Sweet Surrender

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A/N: Five months after the terrifying ordeal that took place on the Red Eye, Jackson Rippner decides to check on his girl. Jackson/Lisa


Jackson was meticulous when it came to his clothes. He loved to be a sharp dresser, especially for such a special occasion. Crisp white button-up shirt and a navy-blue colored tailored suit. Today he was going to see his girl, Lisa. Jackson wasn't sure when he began to refer to her as his Lisa, but ultimately it didn't matter as long as his company recognized this fact.

Lisa kept him going through his recovery. At first it was his drive for vengeance that fueled him, but sometime in all that hatred he began to wonder how she was doing. He was curious if Lisa had delved back into her old safe routine. Jackson would think about her during physical therapy and that beautiful smile of hers.

The company had of course taken him to one of their private hospitals to recover. It was cheaper to fix Jackson then to train some other man to be as good as him. There was a reason Jackson was a manager, he was a nearly flawless assassin and after so many years of good service he managed some of the world's top assassins. Until his Lisa showed up, he had always gotten the job done. But when his customer requested that Lisa be killed as well as the Keefe family, Jackson warned them of the consequences of touching Ms. Reisert.

Jackson stood before the full-length mirror to assure himself that everything was perfect. The 9mm gun with a silencer was in its holster under his jacket and out of plain sight and the 12-inch K-bar was sheathed and also hidden under his suit. Tonight was going to be a special night.


"Lisa!" Cynthia exclaimed walking into the employee lounge carrying a large bouquet of pink roses.

Lisa Reisert was dressed impeccably as usual. She was wearing a light-blue skirt that stopped at the knees and a matching jacket, with a white blouse underneath. Lisa looked up from her cup of coffee to Cynthia and the flowers. "Who are those for?" Lisa asked.

"Ms. Lisa Reisert," Cynthia said brightly. "You never told me you were seeing anyone!"

"I'm not," Lisa, explained then she eyed the flowers suspiciously. Would Jackson send her flowers? Yeah right, with a note that read, 'thanks for beating the crap out of me'.

Lisa knew she shouldn't expect flowers from Jackson, but she kept hoping he'd send her some kind of message. He had never made it to the designated hospital. Authorities were baffled by his disappearance, but Lisa wasn't. She figured that his company would not let him fall into the hands of the police. But would the men he worked for let him live after failing to do his job? Lisa refused to think of Jackson dead on some roadside because of her.

It was crazy to want to hear from him, but he was the first man, other then her father, who she had opened up to. If Jackson had had any other job, she would have admitted to falling in love with him. Instead, despite his charisma and flirting, he turned out to be worse then any of her other relationships.

"Are you going to read the note?" Cynthia demanded impatiently.

"Read it to me," Lisa requested. She doubted it would be anything personal on the note and she was obviously disappointed that they would not be flowers from Jackson.

'I may have to steal you'

Cynthia looked puzzled by the note.

Lisa became very pale and ran her fingers through her auburn curls, trying not to panic. Was Jackson was announcing his presence? What if the note was a fake? What if someone from the company that Jackson worked for sent her the note? Lisa admitted to herself that she didn't know if Jackson was the type to send flowers.

"Can you cover the rest of my shift?" Lisa asked trying to keep calm.

"Yeah, no problem. What's going on Leese?" Cynthia asked clearly concerned.

"I just forgot that I had to meet an old friend," Lisa explained with a tight smile. She didn't want her friend to worry for her.

"Well enjoy your night," Cynthia said handing the flowers to Lisa. Cynthia was not entirely convinced by what Lisa said and made a mental note to call Lisa later that night.


Lisa was always overly cautious when entering a parking lot. With her free hand she searched her jacket for the canister a mace, but her pocket was empty. Lisa cursed as she remembered leaving it in her locker inside the Lux Atlantic. She was already half way across the parking lot and decided she would get her mace in the morning.

Making it to her car Lisa breathed a sigh of relief. She placed the roses on the floor in the back seat and then unlocked her door to get in.

Jackson watched as she fumbled through her pocket for something. He wasn't sure what she was looking for, but whatever it was Lisa must have decided she didn't need it badly enough to walk back through the darkened parking lot to get it. He smiled at how she practically ran to her car.

Lisa sat down in her drivers seat and as she was about to shut the door a hand stopped her and pulled the door back open. Lisa screamed in fright and was rewarded with a backhanded slap across her face. The man that stood at her door was a hulking beast wearing all black and he was not Jackson.

"Get out of the car," the strange man demanded.

"No. You let go of my door and walk away," Lisa said defiantly, reaching to the side of her seat where she kept a concealed weapon.

Jackson had been so focused on Lisa he had not seen the man that had snuck up on her. He felt angry that a common thug would dare to approach a creature of such beauty like Lisa. That was the kind of man that marred her perfect flesh. Jackson crept closer to kill the man and couldn't help the smile that played on his lips as Lisa was talking back to her would-be assailant.

