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Chapter 1: Arguement

It had been about three weeks since Rose had transferred to a new school. Trixie and Spud had alread practically forgotten about her, but Jake; he was another story. Try as he might, forgetting Rose was just impossible! He had tried everything. He had even had Fu Dog whip up a mind erasing potion. But not even THAT had worked! Now since Jake couldn't forget about Rose, he was miserable. He was in fact, so miserable that he couldn't focus on his schoolwork and was failing a few classes!

Trixie, Spud and Jake were out skateboarding after school now. Jake hung his head and not paying attention to where he was going, he rode his skateboard right into a tree!

Trixie jumped off her skateboard and helped him up.

"Yo Jakey! Waz up, dog? You so distracted these days, you can't even avoid skateboardin' into stuff!"

Jake sighed.

"Sorry Trixie...I just can't stop thinking about Rose..."

Trixie moaned.

"You ain't forgotten her yet! Jakey, it's been three weeks since Rose left! I say, it's time to forget that homegirl and start lookin' for another girl!"

Jake stared at her in disbelief.

"ANOTHER girl? Trixie I love Rose! I always will no matter what!"

"Yeah, well. I think it's time to forget about her! I know that you still love her! But bot, it's clear that she don't love you! Otherwise she wouldn't have transferred away from you!"

Those last two sentences struck Jake like a ton of bricks. He looked at Trixie, crushed.

"You know thats not true." he said in a trembling voice.

"Jakey, I'm sorry. But I think we both know that it's veeery true!" Trizie said her voice above a whisper.

"Whatever, I'll see you later." Jake said. And with that, he turned and skateboarded away.