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"Ok! Hey Daddy Mommy! Can we go play with grandpa Dumbledore?"
Oh dear Merlin no…. Oh DAMN IT ALL! Now Snape was really gonna kill him

Chapter 4: Serious Topics

Harry was trying to think of a way out of this dilemma when he sees Snape approaching rapidly. So he reacts without thinking.
"PROFESSOR SNAPE!" He shouts. Which causes quite a large commotion

Blair and 'Kaito' look at him strangely. Why the hell would Harry of all people be calling for Snape?
Severus notices the child standing beside Harry and groans. It appears that Draco's secret is out.

"Potter! What did I tell you earlier?"
"Not to let anyone know but-"
"Sir? What is going on here?" Says Blair.
"You are all coming to my office immediately Miss Serpens, Mister Potter."
"Yes Professor." Said Harry quickly. Then he feels a tug on his hand.
Harryis surprised for a moment before responding "What is it Kaito?"
"Who is he Daddy?"
"Oh!" Harry exclaims remembering that the child wouldn't know. "This is your Godfather Severus Snape. He's teaches mommy and daddy how to make potions."
"You can call him Uncle Severus ok?"
"Yep daddy!" Says Kaito smiling proudly up at his daddy, "Uncle Sevus!" he says smiling up at the man in the billowing black robes. This even makes the dour professor's hear melt and he smiles down at the child.

Neither Harry nor Blair realized the shock the Severus felt when Harry said he was this little Draco's Godfather. He understood that uncle for 'Chris' would make the cross-dressing teen trust him. But to realize that Harry might trust him put him into a severe shock.

Soon they reached Snape's office. He indicated for them to sit down and they did. Blair took 'Kaito' onto her lap because the child was tired from the walk. As Snape began to explain none of them noticed the little boy falling asleep in his 'mother's' arms.

"Simply put Miss Serpens. The Potion that fell onto Mr. Malfoy split his personality into several 'alters'. As of yet I do not know the exact reason for the specific persona's he has displayed but they have probably resulted from past traumas."
He waited for a moment so the teens could take in this information.
"There is also another possibility. These alters could have already been in place and this potion simple weakened the host enough that they have begun to come out."

"I think I can see that sir." Said Blaise quietly. "I know his father was abusive, but Draco never seemed to know of his own abuse. He has almost no childhood memories and none whatsoever of growing up. His memories start at the age of 11 when he prepared to come here. He has had occasional blackouts before, that's he told me of, but never like this."

At that moment Draco began to grow back. Severus immediately took charge.

You two leave now. We will discuss more tomorrow! NOW GO."
As they hurried out of the classroom they heard Draco's panicked voice.
"Professor what's happening? What's going on?"


Ok I know this is a bit more serious then before, other things I have read since I last wrote have influenced this. It is still going to be kind of fast going through some of his personalities until the last two because most of them are because of silly prissy idiotic thing and nothing important. So it shouldn't change that much!