Buffy giggled then stood up. She turned to Angel, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Xander wolf whistled. Buffy broke off the kiss once again and turned, tackling Xander to the ground.

"Do that again and you DIE! Whoops, wrong choice of words" she said.

Xander suddenly laughed. Buffy jumped up shrieking. "I hate you! Why didn't you remind me this WHOLE time I've been wearing a mini skirt!"

"They didn't seem to mind" Xander gestured to the males in the room. Buffy and he collapsed on the floor on laughter. Suddenly Willow began giggling too, and soon everyone was laughing. Finally they all calmed down and Buffy and Xander stood.

Spike: "Bloody hell. What was that all about?"

Buffy replied: "I was a bit stressed out and so Xander helped me out."

"By insulting you" inquired Michael.

"Hey, I can handle it, well except for the Angel losing his soul bit. And I insulted him too! Didn't i? Mine were good too, weren't they?"

"They were fine, I guess… you might need some lessons from me though, ya chicken!"

"Hey you better watch your back Harris!" Buffy said playfully "We didn't insult anyone else did we? I'm so sorry if we did." Buffy asked anxiously.

"Yeah, me too" said the arch angel leader.

"Nope. Hey, anyone for pizza?" asked Oz. "I'm hungry."

Everyone laughed.