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Chapter 3

Parting with a promise to meet up again.

Raven went back to her room and meditated for hours, and when she returned to the land of the living she had already missed her first class and was going to be late for her 'spells' class. Jumping up and dashing towards the shower, at the same time using her highly developed telekinesis and removing clothes from the drawers, she got ready in less than twenty minutes. Raven then rushed out of her apartment and into the street, running a few blocks, she sprinted into the university and took the lift up to her floor.

Raven quickly dashed out of the lift and hurried down the always busy corridor to her class.

When Raven opened the door and discreetly entered the room, all eyes were on the bird-named girl. Raven put her head down and began scurrying to her seat.

"Thank you for joining us Ms Roth" Raven's spells teacher, Ms. King spat at her distastefully. Being the only total "mortal" in the school was really hard for Raven, even all the teachers despised her, Ms. King in particular. Being a blue eyed and orange scaled bird/reptile type creature with long talons she was belittled, assaulted and rejected by humans, thus causing her to hate them. Ms. King then continued her lecture on the ancient and most powerful revival spell.

Raven looked out of the window and stared at the quart yard, there were many students there; all different shapes, sizes, colours and with different, and intriguing abilities. Raven studied a particular boy, whom she found very fascinating. He looked normal, just had green skin and small fangs; and could change into any animal alive. He was talking and obviously flirting with a group of mutated girls, one of them was the girl who had red patches all over her body, and Raven recognized as the girl that had the ability to turn her body into liquid larva, not in the form of a being, just liquid form.

Raven heard her name being called and she whipped her head around to look into the golden eyes of Ms. King.

"Pardon me?" Raven asked.

"Well if you weren't staring out the window and daydreaming about the mutant boys, you would have heard me" she snapped. Raven blushed and giggling compassed the classroom.

"I'm sure we could hook you and Gar up, I mean he is kind of desperate" Crystal said rudely.

"Well then you guys should hook up, I mean that is one more thing, to the ever growing list of stuff you have in common" Raven retorted hotly.

Raven stared at the blonde, who flicked her hair dismissively and turned back to the lecturer. Raven then looked down at her unopened books and glanced at the clock, she had an hour before this class was going to end, so she might as well try to listen to Ms. King as she tried to cram knowledge, which Raven already knew, into the class.

After her spells class, Raven made her way to her yoga class and after her meditative session she went home. It was dark as Raven made her way down the lamp lit streets of New York. Then out of the alleyway Raven saw two cream glowing orbs that covered the clenched fists of Crystal.

"How dare you make me look like a fool today!" she roared her usually hazel coloured eyes totally cream. Raven looked at her with a blank face, and then yawned and continued to walk home. As she took one step, Crystal said, "Don't move, or you'll be sorry"

Raven continued walking fearlessly, and then Crystal released one bolt and sent Raven flying across the road and into a wall.

Raven shut her eyes tightly and chanted her calming mantra continuously under her breath. When she calmed her raw emotions, she opened her eyes and rose. Crystal stood before her, her blonde hair flowing in the slight breeze, and her flawless orange Tamaranian skin covered in a black turtle neck. She had a death glare on her face, and her clenched fists relaxed, the glowing subsided and her eyes returned to its normal colour.

"Let that be a warning" she turned around and flew away slowly, before pausing and glancing back to say, "Oh, and stay away from Robin". With that she took off into the skies and flew off. Raven was seething when Crystal disappeared from view.

"BITCH!" she yelled, her eyes then glowed white and the nearby abandoned building, scheduled for demolition, became encompassed in black energy and exploded, raining rubble upon the deserted street, Raven then became black energy and teleported herself to her apartment.

The next morning Raven awoke and stumbled out of bed, reached over and gripped the ringing phone. Putting the receiver to her ear, she grumbled, "Hello?"

"Hey, its quarter past nine, you should be up already" said a familiar voice.

