Title: Ears and Footsteps

Author: young-jasadin

Rating: M

Fandom: Buffy the vampire slayer

Spoilers: I have No idea where this fits into the series. Cordy and Angel feature, but Joyce doesn't hate Angel… hmmmm. Oh, Buffy's an immortal, Xander is a vampire (a good one) – he's in a group of archangels – whom I think help out immortals…

Authors Notes: Okay, I just found this fic that I wrote many, many, many years ago. It was written as a conclusion to another Buffy fic that I once read – but so much time has gone by that I have no idea what the fic was or who wrote it. So if you find out, please let me know.

This is exactly as I wrote it all those years ago. I don't actually remember what the original fic was about. I know that there was a big bad that Buffy had to defeat and according to what I've written his name is 'Dupris'. But I'm pretty sure that's not what he was called in the original – but once again my memory fails me.

So here it is…

Summary: What I like to think of as the 'ultimate crappy Buffy soap opera'. Everyone has gone to a big warehouse for the final face off against Dupris (the "Big Bad") and his army of vampires.

Disclaimer: NONE of these characters are mine.

- - - -

The story continues…

By now, Xander's entire army of archangel's and Buffy's slayerettes were scattered around the room. As Buffy watched, Dupris crossed the room, on the way kicking Xander in the chin and slapping Angel sharply across his face, causing him to fall to the ground. Upon which a group of vampires leapt onto him.

Buffy then realised that Dupris was headed her way.

"Oh shit!" she said to herself.

She started backing away, and then tripped over something. She turned around and saw it was stairs leading to an empty stage in the middle of the room. She ran up the stairs onto the stage.

Suddenly the fighting stopped.

The room fell silent. The only two things Buffy could here was her heart pounding against her chest and footsteps.

The crowd of vampire's parted as they let their leader pass and Dupris walked onto the stage. Buffy quickly turned looking frantically around the room. She finally found him. Her eyes locked with Angel's whose were filled with worry. They both whispered 'I love you', when suddenly a cruel, cold voice cut in.

"How sweet. A slayer and her vampire boyfriend." Chuckled Dupris.

"Why thanks, but I think that we've got a bit of unfinished business to attend to before we what." Replied the Buffster casually.

The fight began and the room watched breathlessly, waiting for the outcome.

They kicked and punched until Dupris was bending over in pain. Buffy smiled, walked up to him and slapped him hard across the face causing him to scream in pain. "That was for Angel", then kicked him making him fall flat on his back. "That was for Xander and this is for me and everyone else, you bastard!" shouted Buffy.

Dupris crumbled to the floor in pain and agony. Buffy quickly glanced around, her eyes searching for a weapon. She suddenly noticed an axe on the floor beside her feet.

Strange, she thought, because she had not noticed it earlier. She lifted it high about her head, ready to strike, when she heard a shout. She turned around just in time to see a vampire leaping at her. She sliced the axe through the air, cutting him in half across his midsection, then watched as he turned to dust.

She then heard a 'gasp'.

She turned around to face Dupris, once more lifting the axe above her head and Buffy gasped herself when she realised that he was no longer there. Then in an instant the axe she had been brandishing was removed from her grip. She looked up and saw Dupris hovering above her, now holding the axe.

He slowly drifted back to the ground. She screamed in pain. It was as though someone was throwing knives at her. His power was much too powerful for her.

"And now it's your turn" Dupris sneered as Buffy crumbled to the ground. He lifted the axe and everybody seemed paralyzed.

"Any last words?" He laughed cruelly.

Weakly Buffy spoke, though she was barely moving. "My friends and family. I love you all so much, yes, even you Spike". Spike sniffled. "Thanks for being there for me always. And, and…"

"Yes? Are you done yet? My arm is beginning to hurt" mocked Dupris.

"And" Buffy whispered "I love you Angel."

With that, Dupris axe sliced through the air, carving through her neck, killing her in the only way an immortal can be killed. Angel crumpled to the ground sobbing his heart out. The love of his life was dead.

Slowly the realization began to set in for all of Buffy's friends and the shock took over, every one of them sinking to the ground, overcome with sorrow by the recent loss of their friend. Although she had not known them all that long, Buffy had managed to find a special place in everyone's hearts. Everyone wept openly for their lost friend.

Dupris laughed at the sight and began to walk towards Xander, who was clutching Cordelia tightly to his body sobbing. The vampire's all began moving in that direction also.

Suddenly a bright light came upon the stage.