep. It wasn't his fault the demon thing (alarm clock) had woken him up.

"Go get the door Bakura," Ryou said with an amused tone to his voice.

"Only crazy people actually are up early enough to come over someone's house at eight. Hey, I bet it's the Pharaoh!" Bakura exclaimed. The Pharaoh was crazy.

He opened the door to reveal two far too hyper for eight o' clock Egyptians. Bakura slammed the door in their faces before sitting back down on the couch.

"Bakura!" Ryou yelled at him.

"What! It's Marik and Malik, they'll be back!" Bakura shouted. What was wrong with those two? Well, he had said the person would have to crazy…

"Hey, Bakura, what's the big idea!" Malik shouted at him, running in.

"It's not like we'd actually said or done anything yet," Marik told him, closing the door.

"Is eight in the morning, you maniacs," Bakura told them grumpily. "Go away."

"Wow, Bakura called us maniacs…" Malik mumbled.

"Yeah, I feel insulted," Marik added.

"Mr. Crazy Tomb Robber himself called us maniacs. Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it Marik?"

"Certainly does, Malik," Marik answered only to get a couch pillow thrown at him. He was so surprised it knocked him to the floor.

"Idiots," Bakura scoffed. "Oh, and I found out that Kaiba's coming…" he whispered.

"Meeting?" Malik asked eagerly.


"So, on a scale of one-to-ten, how crazy would you say we are, Bakura?" Marik asked, pushing the pillow off of him. He was now sitting on the floor, comfortably, with the pillow in his lap.

"You're a seven, Malik is an eight," Bakura said matter-of-factly. It wasn't that hard to figure out.

"Bakura probably gave himself a ten," Malik laughed. He sat down on a chair as Bakura had lain down completely on the couch and wouldn't let him near it. "What about Kaiba?"

"In between seven and eight."

"Kaiba's not that crazy," Marik said. "I mean, I'd probably give him like a five or something."

"Have you ever been in his mansion? I think anyone who has nearly every room of a house that big themed after the same creature can't be all that sane," Bakura answered with a smirk. One time when he'd been there with Ryou, he'd taken a look around. There was so much blue and so many blue-eyes white dragons it had started to make Bakura wonder.

"Point taken. Well, aside from the whole blue-eyes thing."

"Have you seen him work? The only thing that makes him less crazy than Malik is the fact that he's not insane enough to admit to it," Bakura told them.

"Alright, since you're so good at rating people's insanity levels, what did you give yourself?" Malik asked.

"A nine and a half."

(AN: Er...well, how do you like the story so far. I've written two more chapters already, but I don't think they're that good. I honestly don't think this one will be as good as Bakura's Anger so any comments or suggestions would be very welcome. I'm hoping it will get better in later chapters once I start getting into it...