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December 10th,1995

Buffy enjoyed New York. She loved Barney's and Saks, actually she adored them. It was a trip her school had planned. Even if she wasn't coming back the next semester, it seemed worth it. Especially since her father footed the bill.

Tyler held her hand and they walked down fifth, glancing in the stores, stopping in Versace and Prada, she even bought a cheap coin-purse. That night, they wandered into a little delicatessen in a shadier part of the city. Buffy sat down as Tyler played with the menu, peeking over it for comedy. She laughed and popped a quarter into the table jukebox and played a corny song. They giggled and she kissed him, she wasn't happy about it, it made her feel unsatisfied.

They ordered their food and munched on cheesecake. They ran out and started to kiss in a neighboring alleyway. She was on the wall. From behind Tyler, she saw a dirty homeless man in rags. He was pale. Her eyes followed him down the length of the alley as he walked. She couldn't stop thinking about him, she saw him look back and she turned her eyes once again to Tyler and then broke the kiss.

Sunnydale, early 1996

Turning the corner, she knew, she knew someone was following her. She heard his soft footsteps and the swishes of his jacket. It was a quiet alley by a busy club, no one inside would hear her scream if she confronted him. So she kept walking, acting if nothing was the matter. Acting like the teeny bopper she pretended to be. Finally, the tension broke and she turned pinning her follower to a nearby wall.

"Woh, sweetheart." He said with a soft smile.

"You've been following me for thirty minutes straight. Tell me what your problem is or I'll give you one." She replied coolly.

"I was sent to give you a message."

"Oh, thanks, a telegram?" She rolled her eyes. "I know what you are and I'm not interested in what you're selling."

"Are you sure? It's a welcome gift. Really nifty." He produced a beautiful silver cross.

She snatched it and dropped him from her grasp "I saw you in New York, this from Tiffany's?"

"No, a quality relics dealer on Erickson street here in Sunnydale."

"So, buddy, why are you following me?"

"Buffy, it is Buffy, right? You're the slayer, the chosen one, you need to get used to it. Vampire stalkers come with the territory."

"How did you know my name?" Her mouth opened softly, the shine was wearing off.

"A little birdy told me." He started to walk away.

She shouted after him "What's yours?"

"Angel, just Angel." After he said this, he seemed to disappear.