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Chris ran down the stairs, and disappeared into the kitchen. "Tell me what you are doing this instant!" Piper shouted as she ran after him.

"You'll jus-" Chris started to yell back, but the end of his sentence was filled with a cut off yell, and a thump into the wall.

"Are you okay?" Piper yelled as she ran into the room. She stopped dead in her tracks, as she saw a man with long dirty blond hair, with an athame in his hand, holding a gasping Chris up by his shirt.

"Mom, get out of here!" Chris yelled when he saw her. As the man looked at her, Chris made a flick of his wrist, and she was orbed out, and to magic school.

"Now that wasn't very nice." The man said, as he turned back to Chris.

"Go to hell Wyatt." Chris spat.

"Oh little brother, so much to learn, I'm already there. This goody-goody atmosphere that you have going on here, it sickens me." Wyatt hissed at Chris.

"Well, I guess that you're gonna be sick for a while." Chris said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He started to push Wyatt away, but Wyatt pushed him to the floor, and with a flick of his wrist ropes were conjured over his body. Chris tried to orb, but found that he couldn't. Wyatt brought a vile out of his pocket, and leaned over Chris.

"Can't have you getting away this time." Wyatt sneered. Wyatt waved his hand, and Chris couldn't move at all, the liquid in the vile was then shoved down his throat. He gagged, but suddenly found himself so weak, that even if he could move, his struggles would have done nothing except amuse his older brother.

Leo came in the room at that instant, and what he saw shocked him. Chris was tied to the floor, and wasn't moving, and there was a man standing over him with an athame. When the man saw Leo, he smirked, and with a wave of his hand, sent Leo flying into nearby wall, into unconsciousness.

He turned his attention back to Chris, and said; "Let's get this show moving, shall we?" He then waved the ropes away, and grabbed Chris by his shirt, orbing away.

Chris awoke with his hands tied above his head, hanging over the floor. He was alone in the room, which was more like a cave. He tried to orb, but found that he couldn't, and heard a laugh coming from the other room. "Little brother, didn't think I would let you get away that easily did you? No, I took a few cautionary measures to prevent you from leaving. If this deal is going to go down, then I need to keep you here, until the buyer shows up." Wyatt said as he entered the room, without another word, just a smirk, he left again.

'Buyer?' What could he have meant by that?

Chris struggled to get his hands free, but after an hour or so, his struggles ceased when he found that the ropes weren't going to break, and his wrists were rubbed raw from the effort. There was nothing he could do, except wait, and hope that he got another chance to free himself.


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