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The little bodies wriggled, pushing against each other as they squirmed blindly, finding the warm body of their mother and snuggling close.

Their eyes still sealed shut, their skin furless, they wormed their way towards her stomach and began to feed, milk dripping down their chins.

Mother was warm. Mother was safe. Mother kept them fed and protected and happy. Sister and brothers scrambled over each other and wrestled every day. After a time, their eyes opened fully, and they began perceiving the world around them in a new light.

The world was huge. Blades of grass, green and smooth, towered above their heads. Rocks to scramble on top of, batting at a brother's face, but Mother just stepped over them. They could dig, like Mother, but not so deep. The ground was solid, and their paws were small and still weak. Vibrations from larger animals walking were easy to avoid. Easy to scamper away and hide and wait, and when they were gone, to play again.

Life was learning. About worms, that come from the ground and wiggled strangely towards a puddle. About birds, that were so high they disappeared into the sky, but sometimes came down, came to the puddle, bit the worm and flew again. About sister's fur, sprouting suddenly and in tufts. Purple and fluffy, it soon began appearing on all their bodies. Itchy and unusual, but warmer, so they no longer needed to sleep in Mother's lap.

And as they explored the world, they grew. Completely covered in fur, white on their faces and paws, purple everywhere else. Half the size of Mother, and much more rambunctious than they had been. Pinkish red eyes and long whiskers observed the world, but hardly stopped to pay attention. Now was the time to play.