"There were five guys, that part you knew. What you didn't know was that all five of them were former sex offenders, each one of you collared. They all met up in rickers, all hated that they got caught, all hate each of you, so they basically set up a vendetta against the unit. They knew they couldn't get to you individually, so they decided to hit you as a group, and besides that, they aren't big enough to actually take you out on their own." Gina paused, letting Munch take in what she was saying.

"How did they know to go through you?" he asked.

"With Odafin, it was easy. He'd busted one of the guys on possession before his sex charge. The guy was a runner in the case I helped Odafin on, and when it went to trial, he squealed to get off more easily and was able to make the connection between him and me. The others took some research on their part. Olivia and I are friends…a way for her to unwind… they saw us together a couple times, apparently, at a restaurant one of the guys was a busboy. Don and I went to a few get togethers that another of the guys went to also. Elliot…. well he as kids that I've watched…one of those creeps watched when I was watching, which is the main reason I don't want Elliot working on this case…at least not closely."

Munch was quiet. "That's only four."

"You're smart….so was the fifth guy. Did a lot of planning, always trying to figure out how to get to you. Remember that guy you spent 4 hours with in interrogation because he actually gave you some intellectual competition?"
"I wouldn't say competition…more like somebody to chew up, spit out, and laugh at because they even tried." Munch answered wryly.

Gina smiled, shaking her head. "Anyway, they all got out about a year ago… planned a lot. Problem with that guy was that he got too smart for his own good, started bragging, making me know how all this happened."

"And how they knew you would be the way to get to us?"

"Seeing me work with Odafin… knew I wouldn't rat them out, but it would be just enough to get under your skin… make you squirm. I thought it was all talk at first, the whole bit about coming after each of you, but then they brought out surveillance photos of Elliot's kids, each of your addresses, and the box load of .45s, complete with laser aim and silencers. I know… it's all an occupational hazard, but I couldn't chance it… couldn't be responsible for possibly getting hurt or worse… I can't completely protect you, but at least I know you're a little safer…and the kids are safe."

"Any connection between them and Hua…er…your dad?"

"No, that's just a perk for them, I guess."

After a bit of silence, Munch got up to sit next to Gina. He put his arm around her shoulders. Gina eventually leaned in toward him, letting him fully hug her. There was a silent understanding between the two. He was scared for her, she was scared for everyone, wanting to protect them, but needed to be protected herself. Neither one of them would admit their need. They only sat together, holding each other, trying to make the other believe it was going to be alright.