Changing Fate


The Silver Feathered Raven

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Warning: Rated for blood/gore, sexual remarks, language, and possibly several other things that appear as this story progresses.

Author's Note: Hello, and welcome to Changing Fate. This is not my first attempt at this fandom, though this is the first full length story that I have posted. For reference, this story takes place directly after the 'Kami-sama' arc in the manga, though there are very few spoilers, and those that are there are very mild.

I hope that you enjoy this. I'll try to keep the characters in character, though there will be some places where they will be stretched a little to fit the story. If you see them jumping too far out of character, however, please tell me and I will try to fix it. If you see spelling/grammar errors, feel free to point them out as well.

And now, please enjoy.

Round 1: Bloodied Bandages

Most people,upon seeing four men covered almost completely in blood, would run. Most people would panic, not know what to do. The owner of a small inn that was located in a village in the lower part of China simply shook his head and opened the door, helping the most injured of them inside. The rest followed.

"Looks like your 'god' had a field day," he commented, unlocking one of the rooms, still supporting the priest.

The dark haired man who followed gave him a weak smile. "Yes, well, he got off a bit worse." He stumbled inside, holding onto the shoulders of a tall redhead, though it wasn't certain who was supporting whom; both were covered in blood, their faces white. As soon as they had passed the threshold into the room they collapsed onto the floor.

"Get the hell off me, Hakkai." The redhead pushed Hakkai to the side, spitting out a mouthful of blood. "Crap, this is pretty bad, isn't it."

"I'll bring you some bandages then, shall I?" said the barkeeper, helping the blond priest into a chair and then turning and exiting the room.

"Yes, it is pretty bad, Gojyo. I'm surprised that the innkeeper didn't run from us in fear when he saw us. In our state, I'm afraid that we would scare away most people." Hakkai removed the cracked monocle from his eyes, wiping away a smear of blood from his cheek. There was adeep slash in the skin that was still bleeding freely.

"Tch, he's already seen us like this before," said the priest, slumped in the chair, holding his side, blood running between his fingers. "And where the hell are those bandages?"

Gojyo looked over at the blond, sneering as best he could, though it turned out as more of a grimace. "Is the great Sanzo admitting a defeat?"

"How is that admitting defeat, kappa? Use your brain before you open that mouth of yours," snarled Sanzo. It looked as though he wanted to hit the redhead with something but he simply stayed where he was, his hand clamped over his side.

The fourth member of the group was sitting on the edge of the bed, rolling up his pant leg, exposing a long, jagged cut. "Th' bandages would be real nice about now," he said, wincing as he picked out a piece of rock that was half imbedded in his leg.

Hakkai moved slightly from where he was laying, sitting up and reaching out with a hand. "I could heal that, Goku—"

Using one foot, Gojyo pushed the man back to the ground. "Don't even think about it, Hakkai. You should know by know what happens when you heal when you're injured," he growled. The door creaked open, causing him to turn and look. "Ah, good. Bandages."

"What's this about me admitting defeat?" demanded the priest, who then let out a strangled groan as he shifted his weight, stretching the wound in his side.

The barkeeper had re-entered the room, holding an armful of gauze strips, medical tape, and bottles of peroxide and alcohol. "Here's what I have with me. I'll call doctor, have him come and patch you up."

"Thank you," said Hakkai, pushing Gojyo's leg aside and taking some of the supplies. "It is very kind of you to help us out like this."

"Don't think anything of it," responded the barkeeper as he left the room again.

Hakkai sighed and sat down on the bed next to Goku. "Here, I've got to make sure that there's nothing left in that wound, all right, Goku?"

Goku nodded, holding back his pant leg as Hakkai examined the slash. The healer poured alcohol over his hands, sterilizing them, then set about removing bits and pieces of shattered rock and splintered wood. The eighteen year old flinched every once in a while as particularly large pieces would be removed.

"Ow! Watch it, Hakkai!"

"Sorry about that." Hakkai smiled and continued his work.

To the side, Sanzo had removed his shirt and was pressing a wad of cloth over the cut in his side, the crimson liquid seeping through it even as he tried to staunch the flow. His body was covered in similar cuts—though none were as deep or a serious—as well as numerous scrapes and bruises.

"Damned doctor," he growled, his face white. "How long does it take to get over here?"

"Long enough for you to die first," said Gojyo with another attempted smirk. "Hey, Hakkai! Toss me one of those things of alcohol."

Hakkai handed the kappa one of the bottles. "It's not for drinking, Gojyo."

Gojyo rolled his eyes, opening the bottle and saturating a cloth, using it to clean a deep gash in his arm. "I know that, Hakkai. You don't need to remind me. Damn, that stings."

Hakkai gave a low chuckle, then opened a bottle of his own. "Goku, this is going to hurt a bit…"

"I'm not scared of—ow! Hakkai!"

