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Chapter 12: Everything Is Settled

Rose giggled. Jake certainly hadn't changed in the past three weeks!

"It's ok that you're excited, Jake. I am too. It's like you said. I can return to my school, my friends and -she lowered her voice- and I can return to you."

Jake nodded, his eyes still on the fork laying on the table.

It was quiet until they heard a loud rumble outside, followed by the pitter patter of rain falling.

"Uh...I told you it was going to rain." Rose said, trying to keep a conversation going between them.

"Yeah, you did." Jake said, finally looking up. He smiled. "Well, now that that's all cleared up, you want me to go order us some pizza?" He paused. Then before Rose could say a word, he said, "Actually I insist on buying you some! I'll be right back!"

Jake got up from the table and went over to the counter to order.

Rose smiled and let out a happy sigh. She was glad that they'd worked everything out. Now she could go back to the place she really belonged. Then she had a sudden thought. Were she and Jake going to get back together now that they'd settled everything between them?

Jake came back with their pizza and two plates then. He gave her a plate and slis into his seat.

"Ok, I'm back with our pizza. Dig in!"

He and Rose each took a slice of pizza. Rose bit into hers, hungrily but Jake just stared out the window, a thoughtful look on his face. Rose looked up, concerned.

"Is something wrong Jake?"

Jake turned away from the window to face her.

"What? No. Everything's worked out! What uh...could be wrong?" he stammered.

"I don't know. You just seem a little -Rose tilted her head to the side- well, a little disturbed. Are you sure nothing's wrong?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Jake replied.

Rose turned away, looking hurt and the room grew quiet. Then after a long pause, he looked at her again. "Um...Rose? I'm just wondering..." He paused.

Rose turned to look at him again. "Yes Jake?"

"Now that this is all behind us, are we...going to get back together?"

Rose smiled. This was what was bothering him?

"Of course, silly!" she laughed.

Jake smiled. "Are we going to start over?"

Rose grinned. "Why don't we just pick up where we left off the day we had our first date?"

She leaned in and her lips met Jake's. After a few minutes, they broke the kiss and just stared at each other, smiling. Everything had been settled and now Jake and Rose had finally completed their first date.