"I wanted it to be perfect."

Billy's snort of laughter moved the air across Teddy's chest. His fingers, that had been running lazily through Billy's hair, settled at the sound. It was a silly thing to say but he'd said it anyway.

Billy used most of his recently regained energy to flip onto his side, facing Teddy, head still resting in his boyfriend's lap. They both still quivered with aftershocks their recent release. The smells and tastes of each other and what they'd made where still fresh on them. Teddy moved his hand back through Billy's sweat soaked hair, caressing and touching in the way only a new lover can.

"It's the first time. It's not supposed to be perfect." Billy replied.

Teddy'd wanted it to be though.

Billy reached for his downcast face and brought it up so that blue met brown.

"It will be though. You know how?"

Teddy's forehead furrowed in question as Billy smirked, knowingly. Wiggling his way towards Teddy's face, their skin caught and caused friction as he crawled up Teddy's body, stopping only when they were close enough to rub noses. He told Teddy in a whisper.


Then their lips met and explored again and again, sharing more each time.

Yeah. They'd get it perfect, eventually.