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"Excuse me Mr. Soma. May I have a moment alone with my son?" Nodding, Mr. Soma quietly left the office.

Turning to her son, Shiori tried once again to reason with him. "Shuuichi, it doesn't have to be like this."

Kurama didn't meet her gaze. "Yes, Mother, it does."

Sighing she tried a different approach. "You know I always meant for you to have the house for your wife and children. Don't look at me like that. I know that's not going to be. That doesn't mean you couldn't live there with…"


Undaunted Shiori continued. "Shuuichi, he's been your boyfriend for almost a year now. Don't you think it's time…"

"Mother, I've told you, he's not my boyfriend. We're just lovers. Convenient SEX, that's all we are to each other." Kurama emphasized the word 'sex' trying to get her to let it go.

It didn't work. "You can't lie to me Shu-Chan. I've seen the way you look at Hiei. You're in love with him and I think he loves you too."

At first his eyes widened in shock, then he turned away and hung his head sadly. "I never told you it was Hiei, Mother. You may be right about my feelings but you couldn't be more wrong about his. Hiei barely admits we're friends. He's never allowed anyone to know that we're lovers. The fact that you figured it out only makes me believe more than ever that this is the way things have to be."

Kurama rose from his chair and opened the door. "Mr. Soma, my mother is ready to sign the papers now."

When Mr. Soma came in Kurama didn't retake his seat. "Mother, I've read through all the papers, everything is in order. All you have to do is sign. I'll see you later at home."

With that Kurama walked out leaving his mother behind.


Three days later Kurama woke to find his lover dressing and preparing to leave. Sitting up, he allowed the sheet to slip down his bare chest to pool in his lap. "Hiei, wait. I was hoping we could talk."

Hiei didn't turn around, he just continued dressing. "Not now Fox, I have to go."

Kurama moved to the edge of the bed, holding out a hand to his lover. "I really need to talk to you about something Hiei."

Hiei just picked up his sword. "Kurama, I told you, I don't have time right now. I shouldn't have even stayed last night."

Dropping his hand, Kurama nodded. "Hiei, there's something very important that I need to talk to you about. I've invited everyone over for pizza Friday night. I'd like you to be here too, though I really need to talk to you before the others get here."

Hiei reached out to open the window. Turning to look at the redhead on the bed he sighed. "I'll try, that's the best I can do Fox."

Rising naked from the bed, Kurama approached Hiei. "Then I guess I'll see you when I see you. Goodbye Hiei."

Hiei was surprised when Kurama leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss before turning to go into the bathroom. He could tell Kurama was upset about something and considered staying until he heard the shower running. With a last look at the closed door Hiei flitted out the window.


Kurama opened the door for his guests. "Come on in everyone. Your timing is perfect, the pizza just got here."

Busy greeting Yusuke, Keiko, Kuwabara, Yukina, Koenma and Boton, Kurama didn't feel Hiei enter his bedroom upstairs. Nor did he see the fire demon, his ki masked, watching them from the landing on the stairs.

Yusuke played bartender and passed out sodas and beer. "Hey this is great Kurama, thanks for inviting us."

Kuwabara was opening pizza boxes. "Kurama, where's your mom? She always comes out to say hi."

Kurama had just been standing there watching his friends. "My mother is… out of town."

Yukina was looking around the living room. "Kurama, why is it so bare in here? Aren't there usually pictures on the shelves?"

Keiko too had noticed things weren't where they belonged. "Yeah Kurama, where's your mom's crystal collection?"

Kurama drew a deep breath. "Everything is packed in boxes in the other room. My mother's company transferred her and we're moving. She went on ahead to find us a house. The movers are coming tomorrow and then I'll be joining her."

Everyone was quiet, the pizza was forgotten. Keiko and Boton looked ready to cry. Yusuke stood and walked to Kurama's side. His mouth opened and closed several times before he spoke. "Then this is really a goodbye party isn't it? You bastard, how could you spring it on us like this?"

Kurama looked from Yusuke to the rest of his friends. "I'm sorry, I didn't know how to tell you."

Yukina suddenly gasped. "Kurama, where's Hiei? Have you told him yet?"

Kurama couldn't meet Hiei's sister's eyes. He tried to keep the bitterness out of his voice as he answered her. "No, Yukina I haven't told him. I tried but he didn't have time for me. I invited him here tonight but he obviously had more important things to do than be here for me."

On the landing Hiei's eyes were wide with shock. He didn't hear anything else as he slipped back up to Kurama's room. Looking around he wondered how he hadn't noticed the absence of Kurama's books and pictures. Even the bed was bare accept for a lone blanket and pillow.

He didn't know how long he just stood there when he heard a plunk on the floor. Looking down he saw a dark orb on the carpet. Picking it up he looked at the gem before placing it in the center of the pillow. "Goodbye Kurama."

Without looking back Hiei flitted out into the night.


Several hours later Kurama went up to his room. His friends had gotten over the shock of his leaving. They had all had a great time though it was many hugs and kisses later before they finally left.

Walking to the window Kurama looked sadly out into the night. Quietly he whispered to the darkness. "I'm sorry you didn't make it Hiei. I would have liked to see you one last time."

Not even bothering to undress Kurama sat on the bed. As he moved to lay down he noticed something on the pillow. Picking up the gem, he stared at it in disbelief realizing Hiei had made it after all. Holding Hiei's tear gem close to his heart, silent tears of his own slipped from his eyes.

"Goodbye my love."