"I had a hectic night" Raven admitted. After her incident with Crystal, Raven's powers just went wonky and melted and destroyed items in her bedroom. She looked around at her room, the wallpaper was ripped, the sheets were in shreds, papers, books, pens, and lamps were either melted or ripped to shreds.

Using her telekinesis she cleaned up a bit of her room, while she scheduled a meeting time and place.

After Raven cleaned her room, showered and dressed, she left her apartment and went outside to the gardens, there she found her caller.

Dressed in a stone washed dark blue jeans, and crisp white shirt, he was eye candy for all women. His piercing blue eyes checked her out, while she closed the distance between them.

"Hey" he said softly, almost intimately.

"Hey yourself" she replied with a smile.

"Thanks for meeting me. How you doing?"

"No problem, I'm pretty good, what about you?"

"All the better seeing you" he replied turning on the charm. Raven smiled and the two began walking together towards the local coffee shop. Throughout breakfast, Raven received envious glares from all the surrounding women.

Dressed in black jeans, sneakers and a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, she didn't look her most glamorous. Yet Raven didn't care, she knew that even if she had dressed up, he was way out of her league, and she didn't deserve him.

They indulged in their usual conversation and once again Raven became lost in the conversation, forgetting everything and everyone. They spoke about Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and exchanged historical facts.

This carried on for months throughout spring break, Robin came to her apartment and they talked for long periods, loving each others presence.

When they returned to university the two were the closest and best of friends, knowing almost everything about each other. Raven strolled towards her class walking alongside Robin, laughing at his silly comment and drew the attention of every girl around.

Spring break just intensified their attachment to one another, their friendship went unnoticed before the holiday, yet the next semester she was at his arm laughing at his comments. When they parted he whispered a joke into her ear and Raven laughed and turned towards her 'spells' class.

Within the class Raven lost the plot, her mind began to wonder to the awesome spring break that they had, they flew all around the world, compliments of Bruce Wayne. They discovered and learned about different cultures and histories. Never before in her life had Raven felt such an immediate connection with someone.

They just seemed to click in everyway possible, and their relationship remained platonic. They had so much in common, and Raven began to relax around him. Yet her secrets remained her own, he never questioned her about her heritage and she didn't pry into his past. Within class Raven was so out of it that she didn't realize that Ms. King had asked her a question, with a quick glance to the board Raven replied, "Raven's feet"

"Correct, the feet of a raven are the most vital ingredient for this spell" Ms. King said, 'Was that a smile?' Raven thought when Ms. King's mouth twitched. She then returned to her daze, and couldn't help but noticed the death glares she was receiving from all the bimbos that constantly surrounded Robin. She brushed it off and returned to her daydreaming.

After her 'spells' class, she glided happily towards her yoga class, but was highly upset and confused to find out that Carey had left. After she was forced to accompany the class with their unusual yoga asana, she dashed for the main office.

"Excuse me Mrs. Robertson, but what happened to Miss. Rogers?" Raven asked the elderly dean.

"She transferred to the other campus Raven. Oh and she left this for you" Mrs. Robertson said and handed Raven a sealed white enveloped. When Raven took the envelope she could feel that the envelope was protected by a magic spell, so whatever was within this envelop was only for Raven to read. Raven thanked the elderly woman, tucked the envelope into her cloak and glided towards the quart yard.

Raven found a deserted table after she ordered and paid for her lunch; she sat down and ate silently. The sound of commotion made the lavender haired girl look up, her eyes landed upon a vivacious redhead with green eyes and orange coloured skin. The redhead had dropped her lunch upon Crystal and was now apologizing profusely and trying to correct the mistake by wiping off the remnants of food splattered upon the blonde's clothes, but only making the mess worse and ruining her clothes.

"You stupid redhead, look what you did to my favourite dress!" Crystal screeched.

"My most humble apologies fellow Tamaranian friend" the redhead said submissively looking close to tears. Crystal charged a cream bolt and threw it at the redhead. The redhead turned on her heel and fled in Raven's direction. The bolt hit her square in the back and sent her flying forward and landing right before Raven. Raven rose and helped the poor newbie up.

