A Very Sweet Man

A Neon Genesis Evangelion fic.

Disclaimer: Gainax. Hideaki Anno. The deal.

Author's Note: This is the Sign That Says Personal Interpretation. Do not ignore the Sign. If you have a thing for preaching Gendo's bastardness, walk away from the Sign. It does not like you.

They play a game; he lurks under her window all night, she listens to him pacing in the street. She throws a shoe at him. He keeps the shoe. She never comes round to ask for it. He buys her a new pair and puts them on her doorstep. She trips over them half asleep in the morning and the next time he shows up she throws the other shoe. She never finds out here he keeps them.

He follows her around the corridors in the university whistling an obnoxious song. She tries to ignore him, chat loudly with a friend, hum, and buy earplugs. By the forth day, she's whistling along and people look at them in the corridors like she doesn't know what. She apologizes profusely for him. "Don't mind Rokubungi, he's not quite out of his tree," she says and continues on to the next verse.

He is mortally offended that she questioned his sanity and disappears for almost two weeks. She's angry at him, because she's so depressed that she's missing lessons.

He brings her a somewhat sad bundle of roses that look badly in need of care to make up for it. He's allergic to roses, and her caretaking instincts are utterly overwhelmed. She offers him her handkerchief, and never finds out where he keeps that, either. He hates looking quite so miserable, and in public on top of it all, so she has to take him home.

He falls asleep on her couch without asking her permission and snores the night away. She lies in bed and feels lonely because the walls muffle the sound.

He steals her dissertation notes. She threatens him with a painful death. He gives her back her dissertation notes. She thinks she doesn't need to wonder why he would take her dissertation notes, but the next time she's at his place she steals a pillow cover. It smells of him too.

He says he wants to make love to her. She says maybe when his bed doesn't look like a horse camped out in it. He lays her down on the floor.

He is an impossible, misanthropic, stubborn, obsessive bastard. His fingers go places she barely dares to imagine; only feels.

He annoys her, frustrates her, scares her, infuriates her, all in his own special way.

"He really is a very sweet man," she tells her friends. It's the sort of thing they need to hear.

He overhears that and he laughs.

"Stop that," she says. "You're crazy, Rokubungi Gendo. You're batshit insane. I love you."

"Keep saying that," he says. "I love you, Ikari Yui."

And that is all; that is simply all there is.