Summary: Raven goes to a school for the gifted/supernatural. Her life there.

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Chapter 1

"The Prophecy includes..."


Mr. Tsvaira, her history teacher, was cut off by the bell. Everyone in the lecture theatre began shuffling, packing away their things.

"Complete pages 158 to 178 for tomorrow!" Mr. Tsvaira called over the noise.

Raven put her papers together, packed her pen away and stuffed everything in her bag. She got to her feet, swung her satchel over her shoulder and strolled out of the room. A few students pushed passed, knocking her into the door frame.

Giggles were heard and Raven grunted but walked onwards. When she was in the hallway, which was swarming with students, there where some people mocking her. It has been going on like this for three months since Raven was accepted into this university.

It was the University for the Supernatural and Talented. They all played tricks and schemes on the goth, but Raven refused to let it get to her. They constantly mocked her attire, they called it medieval. Raven remained the monotoned goth with her bland expression, they called her a constantly tedious creature. Raven took no notice though, she remained very placid with lots of patience. She refused to let them rattle her.

She walked down the long hallway with her head down and her eyes distant. Then she heard voices, one distinct one, his voice had a smooth flow to it, just the sound of it made her knees go weak. Her head bobbed up and she devoured the sight of him. He was tall with a very robust body, he had jet black sleek hair, that was spiked up. Gorgeous tanned skin that stretched across taunt muscles.

He had ocean blue eyes and a killer smile, he was talking to some bimbo, while she clung onto him, she used her hand and flicked back her mane of lush blonde hair. He looked up and for a brief moment his water blue eyes met hers, he smiled and continued his conversation. Raven put up her hood, to conceal the blush that crept onto her cheeks. When she got to her locker, a delicate hand was placed upon her arm. Raven spun around and her eyes met the old eyes of Mrs. Robertson, the school dean.

"Raven dear, follow me" she instructed gently, before turning on her heel and walking to the direction of the office. Raven shoved all her books into the locker, quickly closed it and dashed after the elderly woman. As she rushed past a group of guys, one stuck out his foot and tripped her. Raven fell forward and flat on her face. The surrounding students burst out laughing. Raven shut her eyes tightly, chanting her mantra repetitively under her breath, when she calmed herself she straightened her clothes and hobbled along to the office.

The office was large and spacious, there was random pieces of furniture scattered around the room. Mr. Hopkins was the big middle aged man that sat behind the large oak desk, Mrs. Robertson was perched at the edge of the desk and there was Mr. Kane, who sat on one of the chairs. Raven slowly closed the door behind her and walked towards the desk. Mr. Hopkins gestured to the seat next to Mr. Kane opposite him. Raven sat down and waited. Mrs. Robertson was the first to speak.

"Raven, you remember that you were sent to this school because you were a troublesome child to all the other local schools."

Raven nodded, yes that was true. She was kicked out of all her previous schools because she intimidated her teachers. So she was put into a school for 'the freaks', as all the 'normal' people called them, in an attempt to give her an education. She was the only 'normal' person, and the students played nasty tricks on her in an attempt to 'get back' at the mortals for belittling them.

"Well your grades have been going down and we are worried. You have been skipping school and this is a cause for concern. We know that it must be hard for you, especially in a school like this. With your record it will be hard to get into another university and there aren't very many left. You have been to most of them." Mr. Hopkins explained.

"What is the problem Raven?" Mr. Kane asked concerned.

Raven withdrew into her hood, she couldn't tell them. She couldn't tell anyone that she was having trouble sleeping because of serious firelit nightmares, and that her emotions were going crazy. They just wouldn't understand. They thought that she was just a normal person, and boy were they wrong. She wasn't even from this planet. Yes, she was from the planet Azarath, and she was a princess. But no-one knew that, and thats the way she intended to keep it. The bullying she could tolerate most of the time, but when her emotions were so close to breaking point Raven skipped school. She knew that if she came something really bad was going to happen and someone could be hurt. So she stayed at home and meditated the entire day. But they didn't understand her, no-one did. They had no idea how dark she was, or what she could do.

"It's nothing" Raven replied, her expression bland and her voice monotone. Mr. Kane was about to pump her for information but thought better of it. He had dealt with Raven before and knew her well enough to know when to remain quiet. Mr. Hopkins studied Raven and then nodded. Raven stood and then left the room.

Raven quickly hurried down the deserted hallway to her next class. She was late, and she needed this class. Raven entered the class and Miss Roger her yoga teacher smiled at her. Raven glided to the back of the class, crossed her legs and began to meditate. There was a tap on her shoulder and Raven was brought out of her stupor, she looked up and her eyes met the eyes of the person she trusted the most out of the entire university, Miss Roger.

"You seemed quite eager to meditate today Raven, having trouble sleeping?" she asked softly. Raven looked around, the class was deserted and the clock read 16:35.

"Yes, I've been having these dreams..." she began then trailed off.

Miss Roger smiled and then turned on her heel, "Come on, I think I have an idea" she said.

Raven jumped up, grabbed her things and followed her teacher out the door. Since it was a Friday the hallway was deserted. Miss Roger then disappeared into the storeroom, while Raven waited outside. When she returned she had a few items in her hand and they went to the 'Spells' class.

Miss Roger was a witch that specialised in yoga, but she knew lots of other spells and she was the most powerful witch among the teachers. But only she and Raven knew that. Once inside the dark classroom, Carey instructed Raven to sit in the centre of the room while she prepared all the ingredients. Raven did what she was told and watched as Carey worked her magic.

A few candles were magically levitated to form a circle around Raven and they lit up. She mixed some magic dust in a few cups. She added the ingredients together and then after muttering a few words, she threw the dust over Raven. Then she smiled at Raven, gathered all the equipment in her hand and vanished out of the room. A small smile creeped on her face, Raven liked the middle aged woman with chocolate brown hair and leaf green eyes. Raven then picked up her stuff and left the room and went to her room.

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