"Thank you very much for assisting me to rise, obviously Crystal does not like me" she stated sadly.

"Crystal doesn't like a lot of people, don't worry about it, don't let her get to you" Raven remarked.

"How do I stop her from getting to me, we have a number of the classes together?" she asked almost innocently.

"I don't mean it literally; it's a figure of speech. Don't let her bother you." Raven explained.

"Oh, thank you friend, I am Starfire. What is your name?"


"Oh, so you're the human that they all speak of?"

Raven nodded and then sat down at her table, she then offered Starfire to sit down. The Tamaranian girl sat down. Out of pity, Raven shared her food with the redhead.

"So how long have you been here?" Raven asked.

"A number of the months, I have made a few friends too" she said with a proud smile. As they ate for a few minutes, the green man walked passed.

"Friend Changeling, would you alike to accompany us? This is Raven" she said sweetly.

Raven looked down, 'What is going on? I was supposed to eat solo, obviously I wasn't destined to.' Raven thought. Changeling AKA Garfield Logan sat down and said hello to Raven, she politely returned the greeting, but remained silent as Changeling and Starfire indulged in conversation. After she had her lunch, Raven was scratching in her bag for her book, when Robin joined them with the new university member. He was a large African-American android, with a cold and hard cybernetic eye, and a gentle grey human eye.

"Hey, this is Cyborg. Cyborg this is Raven. Who are your friends Raven?" Robin asked. Suppressing the urge to scream, 'They are not my friends!' Raven stated, "This is Starfire and Changeling. Guys this is Robin and Cyborg"

Robin and Cyborg sat down as well, and the group realized that Changeling and Cyborg knew each other.

After lunch Raven went to her martial arts class she shared with Robin this semester. The two paired up, and Robin taught her the basics. Starfire was in that class as well, and she paired up with some other girl.

After class, Raven gripped Robin and the two began to stroll to her apartment, "Miss Rogers apparently transferred" she said to him.

"Yeah, I heard" he said dismissively.

"Something's not right here"

"What do you mean? People transfer all the time"

"Not when they like where they are working"

"Maybe she was offered a better deal"

"She would have told me if that were the case"

"What's going on Raven, are you trying to tell me something?"

"Carey loved her job here, she was the only person who I opened up to" Raven explained.

"So there are things you aren't telling me?"

"Before I met you of course" Raven said quickly.

"Well then you should find out where she was transferred to"

"Yeah, I'll do that"

When they reached Raven's apartment, she gripped the phone and dialed the university's number. Robin watched her as she sat impatiently on the phone, he couldn't understand why she was so worried, but then again she had told him that throughout her life she never really had anyone care for her.

"Hi Mrs. Robertson, it's Raven. I just wanted to call to find out where Miss. Rogers was transferred to?" Robin heard her say. Then he turned towards the window and looked at the setting sun, and when he turned back, Raven looked confused.

"So where was she transferred to?" he asked.

"Mrs. Robertson said that that information is disclosed"

"Disclosed? That's unusual"

"I know, which leads me to believe that something's up" Raven stated, then remembered the letter.

"Yeah, I'll go home and run a few checks" he said getting up. Raven nodded, and when he left, she took out the enveloped and it read:


There is a student in the school that has been researching you. He is a major threat, but it is not any of the new students, he is one of the older students. The school is plotting against you, and the only person who is almost totally ignorant to this is Mrs. Robertson, that is why I gave her this letter to pass on to you.

Be careful Raven, your life could be at stake.

I was transferred because I have discovered this shocking truth, but don't worry about me. I am fine, they have done no harm to me but it is you who I am worried about.

Take Care of yourself


Raven closed the envelope and put it back in her cloak, she was confused and very worried now. She was desperate for that spell, because now she wasn't sure if she could control her emotions for any much longer.

Well that's one long chapter, took me days to write.

So the Titans have come together as friends. I have made their introduction short, because it is not important in the story, basically I skipped minor details so that I could get straight to the point.