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Chapter one: A normal day

It was a normal day. Or at least that's how it started out for Draco. He went to potions and prepared his torments for Potter and the other dumb Gryffindors. Today he was going to be in his top form. This was going to be the best because he had the best comeback ever. He was going to tell everyone Potter's dirty little secret. This was the best junk he had gotten on anyone yet.

He sat in his seat and snared looking at Potter and his filthy little mudblood friend Granger. "Hey Potter!" He called out. "Haven't you told her your little secret, Potter? Or are you too scared of losing you filthy little mudblood girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend Malfoy. And I don't HAVE any 'dirty little secrets'"

"Oh but I think you do Potter." I whisper so only he can hear. "I bet you'd love them to hear about your relationship with Blair."

"What the, bloody hell…" mutters Potter. How the hell did you ever find out? Did Blair tell you!" He says raising his voice. "Well did she?" He shouts.

"Potter that will be 10 points from Gryffindor." Says Snape walking in and pointedly ignoring the Slytherins talking loudly.

Draco just sneered at Harry and then said triumphantly. "Meet me after class and maybe we can avoid spilling the beans…"

Snape started discussing the potion for the day. Draco quietly made his potion and gleefully awaited his meeting with Potter to discuss what had to be done to keep a secret a secret.

Unfortunately that was when the accident happened. As Neville was walking to Snape's desk to hand in his poorly made potion he tripped and fell, loosing his grip on the potion. And the vial landed directly on Draco and he flopped to the floor senseless.

AN: Blair is a Slytherin. Very Popular, long dark hair, green eyes, pale skin… you get the picture. Also very sneaky sometimes. Hermione and Ron don't like her.