"Special Victims Unit" Detective Munch answered the phone. "I'm sorry you'll have to speak louder. St. Mark's hospital…female vic…age 17….what was that name?" His expression turned from indifferent distantness to deep concern. "Someone will be over there shortly." He hung up.

"Hey, hold up," he called to Olivia and Elliot.

"What for? We were just heading out of here."
"Gotta talk to everyone in Cragen's office. Fin, you too."

The four of them filed into Captain Cragen's office. Munch closed the door behind them.

"What's this all about?" the captain asked rather gruffly. While most of them shrugged, John answered.

"I just got a call from St. Mark's… 17 yr old female rape victim."

"Okay….so who's catching? Get over there and get a statement." Cragen replied, annoyed.

"It's Gina Huang."

The room went cold. Each of the members of the unit had a connection to this victim. Cragen had been taken to AA meetings by her when things had gotten especially rough. She'd babysat Elliot's kids, and been a friend to Olivia when she needed to unwind and just have fun. Back when Fin was in narcotics, she had been an informant for him, saving him from a drug-lord's vengeance by refusing to give up his name while he was undercover. She'd even befriended Munch, often engaging in conspiracy banters and comparisons of theories…she was one of the few people under the age of 21 that John didn't find annoying. The odd thing was that though she knew much about all of them, they didn't know much about her personally.

"We're pretty slow here, right?" Cragen asked…everybody nodded in agreement. "We'll all go over."