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Chapter One

"Everyone's worried about you, Harry," Remus said softly as he came into Sirius's old room. Harry's fifth year was over, and Harry had closed himself off from everyone.

"Why? I'm fine," Harry replied dismissively.

"You're not," Remus replied, sitting down on Harry's bed.

"You don't understand," Harry said, tears blurring his vision. "You don't understand the last thing I told Sirius before he went missing. And then killed."

"I know you two were in an argument," Remus said.

"I told him that I hated him," Harry choked out, feeling the lump in his throat get bigger. Harry looked up at Remus desperately. "But I don't. And now, he'll never know that." Remus didn't know anything to say to Harry to make him feel better. That would have been Sirius's expertise.


"Can you leave me be, please?" Harry asked, interrupting Remus. "I just want to be alone right now."

"Yeah," Remus said, getting up. "Of course." He gave Harry another glance before shutting the door on his way out. Harry looked out the window. It was sunny and bright. It made him disgusted, it should be grey, dull and storming. Because that's exactly what Harry felt like.

He wouldn't have the chance to tell Sirius that he loved him. Harry didn't even know why he had said that in the first place, because Harry didn't hate Sirius. He could never hate Sirius.

Harry got up from the bed, opening the door and walking into the kitchen. "I'm going out," Harry said to Remus as he slipped on some shoes and slammed the door shut before Remus could say anything.

Harry shuffled his feet as he walked down the road, looking at the playground that stood in front of him. Just looking at that playground reminded him of Matt, and when they had first met. And almost immediately became friends.

After Sirius had fell through the veil, it seemed his whole life crumbled in front of him. Matt was gone, Sirius was gone and Harry was left with no one. Except for Remus, but Harry wasn't sure that Remus would be able to adopt him because of his condition.

Harry's thoughts were so jumbled they seemed to blend together until they became one. He didn't know what to think, or how to act. The only thing thought that really stood out and wasn't mixed with the others, was the fact that Sirius and Matt were gone. He set his foot into the sand of the playground, but quickly pulled back. He wouldn't set foot in that playground, it brought back too many memories. Good and fun memories.

Harry bypassed the playground, going anywhere that his feet would take him. It didn't matter where, just that he was gone. Away from everything that was in his past. He kept his eyes on the ground, suddenly interested in the pavement that he walked across. The only time he looked up was to look where he was, or where he was going.

Everywhere was packed with people, cars and shops. People crowded around a café, eager to get some coffee in the late afternoon. The streets were filled with cars, and the sidewalks with pedestrians.

So far during his summer break, he hadn't visited or talked to Isabella, her husband or baby. He didn't even know if Isabella knew about Sirius's death, but she was the last person he wanted to talk to.

"Sorry," Harry muttered as he banged into someone's shoulder.

"Er—excuse me," a male's voice said. Harry looked up, turning pale. He couldn't move, or blink, or talk. He could only stare at the man he banged into. "Could you tell me where I am?"

"Uh, s-sorry?" Harry stuttered, trying to stop staring. It wasn't as easy as he thought.

"I don't know where I am," the man said, looking troubled.

"What-what's your name?" Harry asked, feeling his heart speed up. He looked so much like—

"I don't know," the man replied. "I have no clue…"


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