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Kyo had refused any contact with the cow since that incident in the elevator, he would have avoided Yuki more if he could but the redheaded cat did live with that evil sex fiend of a rat. It had been absolutely mortifying to have lost his virginity to his two male cousins but Hatori's ... 'talk' afterwards had just pushed it over the edge.

It did not help that Shigure could not stop laughing whenever Kyo and Yuki were in the same room together, Tohru was worried it might cause the writer to be ill as the day of the Incident had Shigure laughing for hours until he could not move and then once he had reclaimed his strength the dog had called Yuki's brother. Kyo got a small amount of sadistic gratification over that one, but not enough to sooth his aching ego and definitely not enough to sooth his aching bum. So he had set out to make sure that he would not meet up with the baka ushi or kuso nezumi without at least one other person in the room and most certainly never to be in the same room with both at once.

Unfortunately some of the people Kyo spent the time with to 'protect himself' did not take it as their duty to actually protect him. Because apparently Shigure had not felt that Yuki knocking him out and slinging him over a shoulder warranted any alarm. (At least Kyo hoped it was over the shoulder if Yuki had carried him bridal style... he would never live it down) Hence the dog must die. Which would have to wait until he got out of the handcuffs and killed Haru and Yuki.

Growling at the two standing over him he opened his mouth to shout at them but was beaten to the punch. "You've been avoiding us." Yuki stated.

"Way to go Captain Obvious." Kyo muttered and earned himself one of Yuki's special 'baka cat' glares. While those glares usually made the redhead feel like ripping Yuki's arms off and beating him with them this glare made something in the pit of his stomach flutter. Crap, he remembered that feeling...

"Well while you were trying to keep your tattered shreds of dignity intact Haru and I talked and we decided..."

"We like you undignified." Haru followed this statement by crushing Kyo's lips underneath his. Kyo gasped at the sudden assault. At the end of the bed Yuki rolled his eyes and waited patiently until the kiss was broken for air.

"I though we agreed we weren't going to jump him unless we got his consent?" Yuki drawled before he joined Haru and busied the young man's lips by kissing them himself. Kyo lost his breath again as he watched his cousins. His consent? That meant that if anything went forward it was going to be by his decision if they went forward or if they stopped completely. Did he want them to stop? Of course he did! Even if it was hot and sexy and such but they were his cousins! He wasn't supposed to think about them that way! Not to mention they were men!

"So, yes or no?" Yuki asked Kyo as he pulled away from Haru's lips and the cat growled. He'd tell that blasted rat just what he thought of him.

"Please." Was what came out of his mouth and if it had been anatomically possible Kyo would have stared at his own mouth in shock. What the hell! Kyo cleared his throat then before the two hungry looking teens would launch at him. "Matte! I want a proper wooing!" This brought his two cousins up short, the ox's eyes appearing more and more confused.

"A... proper wooing?" Kyo nodded that should manage to keep Yuki and Haru off his back until he could get a handle on this. Except the devious look on Yuki's face told him that it might have been a bad idea.

"A wooing huh?" Yuki commented his smirk beginning to grow. This would be the perfect way to cement their relationship. Kyo would have kept fighting their affections but if they could manage to seduce him in successfully... "A wooing sounds just fine."

Kyo gulped, he had a feeling he was in for some trouble.