"I did just warn you, if you care to recall." The man had poured a liberal amount of the liquid over Goku's leg, disinfecting the cut. Now he bound it with a length of cloth. "There you go. Now, Sanzo, I better—"

"I'm fine," snarled the priest, though it was obvious that he was not from the sight of his blood covered body, as well as the fact that the bandage on his side was now soaked completely. "Take care of yourself. You're not much better off than the rest of us."

"Yeah, Hakkai. You probably should get th' wound on your head fixed."

Hakkai reached up, touching a spot near his temple and wincing. "I suppose you are right."

When the doctor finally arrived he found that he had his hands full, dealing with four men with more injuries than he cared to count.

Sanzo grit his teeth into the cloth in his mouth, eyes closed tightly. Despite the fact that the doctor had used something to numb his side, getting his skin sewn back together was painful. At least the bleeding would stop, he reasoned in his mind, one hand gripping the edge of the chair until his knuckles turned white. If he knew that this wasn't necessary then he would have shot the man long ago.

Of course, shooting him would have some other consequences, such as the loss of someone to fix up their wounds. Hakkai wouldn't be able to do anything for some time now, so unfortunately they needed the damned doctor.

He winced slightly as the man slid the needle through his side, pulling the thread tight. At least Kami-sama was gone. The oddly child-like imitation Sanzo was dead, most likely buried under the rubble that had once made up his castle. The thought that they would never have to return to that castle to face that man again made getting his side sewn up worth while.

"I'm hungry!"

Sanzo took a deep breath, willing himself not to yell at the monkey. The only thing that kept him from whacking the boy over the head with his harisan was the procedure that he was currently undergoing. He opened his eyes a crack.

"Shut it, monkey," he growled, his voice muffled from the wad of material in his mouth to keep him from biting his tongue. His grip on the side of the chair tightened as the doctor pulled the thread tight again.

Hakkai, who was already bandaged and fixed up, gave one of his amused smiles. "Oh, come now, Sanzo. We just finished a very strenuous ordeal. He has a right to be hungry. In fact, if I can remember correctly, we all admitted to being quite hungry earlier."

Sanzo glared at the green-eyed man but decided not to speak on that topic any longer. "Feh." Once again, no one quite understood what he said as the cloth in his mouth obstructed the word.

"Oh, is the almighty Sanzo out of insults?"

There was a clicking sound as Sanzo pulled out his gun and aimed it at the head of the offending kappa. With his free hand he pulled the cloth from his mouth.

"What was that you were saying?"

"Please, sir," said the doctor, one hand on Sanzo's shoulder to hold him still, "do not move. I doubt you want these stitches redone." He deftly tied off the end of the thread, cutting it, then sterilizing the needle with alcohol. "I would advise you to be very careful not to reopen these wounds. So no quick movements. Or fighting," he added, giving them all a dark look.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure that they do nothing of the sort," assured Hakkai. Sanzo gave a sigh of annoyance and lit a cigarette, leaning back in his chair. His side still hurt like hell, but smoking would probably take his mind off it.

His back hurt as well, though that wasn't surprising, seeing as how Kami-sama's castle had practically collapsed on top of them. The stone and debris from it had hit them, though they were spared the worst of it. He preferred not to think about what the doctor had dug out of his flesh. Couldn't be any worse than what Hakkai had taken out of Goku's leg, could it?

"Hungry, hungry, hungry!"

"Hey, Hakkai," called out the kappa from the far side of the room. "Did the bar-keep say if he was gonna send up some food?"

"I do hope that he will. I would prefer not to starve."

Which reminded Sanzo that he, too, was very hungry. "Will someone tell him to bring some up?"

Gojyo gave a lopsided grin, which he actually accomplished this time, a white smoke rising from the cigarette that he held in his hand. "What, too lazy, Sanzo-chan?"

He aimed his gun at the redheaded water demon. "Would you like a hole in your head?"

The doctor, who was still in the room, edged towards the door. "I'll tell him to send something up." Then, with steps that were too fast for someone walking casually, he left the room.

"You scared him off, Sanzo!"

"Shut it, monkey."

Goku flopped down on the bed, then sat back up instantly. "Ow! Stupid back." He reached and touched the bandages. "Stupid," he repeated. The boy looked very miserable, being hungry as well as being prevented from doing any of his normal twitches by a mass of bandages and the promise of pain if he moved the wrong way.

"Don't worry, Goku. I'm sure that we shall have food soon," said Hakkai, far to brightly for someone who had just been attacked by toys made of souls, peppered with small beads had been particularly painful, been nearly shot by Sanzo, and had a castle collapse on him. "Unless the doctor decided that withholding food from us would be an ample punishment for pulling a gun in his presence." He looked pointedly at the blond monk, who was currently smoking away, ignoring what he was saying.