"I said get out of the car!" the man roared.

"I know what you said, but I don't care. This is my second warning to you, walk away," Lisa said keeping her voice level despite the almost paralyzing fear she felt.

The giant man decided not to heed her warning and pulled her from the car. But this time Lisa would not be made a victim. "Never again," she exclaimed and that was his only warning as she whipped out her Asp Wand, a 6-inch round piece of metal that when snapped out becomes about 12-inches long.

She assaulted him with the black extending baton to his arms and legs until she heard a satisfying crunch of bone and then she stopped and backed up to her car panting for air.

"Bad idea," was all Jackson could think to say to the fool who had taken on his Amazon woman.

Jackson watched completely surprised by Lisa's brutal actions. When the man climbed back to his feet and charged Lisa, she was caught unaware and he was able to knock the iron baton from her hand. Jackson chose that moment to make his presence known with a single silenced shot to the back of the man's head.

Lisa looked stunned her shirt torn a little from when she was yanked from her vehicle and spattered with blood for the body that lay in front of her.

"Hello Leese, is this a bad time?" Jackson asked casually not even paying attention to the fact that there was a body lying between them.

"W-who was he?" she asked in a small scared voice.

"Haven't a clue," Jackson replied nonchalantly stepping over the body to stand toe to toe with Lisa. It was selfish of him, but he wanted her full attention. Jackson did not want to share his limelight with a common thug. "You'll have to change your clothes, he bled on your nice suit."

"Huh?" Lisa asked looking down at her clothes. She brought a hand up over her mouth to try and keep from vomiting at the sight of blood. Lisa didn't want to show that kind of weakness in front of Jackson. Jackson? That can't be right. She eyed the tall lean man that stood before her. Lisa looked at his thin face and his glacier blue eyes. Assassin's eyes.

"Jackson," Lisa said his name, testing it on her lips. She was almost certain she would never get to say that name again.

"Lisa," Jackson greeted cheerily.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because," Jackson wasn't sure what Lisa meant be the question. Why was he here? Why did he save her? There seemed to be a million possible questions and answers.

Lisa blinked a couple more times and then noticed the gun with a silencer. Was that meant for her? She became wide-eyed at the thought that Jackson had returned to kill her. Lisa shoved him and Jackson fell over the body of the other man, while Lisa made a run for it. Swearing Jackson quickly scrambled to his feet after her.

Instead of heading back to the Lux Atlantic, Lisa ran down the street trying to think of where she could go. She couldn't lead Jackson back to the Lux; he had a gun and guests made easy targets. Lisa cursed all her previous thoughts of ending up happily ever after with Jackson, he was a killer and he was chasing her again.

She ran as hard as she could in heels, but Jackson was faster and easily tackled her to the ground and shoved the gun to her temple. Lisa cried out in pain at being slammed down onto the pavement and struggled to dislodge the man that was on top of her pinning her down.

"Now Lisa, I had a nice evening planned for us. Try not to spoil it," Jackson said putting the gun back in its holster.

Lisa was a fighter and tried to wiggle out from under Jackson, but that led to him roughly yanking her head back by her hair and growling. "You don't want to be doing that Leese. Unless you want that kind of attention from me," Jackson whispered brushing his lips over her ear. Lisa's face flushed with a bright red hue at his implications.

"Very well," Jackson said straitening his suit and helping Lisa to her feet.

"What do you want?" Lisa demanded bravely.

"Dinner," Jackson said. Just then a black Mercedes pulled up alongside the pair and Jackson shoved Lisa into the back seat. He looked around his surroundings to make sure no one had seen him abducting her, and then he climbed into the passenger seat next to the driver.

"So where are we eating?" Lisa asked conversationally as she slowly inched towards the door. Trying the handle she groaned.

"Child safety locks Lisa, don't want you to injure yourself trying something daring on the freeway. And we will be dinning at a nice little place that I set up, just for this occasion," Jackson said without even looking at his captive.

"So who was the other guy?" she asked in a bored tone.

"A message from a disgruntled customer," Jackson replied.

"I assume one of your customers," Lisa snapped out.

"I would be more grateful considering the message was for you. But since you are so ungrateful maybe next time I will let you take your own messages," Jackson explained.

"Is this because of the Keefe family?" Lisa asked.

"You're a smart girl, what do you think?" was his question to her.

"Why did you come at all?" Lisa asked after a moments thought.

Jackson had no immediate reply for her. He knew why he had saved Lisa, but would she want to hear the reason? Lisa challenged him in every aspect from physical, mental, to even emotional. Jackson loved watching the cute way her brow furrowed as she tried to think of a way to escape.

"You have more important things to worry about right now," Jackson replied finally.

The rest of the car ride was made in silence, while the pair were deep in thought and the driver said not a word.


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