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Title: Black Wings.

Rating: T, mainly for swearing.

Pairings: HPxDM, RWxHG, OCTH, OCKS maybe others.

Warnings: slash/yaoi whichever you prefer. OCs, a bite of character OC too. Bad spelling and grammar, for this chapter anyway till someone wants to be my beta! It's an AU and may have some HBP spoilers.

Chapter 1: Birthday Surprises!

Outside, the night was still; no sound encroached on the silence of Privet Drive. The inky sky was sprinkled with stars while the street lamps glowed orange and cast long shadows.

Upstairs, in a lonely, run-down room, a boy sat, staring out the dirty window at the sickly-looking full moon. That in itself was odd since this was not the day for full moon. The boy, or more a teen, was Harry Potter. He was rather short at only 5'2, had messy jet black hair, brilliant emerald green eyes, and creamy skin. Harry was also skinny, way too skinny for a boy his age. But, he hid it well by wearing baggy clothes that were several sizes too big and had once belonged to his cousin, Dudley.

Harry was sitting up for one reason only. In three minutes time he would be sixteen years old. He cast a look at his alarm clock, which also once belonged to Dudley. It was now 11:58, two minutes…

He looked over at the empty bird cage that usually held his snowy owl, Hedwig. It was clean, but also empty. He sighed and felt a hot shiver run down his spine. He brushed it off as the clock turned to 11:59.

Just as he started to relax, his back flared with white hot pain and his whole body began to go numb. A bead of sweat fell from his brow and his shoulders itched. It was the strangest sensation he'd ever felt and then his eyes watered as a pain like being stabbed with a knife seared across his shoulder blades.

Harry sank to his knees on the floor, biting his lips to stop himslef from crying out. He soon tasted the tang of blood and spat it out as more blood dribbled down his chin. By the time the clock had turned to 12:00, Harry was in so much pain that his vision went blurry and he slumped forward.

As his vision faded to black, he wondered whether a Death Eater had attacked him. But, as the thought flittered through his mind, the pain stopped, his vision returned, and the stabbing, burning pain receded. Too weak to move properly, he fell the rest of the way to the floor and rolled over on his back.

"Happy Birthday, Harry." He muttered to himself as the clock flickered to 12:01.

Harry was awakened by something pecking at his shoulder. He waved an arm, but it only pecked again. Finally, he opened his eyes and tried to focus his blurry vision while searching for his missing glasses with both hands. He found them lying on the floor where he had dropped them earlier.

He sat up and looked around, wondering why he was lying on the floor when he had a perfectly good bed… Another sharp nip and he focused on what had actually woken him up. Hedwig was shifting from one foot to the other, impatiently waiting for her master to take the letter that was attached to her foot. Harry reached forward and took it, petting the owl as he did, and received an affectionate nip on the finger as his reward.

"What do you have girl?" Harry turned the letter over; the envelope was dark blue and written in white ink across the front was…

Harry. J. Potter

Harry blinked and turned the envelope over. It was sealed by a pair of wax wings. Harry slid his finger under the wax seal and loosened it. He wondered who it could be from; the letter he removed from the envelope was also dark blue with more white ink was written…

Harry. J. Potter,

You have inherited the membership of Lily. K. Evens Potter. Go to the back ally of Knockturn Alley where you will speak to the man in the grey cloak. Tell no one. Bring no one. This is your inheritance, if you want to know what it is, then come…

The note ended there. Harry blinked what inheritance? What was this person talking about? Who was the person? Was this a trick? Should he go? Harry looked at the owl that looked back up at him with jewel eyes.

"What do you think, Girl?"

Hedwig flapped her wings. Harry wasn't quite sure what that meant till he saw the package attached to her other foot. He reached over and untied the dark green package; another dark blue note written in white ink…

This was your mother's. We have made a few adjustments to fit you. Wear it when you come.

Again no signature.

Harry opened the package and a silky pile of material fell to the floor.

Harry bent over and picked it up. Shaking it out so that he could see it, he saw it was a beautiful silk cloak; dark blue with beautiful gold thread stitched into the material. Harry looked closely and saw it was writing that Harry had never seen before. Nevertheless, it was beautiful.

After staring at the front for several minutes, he turned it around to see the back and gasped. Stitched on the back was a pair of beautiful wings, they started at were the shoulder blades would be and stretched out to cover the entire back, the cloak was rather big as if to fit a real pair of wings. Harry felt the silky smooth material under his

finger tips and ran his fingers over the golden wings. It was amazing.

Harry looked over at Hedwig again. "Anything else?"

The owl hooted gently before hopping over to her cage to sleep.

Harry looked out the window at the rising sun and made his decision. He left the window and went to his wardrobe where he dressed in his best fitting clothes; a black shirt and faded jeans with a thick black belt.

After dressing, he searched through his trunk and pulled out his bag which he stuffed some things he'd need into it along with the new dark blue cloak. He checked his appearance in the mirror before deciding he was ready to leave.

Once he was ready, he held out his arm and called for Hedwig. "Come on girl, we'll be gone for awhile." He slipped out of his room, down the stairs, and out the front door. Since it was still early and nobody on Privet Drive was up, he pulled out his wand and pointed it out at the road. There was a loud 'BANG' and a large triple decker bus appeared. The words Knight Bus were printed along the side. Harry kept his head down as the door opened.

"Welcome to the-"

Harry stuffed a galleon in his hand. "Knockturn Alley." Was uttered in a low voice.

Stan nodded, not recognizing Harry with his hoodie pulled up and his head down.

Harry sat toward the back and away from the other passengers with his head down. He settled one foot on the chair in front of him so that Hedwig could perch on his knee.

He spoke softly to his owl, "Don't worry girl, we'll be ok."

Reassured, Hedwig hooted softly before tucking her head under her wing. While the owl slept, Harry stared out the window. Hopefully the order wasn't watching him again. He frowned at the thought.

Before he could get too upset with that train of thought, the bus jerked to a halt. The resulting jolt roused Hedwig who screeched angrily.

"Knockturn Alley!" Stan called.

Harry slung his bag over his shoulder and exited behind a short man with a curly beard. The short man went right while Harry looked around. Even with Hedwig on his arm and his new cloak stashed in his bag, he suddenly didn't feel very confident…


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