"He wouldn't do that! Would he?" Goku asked in a state of shock. He turned to Sanzo, his eyes wide. "Sanzo! What if they don't—"

"Silence. I'd like not to have to listen to your incessant chattering for one moment." He paused, glancing at the forlorn looking monkey. "Goku, use your brain. A doctor would not prevent his patients from eating. It would interfere with their recovery. And Hakkai, stop misleading the monkey."

Hakkai inclined his head. "I'm sorry."

Gojyo sat up, exhaling a cloud of smoke. "You don't have anything to be sorry for, Hakkai. Besides, I could tell that it was a joke. Unlike some humorless monk."

"It wasn't funny! What if they really didn't bring us any food?"

Gojyo rolled his eyes. "So the monk and the monkey didn't get it. Sucks for them."

There was silence for a moment, Sanzo trying to ignore the comments of the red haired kappa. Then:


"Neh. What?" He looked up, thoroughly annoyed.

Goku fidgeted slightly where he sat. "Umm, who was he? I mean—"

Sanzo sighed. "You've asked that before. I don't know, and I couldn't care less. He's dead. Stop wasting your thoughts on him."

"But Sanzo—"

"I said silence."

Gojyo threw a wad of medical tape at the priest. "Oy, Sanzo. You said you knew that other Sanzo. Kami-sama's sensei."

"Yes. Knew being the key word. I have no idea where he would be now." A vein throbbed dangerously in Sanzo's forehead as he brushed the tape off of him. It was a very good thing that he was across the room from Gojyo and the kappa knew it.

"Not what I was going to say. That Kami-sama guy didn't have a sutra. So, then, if this umoboshi guy—"

"Umoboshi?" Goku perked up at the mention of food. If the monkey had been closer to him, Sanzo would have whacked him over the head with his harisen.

"Ukoku," he said irritably. "He only had one sutra. If he's still alive and still has the muten sutra then that is one more sutra that the enemy doesn't have. We know they have at least one. The other—"

"Buried in the desert, so they wouldn't have that one," put in Goku, trying to say something useful.

"Idiot. If they needed that sutra then they would have dug it up. I'd bet that they have it by now." Sanzo leaned back in his chair, mindful of the injuries on his back, and closed his eyes. "I still have the maten sutra. That means that there is one unaccounted for."

"Of course," added Hakkai, "as long as we keep yours out of their hands they won't have it."

"That is fairly obvious, Hakkai."

"I meant—"

"We know, Hakkai," said Gojyo, looking at the door. "You know, I wonder if the doctor really did forget to tell the bar-keep about the food."

"No! I need my food!"

They watched as the monkey got up and began to limp to the door.

"Where are you going, Goku?" asked Hakkai, though he had an idea what was on the boy's mind.

"I'm gonna go down there and get some food!" he announced, one hand reaching out to open the door. As he touched it, the door swung open, catching him off balance. He stumbled, grabbing the side of the door to keep himself upright.

"Careful there, Goku," called out Hakkai, who walked over and opened the door fully. The barkeeper stood there, holding a tray of food. "Thank you very much for this. I will take it now."

The barkeeper nodded, handing the tray to the green eyed man. "Hope that works for you. If you need anything else, just call down the hall. Someone will hear you." He turned, leaving as quickly as he had come, closing the door firmly behind him.

"Yay! Food!"

Hakkai shook his head slightly, an amused smile playing on his lips. He set the tray down on a table and pulled up a chair. "We have food."

Sanzo looked up. "Good. Goku, don't eat all of it."

"But I'm so hung—"

This time, the monkey was close enough to Sanzo and ended up being hit over the head with the paper fan.


Sanzo pulled his chair closer to the table, sighing heavily as he sat down. "Well?" he said, looking up at the others. "Are you going to eat?"

That was all that Goku needed; in fact, before Sanzo had spoken he had already grabbed up a bowl of rice, shoveling it into his mouth. Gojyo had hauled himself over to the table and was eating in a similar—if not as messy—fashion. The others ate more sedately, rather than consuming as much food as they could in a very short amount of time.

Within a verysmall amount of time, the food was gone. It had not been all that much to begin with and, according to Goku, it had been nowhere near enough. This announcement had been greeted by Sanzo's fan to the back of his head, though that had not stopped the argument that began between Gojyo and the monkey.

The meal had ended very badly, with a dispute between the same two, fighting over one piece of food or another. To all of this Hakkai simply smiled, acknowledging that things were back to normal. Sanzo merely wished that they would all shut up—he did say this several times, accompanied with several shots from his gun for effect—as his head was hurting terribly.

Eventually they quieted down. After quite a few threats from the priest, that is. And eventually they decided who would sleep on the beds, Hakkai calling down to the barkeeper that they either needed another room or two pallets.

With everything settled for that day, they slept. Kami-sama was gone and for a time they could simply rest.

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