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I've decided to give one last stab at HP and I've started working out a new story that I hope to post soon.

Bellow is the details of how Black Wings was going to go.

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Harpy Wings.

The story was going to continue with Theo's Grandmother (his adopted mother's mother) coming to visit. She knew all about and had arranged for Theo to be given to her daughter because Remus is a distant cousin. Theo's mother's child had died in birth and they replaced the child with Theo so his adopted father would never know.

Theo finds out that he's having twins, and, naturally, freaks out.

Draco and Harry finally bond and Draco says "I love you" (totally romantic and shit, lol).

Draco is forced to go home. He returns the next week and is distant and cold. Theo says he's been outcasted and Harry accepts it. Draco asks Harry if he trusts him, to which Harry blindly says "yes". Draco takes him out of the school and to the Graveyard from the 4th book.

Voldermort and the Death Eaters appear and Voldermort, mockingly, asks Harry "do you trust me?"

Harry freaks out and tries to fight but Draco tells him not to. He then tells Harry to go with Voldermort. Harry does, after saying he loves Draco, to which Voldermort and the others mock.

When Harry is taken away the spell on Draco is broken and he realizes what he has done.

The next chapter is told from Draco's POV and talks about Draco's life and the moment he realized he loved Harry (fifth year) and explains what happened to him when he went home (he told his parents he loved Harry to which they demanded he stay on Voldermort's side. Draco told them he would stand by Harry and he'd rather not be a Malfoy if he can't be with him. His father hits him and places him under the charm.)

Harry's Harpy friends arrive and look as though they are about to kill Draco. Sin saves him. When Draco thanks him Sin coldly says "Harry better be alive."

Meanwhile Voldermort has taken Harry into a cellar and Harry, surrended by his Mate, has no Harpy protection against him. When Voldermort goes it's Blaise that is left to guard him. Still loyal to his friends, Blaise helps Harry to escape. They're almost out when Lucius steps in front of them. Behind them are the Death Eaters chasing them. Lucius thrusts a portakey at them and guards them, dying in the process.

Blaise and Harry arrive in Diagon Alley and Aurora is waiting. She takes them back to Headquarters where Draco, Sin and Theo are. Draco and Harry are given their own room and Draco apologizes, crying and telling Harry that he wants to die rather then harm him. Harry tells Draco his father is dead.

The next morning they're woken by a frantic Sin, who tells them that Theo has left after a fight (Theo was sent a letter by his adoptive father and Sin, still stressed, accused Theo of supporting Voldermort. Theo left and hadn't returned.)

Sirius finds out and is furious at Sin. They go looking for Theo but can't find him. Harry has pressing issues and he, Draco, Sin, and their Harpy friends, set off to bring forth the contract between the Harpies, Werewolves, Centaurs and Vampires. They meet each leader and all sign the contract. It takes them a month.

The last they talk to are the Vampires. When they meet them the Head Vampire introduces them to his clan. Among them is Theo, who can not remember any of them. Sin is distraught and tries to make Theo remember. He's at a loss until, when they go to leave, he kisses Theo's cheek.

Theo regains his memory and returns with them, explaining what happened to him. He'd been found by a Muggle family, kidnapped by Death Eaters and was sent to Voldermort, who tried to convince him that he was his son. The Vampires had attacked Voldermort at that point and Theo was spared because he smelt 'unusual'.

They return to Headquarters and discuss their plans. The Harpies, minus their mates, will fight. The day before the battle Harry has a dream in which Life and Death visit him and tell him to use the dagger he had stolen.

On the battlefield Harry face off with Voldermort and defeats him with the dagger.

All's well and they return to school, where Theo has his twins, Talon and Laurie.